Do not fall into the trap of martyrdom that is set for the waylaid into false teaching. christ was murdered, whether fictionally or historically and this is so people who fall for the manipulative parts in any religion, will believe it is the truth that they copy the murder of christ that is taught to be ordained by god. IF god meant for his only son to die, it was for us to learn how we kill the good things in the world, through becoming a mental and spiritual slave to the demonic manipulators. Death of the mind, becoming a zombie, giving up, these are all forms of the soul death they want for all humanity. You need to be in balance with the simplest truth, to do good things and to know and speak of the good possibilities. Every single thing that is a manipulation is designed to narrow your greater awareness and connection to the spiritual reality. Hold firm and strong to your life and know that only another could ever end your life and for that to happen is not martyrdom, is not even tragedy as you will have transcended this physical reality with the full knowledge of the ultimate positivity of the universe. the entire creation is inside you actualizing itself the only way it can, through the drip feed of our pineal gland. Do not look at all of the sand in the hourglass and ever expect all of it to fall through at once, life is about moments of simple truth, building upon each other consecutively and accumulative until we have manifested the complete divine reality, a heaven on earth made of every human simply not wishing any negative for any other, ever again.

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  • So everyone seems to like this one. I first wrote this in youtube comment on a video of someone I admire who I thought was falling into martyrdom consciousness. Check out my blog, read through all of them if you can, I spent a lot of actual time, thought and energy on writing most of the rest of it. This was like subconscious thought process I have always had that I simply put into words. Surprises me what reaches people. You can spend years on something and get people to respond to something that took minutes. Thanks anyway, I guess, everybody

  • lol lightsaber fighting in lava didn't end their marriage, good for them.

  • That was deep man, I don't know what to say. Thank you for your post <3

  • ...interesting words sounds almost poetic but it's all true ..thank you for posting this ..

  • Here is my Mum and Dad, Louis. .. they think I should follow suit ... wtf? .. seriously, I wouldnt be seen dead in these threads !


  • Why? Because there is lot's of sand on Tatooine? Let it go, Luke, there are a zillion non sandy planets, like Naboo, your mum and dad loved that one...

  • Excelent post, perfectly timed aswell, thank you. I like the entire post but the hour glass bit really stands out .. I might take that into my own vocabulary if you dont mind :-)

  • Thank you for posting this ... sometimes I get upset by the governments enslaving people... but they can never enslave our soul, the "zombies" are the ones who gave up, or fell asleep...It's our duty to support them and remind them of meaning, love and spirit :-)   

  • Could not possibly have said this better myself

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  • :)

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