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      Shouldn't it appear curious to us that knowledge gained by man falls to the ground to be recovered by him much later? Do we pretend to be unaware of this, or is it that we are so terribly distracted in our activities that this remains unseen? Remaining unseen and inaccessible due to what reason? It would be like a seed being left to sprout, expecting some new manifestation of life both varied and greater than its predecessor; and this is done quite unconsciously and unintentionally. So the proper accumulation and use of technological knowledge must be in accord with man's sociologial and psychological development. Why has he decided this hidden process to be the way of things? Our modern technological age and it's supposed vast accumulation of knowledge in no way compares to even a miniscule portion of that possessed by our ancient ancestors. Previous civilizations held an immense understanding of not only their physical environ but other invisible metaphysical fields.
      Possibly it is the nature of the knowledge that effects this prodigious course of gain and loss which seems an unavoidable byproduct of our line of thinking. We seem to not be capable of apprehending scientific perception through any means that excludes this inexplicable deterrent to its use and development. Does man first need to gain an understanding of his own nature in order to correctly pursue and possess technological advancements?

      The more cunning and clever technological advancements have been made by the wealthy elite, usually connected to an effort to advance warcraft.  It is this ruling class that holds all else in subjection to its dominion through what can only be cunning and trickery. Can technological discoveries made by these species of humanity be classified as advancements if they only serve to further enslave it's fellow countrymen? Was our recent "discovery" of nuclear fission the antithesis of the more correct version of energy extraction known as nuclear fusion? Dark forces were much at work in ensuring that this form of explosive power was sought out due to it's more destructive characteristics. This has possibly been the downfall of each civilization that was brought to the apex of it's development, then somehow weakening, eventually succumbing to the error of pride. Mankind must find a way to move beyond it's technological attainments, utilizing any scientific genius in appropriate and essential ways. Already it appears too late, as our planet becomes more ravaged by an apparent desperation to pull a profit from its tortured surface.
      I would surmise that the damage we inflict on mother earth is a mere reflection of the condition of the human soul. It may be argued this is a contrived state of affairs, yet we've nonetheless allowed ourselves to be coerced down this avenue of slow destruction, through our hesitation to simply seek a more altruistic means of survival. It would seem whatever motives and methods man chooses to hasten his development, to these are added similar endowments by outside forces that mirror their nature exponentially. This is the inescapable universal law that we labor under. To take caution in man's evolution seems to be the last thought, with obviously drastic consequences. No one and nothing is more powerful than man when it comes to destructive and constructive abilities.

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