Under the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is a comprehensive network of tunnels and rooms. 
Several scientific institutions have confirmed that both the pyramids and the artificial tunnels.

In an interview, Dr. archaeologist. Semir Osmanagic, almost everything we learn in school about human history is wrong.

Meanwhile, large groups of renowned archeologists, geologists and geophysics from Bosnia, Egypt, Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Italy and other countries involved in the project. A total of more than 340,000 hours dug and analyzed.

This year is a summer camp organized for volunteers and so far have been more than 500 people from 42 different countries registered.

During the construction of the underground labyrinth is a large amount of sedimentary rock excavated. This stone was very suitable as building material. Under the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are large quantities of pebbles found. This material is also found in the tunnels.

Apparently the builders of the pyramids wasted no material. What they got out of the tunnels was used as coatings for the Pyramid of the Sun The concrete of the pyramid has been tested by five academic institutions in Bosnia and Italy, which confirm that it is artificial material. The sedimentary rock, in this case, conglomerate, and clay in the vicinity in large amounts.


The Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany estimates that the conglomerate around 32,000 years old should be. The Technical University of Gliwice in Poland amounts to an age of at least 34,000 years.

The tunnel network is being cleared and made safe. All tunnels in the past covered with gravel and sand from the nearby riverbed. This leads to a new mystery: Who was the tunnels sealed, and for what reason?

Rocks of the Pyramid of the Sun is investigated by the Bosnian Institute for Materials, University of Zenica, the Bosnian Institute for Architecture and Materials, University of Sarejevo, the Bosnian Institute of Civil Engineering in Tuzla, the company Geoprojekt in Tuzla and Politecnico di Torino in Italy. They conclude that all the concrete, and clay is used as a binder, not by nature made.

The concrete of the Pyramid of the Sun is much harder (MP 74-133) than modern concrete (MP 10-40) and also let the concrete which is used for the Pyramid of the Sun less water (1%) than by modern than concrete (3%).

ruikt voor de Piramide van de Zon minder water (1%) door dan dan modern beton (tot 3%).

bosniepyramid1.jpg bosniepyramid2.jpg

bosniepyramid3.jpg bosniepyramid4.jpg

New tunnel sections
Recently, archaeologists descended into new sections of the tunnel network.They descended more than 120 meters in the tunnels until the water was too high to stand.
Dr. Sara Acconici of the Italian Research SB now lives in the town of Visoko, where the pyramids stand. The above photos were taken in the new sections known as the Ravne maze. A 3D section of this maze can be seen in the first videoBig mystery in Visoko
After spending the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids had visited was American engineer and scientist Christopher Dunn said with certainty that it is made ​​structures, reports news agency FENA. See his statement in the last video.
Dunn was especially impressed by the underground complex man what he must have been made clear. He added that in Visoko at the time anadvanced civilization must have lived and made ​​use of technologies that people today are still unknown.
Dunn is the author of books and Lost Giza Power Plant Technologies of Ancient Egypt. 
The scientist can not say with certainty that the pyramids in Bosnia, like those of Egypt, were power plants.
Other leading archaeologists and scientists are confident that the pyramidshave been built by a highly developed civilization. Graham Hancock, the valleyis expected to visit in June this year.

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