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St. Germaine ‘When Will You Stop Looking And Listening To Others Instead Of Building Your Own Holy Temple Inside. Your Own Seti Temple Inside.’ /channeling/Channeler Hilarion


St. Germaine on the 20th of February, in the year 2 thousand and 13 ‘When Will You Stop Looking And Listening To Others Instead Of Building Your Own Holy Temple Inside. Your Own Seti Temple Inside.’ . You argue over others’ presentations. Fine- yes- But why you not discipline self, change self to go inside?

Have you ever heard the lie… come with us , and we will help you? Turn to your chair , or couch, or hammock, or grass… be in peace, Or be in pain. Be with me, or be somewhere. Stop look to one’s who tell you your path is through them. They are the liars. Go within.

Learn to trust yourself. Learn to learn from your self , and.. your Self. Learn to bring to an end.. your ‘bill of divorcement’, from interaction with your self, and your Self. Thrill in the love, as it flows through you. Thrill in the pain, if it flow through you.

Trust yourself… or ever deluded shall you remain, shall you be,,,,, you understand You will be mislead and become lost, If you do not adjust your reality, And embrace the purity of existence between you and source. St Germain 20 Feb 2013 It is not who is right and who is wrong, etc… It is that you, until you discipline your self, I say Your Self, to find its way out of the bondage, The control master over your neck- your own understanding- Yes we could go on.

(Why don’t some of you develop symbols for how a master laughs, in joy, love, understanding, wisdom, and power, everyone knows? All simultaneous- yes? like to learn? Come see me- if need help. I will bless you, it is part of my work. And I will show you how to generate your practice- Not I do it for you, or I do it to you. Never would I. I will show you how to practice your art of awareness, so that you yourself will build your self, into a functional holy grounded temple of love, wisdom, awareness, the master’s touch, the perfect light.

Your arrogance is to get off more on feeling you know a lot , or are ‘somebody’ -that this is more important than embracing Your humility before Your Entire Self and being… If you should apologize to anyone, it should be , only to your self. That is where the lie ends, or as many say- the b******* stops and the rubber hits the road…. Yes? Yes. You understand that bull s*** is slippery… yes: You start listen now .. yes??? And it hurts… yes????

Don’t panic… Don’t run..(from presentness with that… Stay where You are- with - present with your self… Stay there- there you will be safe- No soylent green- Learn to build your holy temple,.. Learn ,,, Study,,,, Your holy temple… Is Your own experience in experiencing and learning about yourself… Now let me tell you a ‘secret’..

It is the biggest secret to success- But, watch out for the slick ones who are watching and will imitate my words, my original words today… I just embedded a dash of their horrid energy, most often hid,, That you will now have a barometer of horrific nature in your experience- You will now sniff the subtle aroma of it more briefly-(quicker and with drop more awareness)- So… The secret is…. To succeed in building your Holy temple on earth- 1 know that purity means no present condition within or without you in reality separates you from the ongoing bliss and love of god., of Great Self.

It is in between and all around. It only becomes obscured within the area of your attachment experiences to ‘being better’..than anyone, your self, or anything. also attachment to the supposed reality of 'gain' and 'loss'. We call it relational dynamics, and that relation doesn’t usually progress past 2nd or 3rd base.. Yes? I will speak to you many more times. I will be with you. I teach self awareness, as this is Your only defense against the oncoming events .

I tell you.. 2 Discipline yourself- 2 Go within…. 2 Learn within from your self. 2 Develop your fortitude and strength for this. 2 Develop the humility to bow before your self- 2 Don’t contract your mind into “how pretty you think you ARE spiritually” 2 The ego is easily infatuated with parts of oneself, and quickly becomes enamored and (part of) self satisfied, 2 The ego quickly feels ‘insult’, ‘insulted’. 2 This is the tree, without the root. Waving in the wind, but falling over. 2 It is even better than you think, if you let go of that. (meaning see, perceive beyond these boundaries).

3 Be Your Own Teacher- 3 Teach your self- you must learn this. it will be your only salvation. 3 Answer your questions within- Teach Yourself. Develop these muscles. Develop these muscles. 3 Bend your head until you can do this…. Build this,,, 3 Develop the power to remain present and strong enough to do this.

In my school you ask anything you want- But you practice. You discipline your self, to learn from yourself, not puff up ego. You develop the discipline to teach yourself- not be lazy and contemplate other people’s b*******.. In my school you do both-all of it. Contemplate and discuss- only as an outer backdrop. In my school, you have to learn to challenge your self. You have to challenge your self- your way , your version, of cognizing real ity.

Most of you can barely stand to learn from your self,.. let alone teach yourself… And if you are not willing to teach your self within, you will always have a problem. You will always skirt the truth within, and always be subject to be beautifully lured into dece4ption. And wipe out that ‘im better than thou because of this, this, and this… b*******- Because the biggest b******* in there is ‘you’ assuming a limited position , location, within the duality energies, and your ego being foolish and ridiculous enough to be proud of that., proud of stopping there, and going no further.

Borderline idiocy. Now to be a conscious idiot is not to your detriment. Obviously, being unconscious will not support you as well, leave you a bit ‘not seeing’ ? yes?..inside, and without. You must understand you will remain limited, And you must learn to see- otherwise this will used to also control you.

I wish you all , all children..blessings in the light.. And also in the light of goodness mixed with utter humility before self, even down to every single thought within. I wish you adieu ..Good Day. St. Germaine A hilarion channeling under my I Am Free Foundation


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Comment by infinite soul on February 27, 2014 at 3:40am

Being true to yourself and by looking within, the world and universe will open to you. And the answers you seek you will find kindred spirits.

Comment by rsolor on February 27, 2013 at 3:55am
yes. get on with it.
i will no longer be shamed of being human, except for causing harm to another beings.
i will no longer be on my knees as a slave humble by the presents of fancy costumes, and fancy words of promises, only the actions that actualiy help us all in the now, not later.
i will no longer see holy ones talking the talk, but no action, this hurts too much to give them credit FOR NOTHING.

blessings to all of us for we are all one
Comment by Krishna Kalki on February 27, 2013 at 3:16am
Reminder to St Germain ..We are still waiting for your fund..could you please hurry up as we are in the beginning stages of the Golden Age and to accelerate it could you release the fund as soon as possible.
Kind Regards and may God bless you.


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