Greetings, we emanate light, the light of the Andromedans to you. We come forth as the Andromedan’s civilization to be of service to you in this major ascension movement that you are journeying through upon the Earth.

We wish for you to know we are present to support and serve you in every moment of your ascension. It is our purpose and our divine plan, to assist each soul incarnate upon the Earth in achieving their ascension.

To begin this awakening of your divine plan, we the Andromedans first wish to encourage you to spend a number of days, contemplating what your divine plan is. We invite you to ask yourself as you go about your daily reality and also in meditation.

Let go of any seriousness that may come up. Think of this activity as play, you are playing with the idea of your divine plan. Ask within:

What is my divine plan? What do I imagine my divine plan to be?

Let the answers come to you . They will come to you from your mind, from expectations, from the programming of others within your being, from fears, from your personality and from your ego. Each time you recognise a new answer of what your divine plan is or could be, we the Andromedans,  invite you to say, ‘Wonderful, I accept and release.’

You are celebrating the answer, but also, you are not allowing yourself to attach to it. Therefore, you are opening up the space, it is like decluttering. After a number of days of questioning yourself often, you may have numerous answers, some may seem unusual, some may seem inappropriate, some may seem amazing.

What we invite you to acknowledge is that all of these answers are not your divine plan although they might hold the vibration of your divine plan. Through this practice you will allow yourself to enter into a space. A space that is free from clutter or distraction within your being. A space where you can awaken your divine plan.

You will find yourself settling into this space of peace and contentment, maybe without instruction and automatically because you have completed your searching, you have completed your questioning; you have received so many answers but there is a surrendering. A surrendering into the peace and contentment of your being.

We the Andromedans, then invite you in the few days after this, to only focus upon sitting in or remaining in that space of peace and contentment, even if you do have to instruct your mind and your being to focus upon peace and contentment within your being. We invite you to cultivate this peace and contentment so that it almost feels like a room that you enter into and that surrounds you expansively.

This energy of peace and contentment exists within your being. When you feel that you have activated and awoken the energy of peace and contentment, this is where you call forth your soul, your guides, your soul group and your direct connection with the Creator. Ask within, ‘what is my divine plan?’

You may wish to state that you awaken your divine plan. It is in that space, that expansive energy of peace and contentment that the seed of your divine plan will be planted, will grow, will be nurtured, and nourished. The understanding of your divine plan, the embodiment of your divine plan will grow from within you, blossoming into embodiment.

You may gain insights; you may gain understanding, or you may simply gain a sensation of knowingness of your divine plan. Your divine plan is guided by your soul. It is that which your soul wishes to experience upon the Earth and that which your soul wishes to embody or activate.

Many believe their own divine plan has to be so large, so impactful that they miss and cannot see the truth of their divine plan.

A divine plan can be as simple as sharing love with another being or learning how to connect with other people in a simple and truthful way. It may be tending to nature or supporting animals. It could be as simple as living a balanced life, allowing yourself to be happy, or promoting your own health.

It could be letting go of judgment or healing a wound with a relation that has been long-standing spans through lifetimes. Whatever flows to you as an understanding, except it, play with it as if someone has thrown you a ball. Play with it, hold it, feel its texture, throw it up in the air, feel how light it is or how heavy, can it roll, or does it bounce?

This is what you can do with any answer that you receive in that space of contentment and peace concerning your divine plan.

Try it out and you may find that it does not feel appropriate, if so ask again, going deeper.

You may find that your heart sings with joy. Remember that the divine plan for your own reality, can be immensely simple and it can even be easy to achieve.

We believe that many of you now are more than capable of accessing your divine plan in this current moment of the Earth’s reality, successfully experiencing and embodying it.

We are present to support you.

We thank you,

We are the Andromedans.

**Channel: Natalie Glasson


Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Counteracted by Alliance

Each move by the dark Ones is counteracted by the Alliance so that when it would appear they have achieved their objectives, they find that they have been caught out and experience a different end result.

So whilst the Light must play to the rules, the dark Ones will attempt to bend them to achieve their aims. As we have informed you many times they will use the most devious means to gain the advantage, but the Light will ultimately win.

The irony for the dark Ones is that in spreading the virus as a deliberate act, it has also affected those who work against the Light. It is possible that the originator of the virus, who is understood to be Bill Gates, is only concerned with drastically reducing the world population.

However, the virus has had serious results where loss of life is concerned, but not to the extent that had been planned by the dark Ones. Regretfully it is the weak and elderly population that have been mostly affected. We say again that if you have strong immunity you will almost certainly survive the pandemic.

The time is rapidly approaching when the truth of many matters that affect you will be explained. It is becoming harder to hide it because as the vibrations lift up it will eventually reach a point when only the truth will exist. It is sad in many ways yet it has been necessary to conceal the truth so as to allow the Human Race freedom of choice. However, where it has become necessary to reveal it, we do our best to influence you to achieve the best outcome for all concerned. You have been plotting your own pathway for millennia of time and we must allow you to experience according to your choice.

The Greater Plan is always going to influence your choices but, when you are going through difficult times, it becomes harder to work it into your day-to-day life. You really do have a hard time finding your way forward, but many of you do plan your future to give direction to your life. After all your Guides will be influencing you to achieve better results. It all sounds complicated and it is, but help is always around you if you ask for it however you may not always get exactly what you wanted.

Listen to that little voice inside your head as when spirit are able to help you they are pleased to let you know. Of course your dreamtime is a wonderful opportunity to contact you, and you may even remember them doing so. Indeed, many problems are sorted out at such times and that is why, when you have one, it is suggested you sleep on it. It is in fact normal for virtually every soul to experience being “out of the body” during their sleep period. Many a problem is solved at such times and you can meet people who might otherwise be difficult to locate.

By now you should be aware that you came into life on Earth with a plan to increase your rate of evolution. Obviously it is set up to suit each individual’s needs and since there is no deadline for success, you can try and try again until you have absorbed and understood the lessons given you.

Life may seem full of random happenings but in the main it has been carefully planned and prepared for you, even to the point of arranging for you to meet the right people who can help you along. You choose your own friends but where marriage or bonds are concerned it is clearly an important step in your life that is pre-planned. Choose the wrong partner and it will not work out and invariably fails.

Normally your children choose you to be their parents but there are exceptions where a particular lesson has to be learned. It is sometimes necessary to put certain people together to experience relationships that are toxic and often end in failure. Be assured however that no relationship is without its good points and much will always be gained from them. It is a difficult subject to put into words, but the main point is that it gives you the experience you need to continue evolving.

How many more wars will take place before humanity wakes up to the futility of such actions? Where are the leaders that have the influence and power to settle disputes without using force? It will come in many of your lives as the vibrations continue to lift up. It is going to be helped by the birth of more mature souls who will be peace loving and against any form of violence. They will stand head and shoulders above everyone else and quickly rise to positions of leadership.

In spite of present troubles, the future is bright and destined to put an end to clashes and wars that inevitably lead to loss of life. It is many people’s vision of a peaceful life full of opportunity to enjoy the fruits of the Earth. Hold onto that dream and the positive energy will grow and help overcome the negativity that presently exists.

The voice of the people is growing louder and cannot be ignored for very long. For example they have made those in power fully aware of the necessity to deal with global warming now, as, if you wait too long, it will be too late to take decisive action. Governments elected for short periods are not really interested in the long-term effects whilst they are in power. Yet the problems mount up and need much forward planning now that will really set the pattern for the future.

I leave you with love and blessings. May the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.
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    Your censorship of my comments is truly laughable, rev......Ponder your actions and thought processes..Drekx
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