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Sue Lie and the Arcturians: Awaken and be FREE

By Suzanne Lie, email

NOW it is the Time

And now we are the one

To step our from our shadows

And shine beneath the Sun

We know that we are ready

To call our Higher Being

To shine inside our knowing

And LIVE what you are showing!

We know that there is more

That we have come to do

And so we will complete this NOW

Until this darkness’s through!

And remember we have come

Into this mystery NOW

We did not know just what to do

But, we pledged we’d learn how

It is the time for all of us

To remember why we came here

And how we heal the darkness

When we glow inside my self

I’ll know that I am ready

To stand so tall inside my SELF

That I am strong and ready

Ready to know that I can Glow

Within my heart and mind

As deep inside I know that

That is where I’ll find The

ME within my heart and mind

Who remembers that I AM

Among the ones who know

And dare to show

The Light within their Soul

We hid our Soul down deep inside

And lost our way, without our pride

We can be proud of who we are

As we have come here from our STAR

WE are Star Being, WE really are!

And came to Earth from oh, so far.

Now that we have landed

Down deep within YOUR soul

It feels good to remember

How it feels when we are whole

For far too long,

We hid our song

Of life within the Galaxy

So we forgot just who we are

And how to be


To remember who

We really are

We must remember

Our Home Star

The Star from which

We came so far

But then forgot

Just who we are

This forgetting

Is a mystery

That we have come

To understand

So that we can protect

The life that lives upon this land

We also must remember

What we have come to give

We have come from higher worlds

To helps you to remember

That we are here to save your world

And YOU cam just before us

For when we speak of how

We have come here from afar

We want YOU to remember that

YOU came here from a Star

The timing was so long ago

That you forgot and no longer know

Who you are within your Being

When you accept your Higher Seeing

This Higher Seeing comes to you

When you accept what you can do

When you came to Earth to live this live

You forgot that it was filled with strife

But now that you can SEE

The YOU your meant to BE

You can look inside

And high above

To find the answers

And the LOVE

For when you can

Remember love

You know you are protected

And Guided from above

From far above and deep inside

You know you can remember

YOU are the receiver of your life

And you are the SENDER

For what you send into the world

Will come back to your Heart

And from your Heart is where you see

The YOU that you are meant to BE

You chose that YOU

From high above

To remember that you’re

Filled with LOVE

Accept that Love from deep inside

And shine it out with faith and pride!

Check the below link for the latest youtube of Sue and Danny

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