This has ceased for a few months. I'll show you some pictures-I'd upload them now but they are on my tablet and I am sitting down drinking tea atm. Anyways it was going on for about a month. I couldn't sleep on my back at all because of it. Then I'd wake up and circular marks on my arms that almost look like bites but no incisor marks. No bugs in the house. The bites would have a strange slightly burning sensation and it would feel like they were filled with fiberglass when touched. Odd. This would also happen when I was getting certain information and it would happen right in front of my TF. It freaked him out and he started taking pictures of it. It happened on the inside of my right arm. They became inflamed for a few days and then went away. 

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  • Blonde people are nice.

  • TF (Twin flame). I made a typo by saying and "we" was awakened instead of saying and "he" was awakened. I don't think the alien is stalking me anymore. It might have been a one time thing for all I know. I don't feel that presence anymore and don't think about it much.

  • *he was awakened

  • I have so many weird dreams it's hard to say if any of them were related...I know a bunch of wierd things were happening around the time like this spaceship showed up and my tf said he saw an alien in my window. The alien's energy showed up around 6 pm in the evening and it was a heavy, insidious vibration. No good at all. We went to sleep and then we was awakened by a screen memory that he later remembered being the grey alien face. We realized over weeks that is was there for me for some reason. I am pretty weird so I guess it makes sense. But no, it wasn't a nice alien and it wasn't there to help me. I got that reaffirmed many times not to spread paranoia because frankly I've never been afraid of aliens, before. Actually he seemed more concerned than me. But so many off the wall things happen in my life it can take sometimes months or years to draw sound conclusions to the occurrences. The spontaneous astral stuff, alien thing, ship, purple infinity and a load of other things were happening around the same time.

  • You know, I did in a way and the marks just kept coming. It was tad creepy. I get the feeling that it wasn't one person or entity, per se and that it might have even been me. I'll be perfectly honest, though-a part of me just wanted it to stop and I wasn't totally sure if I wanted to know who "they" were if it were an entity even though, yes, I did reach out and ask who or what it was.

    I think what bothered and perplexed me was all the stories you hear about astral attacks, alien contact and people returning with marks on their bodies. It did not seem to be evidence of any physical implantation. The thing is, I really didn't feel "attacked"-you know? I've been around malevolence before and know it's truly unmistakable so that part is good to know. 

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