Angela Barnett
(Soul of Mary Magdalene)

First, I would like to say, that Yeshuwa and I have come to an agreement that I may and I should call him Jesus, because that is who he is to me in this life time. Even though he was my husband, and I called him Yeshuwa when he was my husband, I do not feel comfortable calling him by that name. So, he refers to himself as Jesus when he is communicating with me at this time.

Hear complete channeled dialogs at tells me that I am Mary Magdalene
Oraphim Raceline of the INDIGOS

crystal magic

Second, I would like to share with all of you who love and care for Mother Gaia deeply, a fact that was just given to me by Jesus. If we do not get this KEY PORTAL opened very soon, Gaia will not continue to exist within the glorious time line that we have been working on creating for over a billion years.

THE NEWS IS THIS= IF WE (Jesus, Elaika and myself) do not get this MOST IMPORTANT PORTAL OPENED, the one that that sits in the MIDDLE of the Pacific Ocean, opened VERY VERY SOON, Mother Gaia isn't going to make it. This portal is the Key to her Survival and her COMPLETION. Mother Gaia can not complete her life mission in her present form. She must become re connected to her multi dimensional consciousness. And that can only be done through these Portals. The Portal that is completely multi dimensional is the CENTER PORTAL.

Mother Gaia needs to become COMPLETED in order to survive. The opening of these Portals completes her Multi Dimensionally. The portals will allow Gaia to continue her life on a new time line that will allow her to live three thousand more years. If we do not get this middle ascension portal opened very soon, this shift into multi dimensionality will not be able to take place, and the entire Prophecy of the Future of Gaia as the SAVIOR of the UNIVERSE will become a wish that did not happen.

We have 8 weeks left to make sure this Center Portal is COMPLETELY opened and that the other portals are at least opened partially. All 12 Portals must be completed by November.

The good news is this. Jesus and Elaika believe in me. Jesus knows Mary Magdalene much better than I know myself. And they know that these portals can only be opened if I complete my mission that I came to Earth to perform- allowing my third dimensional template to connect with the 4-12 dimensional beings who are working with me to open this portal. If any one of the pieces of the totem pole are not participating in this portal opening, it cannot be opened.

Elaika and Jesus have warned me several times that my focus is not clear and I am side tracked most of the time. I must become free to do this work at this time, or the portal will not open in time, and Gaia will not Survive. These are facts only known between my ascension team and myself. I am sharing this with you, because you are all a part of this team because you have chosen to listen to my music. You can never be separate from my consciousness now that you have listened to my music.

Last time I wrote about these Portals I told you that there were Seven more Portals to open. After I wrote that information from Elaika, Jesus told me that I had actually only COMPLETELY OPENED ONE Portal-- that was the Monterey Portal. Jesus said that Elaika was correct that I had opened five portals, but I had not COMPLETELY OPENED them because of the Possession and Accident that happened in relationship with that event.

Last week, when I spoke to Elaika, he told me that I had completed the opening of TWO more Portals.

Those of you who have the SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS ALBUM would connect those two Portals that were just opened to the frequencies on Song One and Song Two of that Album.

Elaika and Jesus told me that I needed to open these SEVEN PORTALS. There are two at the south end of the Pacific Ocean and three in the middle and two at the north end.

The Album SEVEN ASCENSION PORTALS was created through the exact instructions given to me. I was told to begin by opening the Western South Portal and then the Eastern South Portal. Those two Portals are Complete now.

When I created the album, I assumed that the THIRD PORTAL would be the Western Portal of the Middle Three Portals, and that the Fourth Portal would be the Center Middle Portal and the Fifth Portal would be the Eastern Middle Portal. I had assumed that I would continue to work in this West to East pattern.

The reason that I am telling you this is because the PORTAL THAT MUST BE OPENED IMMEDIATELY is actually the MIDDLE PORTAL rather than the WESTERN PORTAL. On the Album, Seven Ascension Portals, song three is for the western middle portal and song four is for the MIDDLE PORTAL.

So, I need all of you to focus on Song FOUR next, rather than Song Three.

So, for those of you who are dedicating your time to SAVING MOTHER GAIA, Please work specifically on SONG FOUR.

THE NEWS IS THIS= IF WE Do not get this MOST IMPORTANT PORTAL that sits in the MIDDLE of the Pacific Ocean opened VERY VERY SOON, Mother Gaia isn't going to make it.

This Middle Portal is the Portal that will allow all Star fleets to travel through Mother Gaia. This is like the HUB OF THE UNIVERSE. Space craft from the entire Cosmos will be able to travel from one side of Gaia and out the other side of Gaia to expand the Consciousness of our OMNIVERSE two fold.

This portal is
Jesus told me the PROPHECY of MOTHER GAIA as being the most coveted and cherished prophecy that has been known to the entire Cosmos for millions of years.

This Prophecy says that Mother Gaia will be the SAVIOR of the Universe. Mother Gaia will become the Omniversal Portal for all Consciousness that is High Enough to be at the level of creating their own space craft to become invited to Gaia at some time in the future.
This is the reason that humans on Earth will become the most respected race in the Omniverse. We will become the center of hybridization of species who are the most loving, benevolent beings who reflect Mother Father God in all ways.

I will quote exactly what Jesus said later, and you may listen to him on the recording if you choose. What he said about the PROPHECY of Mother Gaia is Breath Taking.
And what Jesus said about the SURVIVAL of Gaia depends on the amount of work and dedication and time that I SPEND for the next eight weeks.
So, any of you out there who actually believe what is being said by Jesus and Elaika about the SURVIVAL OF GAIA and those of you who care enough to help me make this happen, please concentrate on Song Number FOUR. This is the set of Frequencies that I was originally given for this Portal.

However, now that I know the SIGNIFICANCE of this MIDDLE PORTAL, I will create a new album for myself to use continuously until this KEY PORTAL is Opened. The album will be THE KEY ASCENSION PORTAL.

It will also be helpful to those choosing to do this Portal work to understand that this Portal is the most Multi Dimensional Portal. This is the Portal that I am streaming in the Frequencies from all SEVEN SUNS including the Fifth Dimensional Sun of Pleiades, Sixth Dimensional Sun of Sirius, Seventh Dimensional Sun Orion, Eighth Dimensional Andromeda, as well as the 9,10,11 and 12th Sun Aramantena.

I will talk more about how it was actually me who recommended to my MALE CREATION team, that this Portal should be created from a Cosmic Level rather than from a Galactic Level.

I told Elaika and Jesus that I did not feel like I could be successful with this project unless I did it from a Cosmic Level. So, it will go down in the history of this Cosmic Omniverse, that it was I, Mary Magdalene who shifted this plan of Portal Creation to become Cosmic rather than Galactic.

Elaika informed me that this recalculation that I have desired, and there for been granted, will make the calculations of this Portal much more PRECISE.

I told Jesus and Elaika that I only want to create a Portal that originates from the Cosmos and from the Mother Father God Template of Perfect Creation. This is the new Male Female agreement in this grand Portal Creation.
I know it will require two chapters of explanation to even explain what what I am talking about. So, for now, what is CRUCIAL to the SURVIVAL of Mother Gaia is to have this Middle Portal opened AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
My Twin Flame, Joe, will be taking over most of the work related to my website and newsletters so that I can be free to work 24 hours a day non stop until the Portal is opened.
Those who want to support this work should listen to Song number Four and focus on bringing in the frequencies of all dimensions, all Suns, all of the Mother Father God template.
The recordings of Jesus will be placed on my you tube channels, and I send them to those who request them.
(the Soul of Mary)

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