Strengthen Your Inner Light

By Sonia Choquette In Partnership With OmTimes omtimes-small.png

It is important to strengthen and keep your inner light of your Spirit shining bright in order to remain peaceful in a negative, ego-based world. The best way to do this is to intentionally surround yourself with energy that honors, respects, and delights the Spirit in every way.

This begins by being aware of the effect of sound on your Spirit. Sound is vibration, and all vibration is either positive, and resonant with your Spirit, or it is negative, or dissonant to your Spirit. To tolerate and endure large amounts of dissonant sound is highly disturbing to your Spirit and your peace.  Just as you would no more physically assault your neighbor out of the blue, or anyone for that matter nor should you allow dissonant, or negative vibration, which beats on your ear, and reverberates throughout every cell in your body to energetically assault you.

Be selective about what you listen to and to whom. People who speak calmly, lovingly, positively of life, and others are respectful of the Spirit and affirm the light. People who rant, swear, curse, or attack life, or others are disturbing to the Spirit and should be avoided at all costs. And, of course, don’t create that vibration yourself. As it says in the classis poem, ‘The Desiderata’ “Avoid loud and aggressive persons for they are vexations to the Spirit and remember what peace there lies in silence.”

To love and honor your Spirit, choose to listen to sounds that invoke calm, joy, and peace. This is so important I can’t emphasize it enough.  In fact, I believe one of the biggest reasons we self-loathe to the degree we do is because we are bombarded with self-loathing messages all the time, on television, and radio, and in popular music especially.  So many of us are so mindless and unconscious about what we listen to and its potentially adverse affects on our inner light that we are literally like sheep being led to the self -loathing slaughterhouse by just turning on the radio in the morning.

On a typical morning show first you get a full dose of dire world news, followed by advertisement after advertisement on how to cover up, coat, disinfect, and perfume, and ship our shameful bodies into shape so we are socially acceptable.  Then we are ridiculed and insulted by irreverent, cynical DJ’s who laugh at us, and everyone else with their condescending diatribes and manipulative high jinx, all in the name of morning entertainment.

We might as well drink arsenic for breakfast for all the negative attacks the Spirit endures in these broadcasts.  At least with arsenic it’s understood it is harmful.  With radio, it is nothing short of psychic ambush.

To build the inner light the Spirit prefers, at least in the morning, a few minutes of peace, quiet, and prayer before inviting the world in.  Intentional silence and prayer connects your Spirit to the Great Creator, Mother-Father God, and illuminates it for the day.  Silent prayer strengthens the inner light of the Spirit.  It is the breakfast of champions and one of the greatest means of self-love. Just as we must nourish our bodies, so too must we nourish, and strengthen our Spirits so they, too, can be ready to face the unconscious ego vibrations of the world.

Silent prayer also builds the inner light. It establishes a direct link from your Spirit to your higher self. This link then continues on from the Higher Self to Source. Silent prayer has a powerful and healing sound vibration, which the human ear does not hear it.  The human heart does, however.  It feels it as well, because this vibration though subtle, is calming, peaceful, and receptive to receiving guidance and sustenance from God.

Christ said it best in the prayer, “Our Father”.  The prayer says, “Give us this day our daily bread…”  This does not only mean food for the body. It also means sustenance and light for the soul.

Silence, when focused on prayer, in gratitude for the love, and goodness of God, is the equivalent of plugging into Source power.  It clears away all negative psychic debris dimming your inner light and brightens your aura, your body, and even the atmosphere around you. Prayer creates a vortex of light leading directly to God. This creates a brilliant force field of love that shines out into the world and inspires everyone. It protects against all negative energies and any hidden forces behind them.  My mom says it best: “Prayer brings God to you. And if God is with you, no one, or no thing is against you, as there is no greater power than God.”

Another way to strengthen your inner light is to surround yourself with beauty. Create an organized environment that calms the Spirit and eases the tension in your body. Steer away from clutter and keep at least your sleeping area free from too much stuff. The Spirit appreciates simple surroundings that are peaceful and calm.

Filling your environment with fresh flowers is another gift to the Spirit and strengthens your inner light. In fact, all of nature strengthens your inner light, so be in nature as much as possible. Take walks outdoors. Visit arboretums, gardens, beaches, the woods, and parks. Bring nature to you in other ways as well, by using aromatherapies made from flowers to sweeten the body and stimulate the senses. A beautiful rose aroma-therapy, for example, will lighten the Spirit and clear the heart immediately, while eucalyptus aromatherapy will stimulate the senses an re-energize your body.

Wearing beautiful clothing also honors the Spirit, and brightens the inner light, so dress mindfully and with care. Wear clothes that are clean and attractive, and free from tears and holes. Wear light and bright colors over dark colors to bring more light into your body and reflect more light off of your body. Choose clothes that flatter you and bring out your inner light, especially the light in your eyes. Care about your inner light and choose clothing that brightens it and reflects it to the world.

Take care in making yourself as beautiful as possible as well, by maintaining good grooming habits. Wash, cut and style your hair to bring out your inner light and beauty. Brush your teeth, floss, and put a little gloss on your lips. And remember, there is nothing more beautiful and illuminating than a bright smile, so do, often. In fact, smile with every cell in your being and see how much brighter your inner light becomes. The brighter you smile, the brighter your life.

When preparing your meals, take the time to arrange your food beautifully on your plate before you serve it. Add a sprig of garnish to your plate, a slice of fresh lemon to your water, a few rose petals on the table as you set it. Light a candle, use cloth napkins, and play soothing music in the background as you dine. Chew your food slowly and savor the flavors of what you are eating, and take your time to enjoy your meals. They are more than occasions to feed your body. Meals are meant to feed your Spirit as well. Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not engage in fast food. There is little if any genuine fuel in fast food to nurture and strengthen your body, and meals should not be fast. In fact, it is better to ‘fast’, and eat later when you have the time to eat properly and are not rushed, than to eat fast food.

On that note, eat as much fresh food as possible and choose foods that please the eye as well as the palate. Natural foods, fresh in the season, are a wonderful gift to your Spirit and bring nature to you. It is the way your Divine Mother, nature, intended for you to eat, and your food should be just as pleasing to look at as it is to taste. Beautiful food nurtures the Spirit as well as the body and brings a higher quality vibration to your life.

After meals, allow your body to rest and digest your food. Life in the western world does not allow for this at all, and so it is no wonder we suffer so many digestive problems. During the week, while at work, at least allow 5 minutes to relax and digest after meals. Five minutes won’t make or break any day, and will give more in inner light and brilliance than it takes. On weekends, at least occasionally, after a meal take a short nap or rest to help assimilate your food. 15 to 20 minutes is enough and will keep your inner light shining bright.

To strengthen your inner light, let your Spirit, and not your ego pace you. Proceed about your day with grace and dignity, and refuse to allow your ego to rush you around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Check in with your Spirit before you make commitments. The ego believes it can manage everything in a day, and must, only to over-commit, and then feel stressed, and overwhelmed from morning to night. Rushing through your day, like a fire engine going to the inferno will most certainly drain your inner light. This is because such rushing about is fueled by fear, and fear always dims the inner light of Spirit.

Go about your day with the knowledge that all things will get accomplished that need to get accomplished, and anything else will be accomplished tomorrow. No worries. The ego likes to create inner stress and anxiety by pushing you into a state of emergency and leave you feeling as though there is no time for anything. This is not true selective about what feels like an emergency. Even a true emergency is better handled calmly than in an anxious fury. . Be discerning about what you commit your time to, and ask your Spirit if this serves your inner light. Plan your time to go about life with a grounded and confident pace. Relax. When you do you leave the fretful and fearful vibration of the ego and enter the peaceful vibration of the Spirit. When in the Spirit you will be surprised at how time will seem to stretch for you, allowing you to accomplish all that serves the light.

Life is not an emergency to rush through, even though your ego would beg to differ. It is a sacred gift that is to be savored and enjoyed, starting right now. Life is as good as you make it, and the better you make it beautiful the more you will feel its beauty inside. The more beauty you feel inside, the brighter your inner-light will shine in the world.

To strengthen your inner light:

- Listen to beautiful music

- Pray

- Be silent and go within to Source energy for sustenance

- Dress beautifully

- Be well groomed

- Smile

- Be in nature

- Use aromatherapies

- Eat beautiful meals

- Slow down and enjoy your meals

- Take naps

- Be in nature

- Pace yourself

- Be discerning about what you listen to

- Go about your day with grace and dignity

- Relax

Simple Answer- Strengthen your Inner Light


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