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Channeled- 05/05/96
   I have ceased being amazed at the perfection of life and instead just accept that there are higher forces at work in presenting the channeling sessions in the order they get posted. September is no exception and while last month was full of dramatic revelations about Atlantis, this month we get closure on the outcome of a disagreement Omal brought up between Mark and me back then on that lost continent. Even though the sessions are ten months apart, they belong in tandem for the learning experience they provide. We're treated also to some advice from Karra on how to increase the rate of healing and a couple firsts, the naming of a proposed website focused solely on our planet's state of being politically, socially and globally and Tia substituting as engineer for the session. Teene, who normally would be behind the monitors, wasn't feeling well on account of her pregnancy we had heard about in previous sessions. Kiri was participating in the ski races on Alpha Centauri so it was only the three speakers to cover all the subjects on a very busy night. As usual, it turned out to be plenty for another excellent podcast.
   With Tia manning the monitors and taking a break from ring mistress duties, Karra steps in to start things off. In recent times as meat substitutes become a popular alternative at more and more restaurants, Karra is way before her time twenty years ago as we talk about finding substitutes for meat that would appeal to those who no longer eat meat. This conversation was one that was started so that Karra could bring up ways of using proteins and exercise as part of a process for speeding up the body's ability to heal itself. She jokes before leaving about coming down for dinner at our house which we know from previous sessions isn't allowed. She steps out of the pyramid in Kiri, Tia, and Mark's backyard to let Omal take her place as he has a lot to cover starting with computers, the net, and websites but not a lot of time. A proposed website was being discussed that would cover only those happenings on this planet to track a possible breakdown of society. That breakdown never happened but the increase in activity in the Ring of Fire did take place since the nineties. Also since the nineties, Omal notes Earth from their observations was entering a cooling cycle which science has since confirmed. That cycle was interrupted by the burning of fossil fuels and we have been getting hotter instead the expected natural cooling. Another thing we cover about the nineties was the building inequalities that Omal admitted had been one of the reasons for giving us the information they were teaching. We end the side being reminded that manifestation isn't the ability to make things appear out of thin air but the ability to create things using the imagination as well.
   As we get side two started, Omal makes a point about a question on coercion that some people are far easier to coerce than others where all that is needed is just words and voice alone. Then things get heavy and I ask Omal his opinion about a resolution Mark and I had come to about our past lives in Atlantis. In hindsight, the survival of the Sirian race on this planet had resulted in it being merged with the dominant form of humanity at the time through some help of mine even though Mark was in opposition to the merger. Omal's opinion was that we were both right and both wrong in our decisions and he elaborates on his reasoning. It's reassuring that one channeling session should bring closure to the one previous despite a gap of ten months between the times when they were recorded. Karra's back after that to answer a couple quick questions that included how the various departments within Ashtar Command delegate the research and development of new ideas and technology. Tia then takes a breaking from watching monitors to finish up what is left of the session. As we discuss upgrading a computer in the house, we learn about her computer she uses on the base and its unique ability. From her description, it is self-aware and can refuse to work at its own discretion if it feels that further operating by the user would be harmful to that user's health and well-being. As Tia says, it's the kind of computer that makes you ask if it's alive. From there we wrap things up with a follow-up on our discussion we had with Omal about the new website being planned. It all came down to basically the time required to get the updates uploaded on time with a third dimensional schedule that was already pretty full.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra
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