Subject: The Big Mother Ships. Part ..1

Subject: The Big Mother Ships. Feb. 27, 2099.Here is some information put out by a lady calledTuella. I was once given a tape that contained hertalking to a large group of people and right in thefront of the group, in the front chairs of theaudience, was her close friend Sister Thedra...............................................................................................................The Command Ships of The A-htar CommandIn the 1980's there was a group called CloverleafConnections who had contact with the As-tar Command. Onthe 8 February 1989 the following reply was given, inresponse to questions regarding details of what werereferred to as Secondary Ships.There are many, many ships of many sizes workingwithin the Ash-ar Command. At this time, we will speakonly of the Command ships, and not of those from otherCommands who offer and give assistance.Starting with the midway stations. I will endeavourto set out a listing of space ships and their purposes.This will only be relative to the effort which is knownas `Operation Victory',in other words, moving theEarth's vibration up into higher dimensions.SHAN CHEAThe greatest of all Mother Ships in the Command isknown as `The New J-rusalem' consisting of a squarespace station in constant orbit around the Earth, withorbit distances varying from approximately 500 miles to1,500 miles. This Station has thousands upon thousandsof entities, who live there all the time. It also hasmonitoring equipment of great sophistication to assistin the mission of uplifting Earth's frequencies.SHAREThis is a true midway Station also orbiting theEarth, it is not square but circular and of a smallerstature. It is in permanent orbit at this time, fromwhere ships all over the Universe check in and receivetheir orders. This is a vast Station, also housingthousands of volunteers and permanent workers. It couldeasily house 20 enormous sized Mother Ships at the onetime.MOTHER SHIPS - CITY SHIPSThese space ships were described in `On EarthAssignment' as being round, about 100 miles indiameter, and 12 storeys high.These are available and ready at any time, to acceptthird dimensional Beings and able to adjust theirfrequency level to that of the ship. The facilities aresufficient to house them for several years ifnecessary.MOTHER SHIPS - SECONDARYThese space ships can house up to 100 scout orshuttle ships, but have no facilities for housing thirddimensional Beings. They are the `workhorses' of theAsht-r Command. They are nevertheless very comfortableand Beings live on them for long periods at the time.SHUTTLE SHIPSCan be quite small and also up to 20 miles indiameter. They are conditioned for fast work in theevacuation of people from danger zones in anydimension, including yours the third dimension. Theyhave temporary facilities that are comfortable for alltypes of Beings. For their safety, those in physicalbodies are usually carried in their sleep state, toMother Ships for rejuvenation.SCOUT SHIPSAs their name implies, these are ships which checkout conditions of interest or where problems exist, andreport back their findings. They are circular andrelatively small.Generally speaking that is the categories.Although depending on their need, different uses aremade of some ships. You know that your space friendsare out there; you have seen the evidence and someof you have visited many of the ships. When you havehad the pleasure of watching and enjoying the skies ona beautiful night, if a star turns out to be a spaceship, you may never know it. The chances are you willnever be able to visit it, except perhaps in youretheric body, and coming back to your physical body itis doubtful that you will have any recollection.Therefore why worry, enjoy the stars, enjoy thecolors of those that might be ships, and know thatyour home is amongst the stars, as is the home of allLightworkers on Earth.We of `Operation Victory' welcome all of you home.You are Beings of great Light and Love and weappreciate your doing the work of the Creator.From Littlejohn, 8th February 1989.The above messages were then matched to othersthat were the subject of two c-annelled books by Tuella- `Asht-r a Tribute' and `On Earth Assignment' -Copyright 1988 by Guardian Action International.SHAN CHEAThis is the earth-child satellite, and has beenorbiting your earth now for almost two thousand yearssince the appearance of Je--s the Master upon yoursurface. Fifteen hundred miles square, it is a complexassemblage of instrumentation which permits constantsurveillance of your surface and the Beings on it. Thepresent altitude is five hundred miles and variesconsiderably from time to time.Our headquarters is on one of the largest of theMother Craft, and orders and instructions come fromthis craft, and it is a city in itself. Most of thepeople are natives of one or another of the planets inthis solar system, but also we do have those workingwith us from other solar systems. Our workers do visittheir home planets, at various times on what youmay call vacations. Most of us have worked together fora very long time; we are a well knit Confederation andfeel that we are an effective one.The largest `Inn of H-aven' a floating ethericworld, houses the headquarters of Lord Jes-- Sananda,Lord Ashta- and the -shtar Command.SCHAREThis is different to Shan Chea in that it is aQuadra Station. It is not square, but what you callspheroid. Its purposes are also different in oursystem.MOTHER SHIPSSome Mother Ships anchored high up in your atmosphereare 100 miles across. They contain entire cities withgardens, grass, trees and accommodations for literallymillions of people. There are many, many smaller craftcoming and going from other ships. There is a greatdeal of activity in what earthlings think of as emptyspace. We are capable of invisibility and when ourcraft are travelling beyond the speed of light, we dobecome invisible to the physical eye.Seven of these great Pearly W-ite Space Cities aresaid to be in readiness as `Inns of Hea-en', which varyin size around 100 miles in diameter. (JW I once wastold that Enoch was not only a man on Earth but theEnoch means a civilization that was on Earth and Enochwas the leader of these people. This civilizationwas picked up and taken from this Earth to a differentplace or dimension by a group of sevem largespacecrafts called `The Seven Cities Of Shan.' Shanis one the names of our Earth.)These ships have twelve levels in most cases: theentry and exit portal for trafficking craft. Includesdisembarking platforms, parking docks, garages,maintenance departments, storage areas and RegistrationHeadquarters. A colossal stockroom, the QuartermasterDeck, containing all manner of supplies.It is an immaculate city of warehouses. A vast zoo,including animal husbandry research and a birdland,with creatures from many worlds amd Agriculturalresearch.It is like a vast farmland of well kept vegetables,gardens and fruit orchards. Much of the growth is blueinstead of green.Housing Center for all those technicians and personswho serve on the four levels below. Recreational leveland lushly landscaped park areas for residents of allages.Medical Complex. Patient facilities, dental care,biological research, ship's laboratories and quartersfor all medical personnel.Housing prepared for Earth's evacuees. It containsstaterooms for individuals and apartments for families.There are countless joint dining areas, social halls,nursery care sections, laundry facilities andinformation offices.University Compound. The Halls of Wisdom, vastlibraries, endless concert halls and culturalinterests, halls of learning for all ages, music roomsand computer classrooms.Special apartments for visiting dignitaries from alldimensions, barracks for the ET's, staterooms andapartments with multiple scattered conference rooms andbeautiful sprawling dining and lounge areas.A-htar Command Headquarters and the Great RotundaMeeting Hall. Earth evacuees are brought to this GreatHall for any necessary group gatherings. The CommandCommunication Center is located here.Officers Observation Deck and pilot control center,which can be visited by appointment.There are millions of craft operating in this solarsystem at all times, and many of these belong to theAs-tar Command. Some are stationed far above yourplanet and are more or less stationary for long periodsof time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoringsystems. Others move about, discharging their variousduties. We have small craft doing surveying activities,and we have larger craft with extended range that arecapable of operating in space and which visit planetsin other solar systems.Each base or Earth unit does, at all times have itspersonal craft hovering within its vortex, for personalimmediate relay of messages to or from that unit. ThisStation or platform never changes, although the personsinvolved might be removed temporarily for rest andrelaxation, to return later. All of our signals, beamsand contact are relayed to our messengers through themedium of these individual platforms of contact. In theatmosphere above a base unit, there is an invisibleidentifying beam that projects incredibly high above itfor identification purposes. This beam projectionidentifies the particular command sponsoring the baseunit. Those of you who serve in your places, be assuredthat all who participate in this program know you arethere!Part 1.John Winston.
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