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I received this email today from a friend who lives in the Middle East. He's an intelligent, practical guy, and he does have a sense of humor, therefore I'm not entirely sure that he didn't write this 'tongue-in-cheek'. Regardless, I feel it is worth posting here.

"Consider this email as a camouflaged message directed at the Galactic Federation who are pre-occupied with dealing with the Dark ones, because I know they are finding time to read our emails. In the latest message from SaLuSa he writes - "the Dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated".

"I would like to help the GFL and Ashtar Command with this ongoing difficulty: Why not teleport (beam up) all the Dark ones, and give them a formal orientation to the overall outcome of what they are doing? If they can see that their efforts to suppress truth, and work against the Light cannot go anywhere, they might change their minds. Because in actuality their minds are pre-configured to just obey whatever orders they are given without knowing what lies ahead. Some of them may even join the forces of Light. If the GFL and Ashtar Command can soften the hearts of some of the Dark, that could be a significant boost for the Light. Either make them neutral or encourage them to ‘see the light’. I would not consider this interfering with their free will, anymore than exploding their underground tunnels is interfering with their free will. 

"To reiterate: Beam up the people who are working for the Dark, including their intelligence team. Let them know that there is no future in what they are doing. Show them what already happened to some of the Dark who have been removed from Earth already, and where they are now. Show them the Earth from outer space. With this information they can weigh things clearly and decide for themselves. Assign a few ships that will be seen from Earth and bring the Dark for a quick orientation and seminar, because I foresee a bottleneck as the months progress and efforts continue to be thwarted by the remnant of the Dark. Once they are fully informed, return the ‘awakened’ ones to Earth to help spread the word about disclosure through the media. They should enjoy doing this because it will cause them to feel powerful.   Problem solved."

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Comment by Star Flower on May 20, 2012 at 2:42am

Yes, One, I ask myself all the time. As far as I'm concerned, I'm only giving them until this Christmas, and if nothing significant has happened by then,  I'm not following any of this information any longer, I'm returning to my  former very-busy and happy life. My only regret is that a few close friends will continue to cling to the various channelings, and keep buying their products, etc. 

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