Spiritual awaking? or am I crazy


Hello everyone.  

I have some questions about things I am feeling and things I have been experiencing in the past few  months and I have no one to talk to about this that would know  about what I am talking about.  So If anyone has any answers or comments or maybe you are feeling the same things then perhaps someone can shed some light on these questions I have.  
I started meditating a few months ago and reading about ascension and spiritual awakening.  Since then I have been feeling different in a gradual process.  as of today I have weird feelings like strange sensations throughout my body sometimes it feels like something is touching me but there is nothing there.  I feel warming feeling throughout my body too and sometimes it feels very cool next to my arm or foot.  my feet and legs sometimes have a very subtle humming or feeling of vibration to it.  Sometimes my head feels the same way and sometimes I have body aches that are pretty bad in the joints.  I also get strange sensations on my hands and my face.  I am also sometimes terribly overwhelmed with fear, which isn't the norm for me.  Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure on m brow line and at the top of my head and sometimes it becomes a bad headache. Also different parts of my body go numb often too.  I have been having beautiful dreams as well and often if I close my eyes while awake I see beautiful places but I have never seen them before.  I am really not understanding whats going on with me and I think mainly where my fear comes from is not knowing what is happening to me.  I think if I could hear from other people that can relate or that no more about ascension and spiritual awakening it would really help me understand more.  I would rather hear from real people on here than read about it on a website that can't engage in conversation.
I appreciate anyone listening and commenting.  I am really in search of some answers


Much love and light to allNamaste

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  • Wow I have been having sort of the same thing's going on it's funny because I have the ringing in my ears a lot and when I say a lot  I mean it.I have been told I have a lot of mental blocks,so that could have something to do with it.

    But I am glad I am not the only one.From what I undrestand it is a personal journey.

    Well good luck love and peace everyone.

  • Yes, i have met my main guide.  I had heard her speak to me when i first started my transition.  I wasnt at a high enough vibration to be able to make out what it was that she was saying.  I do know her name now, and i realize she is with me right now as i write this.  I have done a lot of research on how to get connected to my guides.  You need to be patient, and let the flower bloom.  When getting into a meditative state ask your guides to reveal themselves to you.  I did this and the name came into my head.  I intuitively knew it was her, cause i had seen her before in other visions.  Also i had a little outside help from a medium telling me there was someone in my life that started with the first letter that her name starts with. There are some books, and guided meditations that can help you get in contact with your guides.  Also, for myself i work with a hypnotherapist.  She helped me with getting to my temple of holies.  The place our spirit goes for guidance.  I hope this helps you, if you have any more questions that i can help with dont hesitate to ask.

    Much Love, Heffe1

  • Hello Saweeta - All this happens for the humans who are dare enough to ask the grandest question "Who am I"? That is the basis for spiritual awakening. One thing is for sure that during this process just be yourself and be assured that you will be alright. It may take few months or years but the benefits would be tremendous once you are almost there in higher dimensions. You not only loose the passion for everything while the spiritual awakening happens but also know yourself about your one and only spiritual passion once your vibrational frequency increases considerably. I don't really believe in guides and stuff but what I believe in is the spirit, coz I have seen my spirit in my third eye very clearly as a crystal light body descending in the sun light, clearer than the regular physical vision. In my view, the spirit guides you more than any one else.


    You may want to give a break for meditation for few days until the symptoms settles down. All the symptoms will go away after few months.


    Ringing in ears.. at first this has frightened me for atleast 2-3 days! I got used to it after that. I think it is the common symptom of ascension. You can watch crimsoncircle website to get more information on the spiritual awakening symptoms.


    All the very best to you...


  • Heffe1,

    I have tried to ask for help from my guides but I have a hard time communicating with them.  Plus I don't really know what to ask them or who I am asking.  Do you know what your guides names are or what they look like?

    I feel weird asking for help from them when I don't even know what they look like or what their name is especially my main guide since he or she is standing behind me on my right all the time....lol

    Thank you for sharing with me.

    Much love and light to you

  • Custos,

    I really thought I was going nuts....lol...and I really was so close to giving up.....I am happy that I reached out to all of you instead....btw I don't mean I was about to give up as in end my life.....lol I meant just giving up the meditation and things like that.  

    I have heard ringing in my ears since I can remember...maybe since I was 4 or 5.  I always thought it was normal.  and also when I was young I could sense things in the room and so could my brother.  I always wished I didn't or couldn't because it scared me a lot.  When I got older though, say around16 I couldn't sense anything at all.  I have always had the ringing though now more than ever.

    I saw so many beautiful things last night!  I woke up from dreaming and my body felt so warm and fuzzy and I closed my eyes and saw the most beautiful places....I wish i could remember the those places, but I guess in time I will remember where I came from.  It is all so very exciting to me.


    Thank you for sharing with me.

    Its helps me very much!


    Much love and light to you


  • Karma's helper,

    I really like your words!  Some how they really help me a lot, as do all the other comments on here but more so yours than others.  I hope no one takes offense to that.  It is not my intention.  In fact what I mean to say is your words resonate with me very much and I think it has a lot to do with the way you write.  anyway I could analyze all day....lol

    I have to say that I never have seen stars after bonking my head but I have bonked my head pretty hard a few times....lol.   Usually when I meditate and close mu eyes the colors that I see are Yellow and purple.  I don't really know what that means but thats what I see.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I do get A LOT out of all the other comments as well.


    Much love and light to you

  • Well good morning/afternoon and good evening......  let's take a walk shall we?  Ok....  here we go... a little stroll down memory lane...   have you ever bonked yourself on the head and seen stars?  Do you remeber the color of them?  All twinkly like.......very brilliant.....almost leaning towards blue/white......THAT'S IT!!  lol.....i'm NOT suggesting you crack yourself over the head...lol.....i'm just making refference to the true color that you seek.....light is color and color IS light......the closer we come to TRUE light.....the more vivid and clear in becomes.....just as there is a spectrum of colors found within a rainbow, there is a spectrum of colors that are found outside of "that" rainbow ( outside of the 3d world we currently occupy ).....not anymore....your questions lead me to believe that you my dear are well on your way......no need fidget.....no need to question anymore.....YOU are YOUR leader......and a leaader LEADS by example.......by forging his/her own path, regardless of those that are not in the "know".....a true leader DOES NOT DEMAND RESPECT, but rather COMMANDS IT......huge difference......you have become "that" leader.....and your commands to yourself WILL be noticed.....therefore, realized........you can envision NO wrong.....  any "color" of light YOU envision is what your body/spirit requires at that time.....drawn it in with each breath ( through the nose ) ...bless and thank the light for entering and "program it" ( through thought action ) and then release it ( exhailing via mouth ) to whomever/wherever or however you want.   Hope this helped.....
  • There are many different ways to white light yourself.  One is in your meditations to see a golden light where your third eye is.  See the white light entering in and down your body through all your chakras.  Then see the white light coming back up and out of your crown chakra and illuminating your whole being.  This is one way to white light yourself.  Try it in the shower while the water is hitting your head and running down your body.  It helps with visualization.  You also need to start asking your guides to help you.  You need to ASK for their help.  Remember, you have free will in this planet.
  • You are suffering from Ascension symptoms...not to worry as your carbon body is changing into a crystalline body for the New 5th Dimension Earth. It is simple as the frequency of the Planet increases it effects all living entities to keep up with the changes.
  • Heffe1,

    Hello and thank you for your comments.  I would like to ask you what it means to white light myself?  I may be doing that already but maybe you call it something else.  I would like to do it if it I am not doing it and it will help.


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