Spiritual Multidimensional Photos taken at ECETI

Introduction : ECETI : Enlighted Contact with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Spiritual center and meeting ground located at the foot of Mt Adams, Trout Lake, CA
( Near Mt Shasta ) For contact with ET's, Lighsthips, Orbs, Fairies, Lightbeings, conferences,
camping-ground... Mt Adams is a gateway for lightships going into Telos btw.
The Sanctuary is a research and development center with occasional scheduled events that are open to the public, designed to assist in the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth.

Self Mastery Earth Institute-ECETI
172 Little Mt. Road
Trout Lake, WA 98650


Spiritual Multidimensional Photos taken at ECETI : (scroll down for the pictures)

During the Self Mastery, Ambassador and Teachers Training at ECETI Ranch other dimensional
beings often appear and make their presence undeniably known. To see these pictures go to
www.eceti.org. Kwan Yin, Cha and Bagit which are felines from Sirius, Mary and many other
known masters appear at the ranch for those with the consciousness, sensitivity and adeptness
to experience them. We know there will always be those who have not developed their inner
sensitivity and are locked into 3d reality. Scientists by their own admission who know there are at
least 11 dimensions with as much life as our 3rd dimension often demand 3d proof of other
dimensional experience. Imagine 200 billion suns in our Milky Way 3d galaxy with planets
revolving around them then add the 500 billion galaxies not to mention the other planes and
dimensions how can any reasonable mind deny off world or other dimensional beings?
I can say along with as many as 25 other witnesses that some of these beings were already
indentified and working with our group, Mary in particular when the photo was taken. I personally
saw the picture taken among others and had access to the camera to download the pictures
immediately after. There is a striking resemblance to ancient pictures and drawings, which could
mean several things. One they actually look like the paintings and drawings, two they appear in
images we can relate too and indentify, three there is also the possibility of another phenomena
and that is a psychic projection of the person taking the photo. The cameraman had no affiliation
with the Christian images of Mary or the Felines before the photographs.
Both of these beings were indentified by other adepts and the vast majority of the class before the
pictures as being present.

Kan did not know who they were before hand therefore we can easily dismiss a psychic
projection on his part. We can also dismiss any trickery due to the fact that there were multiple
witnesses and knowing Kan he is a monk of impeccable integrity with no agenda and gave the
photos as a gift seeking no gain. There is a plethora of other photos taken at the ECETI Ranch
which are similar some of which are of beings outside of any previous knowledge. Taking all this
into account I have to stand by the authenticity of these pictures yet am fully aware there will
always be those who cannot accept they are real or have anything to do with Off World Visitors
having no understanding or access to multidimensional realities and the workings therein. There
is a spiritual component to UFOs, Ultradimensional Beings and the great master teachers of all
cultures tie into the bigger picture. They incarnated from these other worlds and dimensions such
as the Pleiadies, Orion, Andromedan and Sirius sytems. The House of Mary is tied to the

Photobucket Photobucket






The ego mind always believes its version of reality is real and often the only reality. If we are
going to ever understand the big picture we have to transcend the limitations of ego mind, the
body and personality as being our only identity and embrace the multiverse with pure intent, an
open mind and loving heart coming into oneness, the unified field in which all possibilities exist.
During the ambassador training there were multiple ships which turned, revolved around each
other and powered up in a tremendous expansion of light again with multiple witnesses.

The evidence gathered at ECETI Ranch is real, it has been documented on film with multiple
eyewitnesses, it is ongoing and now even the main stream media is covering it such as
Paranormal State, BBC Danny Dyer Special, ABC, FOX News all of which experienced and
filmed the ships. The next question we have to ask is why is it such a threat to the ufo community,
event coordinators and talk show hosts? These are tough questions, which need to be asked
repeatedly until we receive an honest and legitimate answer. What a novel Idea. The people
demanding the truth rather than being led down a path of fear and ignorance.

Orbs recorded on video camera on the Eceti Ranch of james gilliland, using 'night-vision' mode.

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