Source post: This war is caused by humanity as a whole.

You are reaching the crux of your evolution as a planetary consciousness. Those who have questioned the validity of the storm that is brewing will be made to see the light in the shadows - the darkness hides what is most important from you - it hides YOU.

What do I mean by this?

Every human on this planets consciousness contributes to the overall physicality of this timeline itself. Everybodys little bubble of consciousness is cris-crossing like a giant internet of thought, focusing thoughts into physicality.

This war of hate being waged across your planet is a physical manifestation of this.


This will be a bit hard for some of you to understand, so let me step this down into words that you will understand, a meaning that is purer to the divine soul of that of which you are.

Every human being, animal, plant, and mineral contains a portion of the consciousness of that of which I AM. Each one however is put in a hierarchy of remembering - the less they remember, the less evolved of a "being" they are. When peoples forget they are god their actions become self-serving, for all they can see is themselves, separate from everyone else, and thus survival kicks in.

Every being however, is STILL connected to each other through the consciousness of the planet itself, which is composed of the planet, and all that is on it - much like you are composed of yourself, and all the cells within you.

Each person is thus centrally connected to a single point. You could imagine a circle, with millions of lines branching off of it in all directions to smaller circles - those smaller circles are all of you.

That large circle in the center becomes what can be viewed as the "group consciousness" - or "collective ego".


When a large percentage of the world forgets they are god, this larger percentage fills this collective ego with controlling emotions - it survives by taking up the reins and forcing order through oppression - it tells you what you must do, and says "this is how it is, you will suffer if you do not obey."

However when a large percentage of the world REMEMBERS they are god, this larger percentage fills this collective ego with sharing and caring emotions - everything is connected and everyone helps to support the whole. There is no punishment, only learning experiences.

What you have at the moment is a world that has long been in the former, and is slowly starting to awaken into the latter.


As a result of this, the former is violently reacting, in an attempt to maintain its controlling hold on the planet - violence is rising to attempt to shut down those awakening into god knowing back into god forgetting, through hate. It is trying to give the world a demographic to hate, so that the world cannot unite, and realize that all are people, and some are simply raised WRONG.

As a society you have been raised to believe that people can be rehabilitated, but worldwide your culture does not seem to reflect this. Democracy has brought much good, but an attempt at a global mentality of interconnectivity has still left much to be desired.

Furthermore, this hatred is deep ingrained - and its culprits have been targeted as tribal raising and religious indoctrination. Due to this humanity has felt they have been given a blank cheque to have the freedom to hate on ALL of these people.

Because you are all collectively feeding this reality with these thoughts - this war is reflected in each and every one of you. A hatred for change, comfort in illusions, a desire for violence and retribution - all these feelings help keep this war manifested and going. A lack of forgiveness and seeing these beings as "monsters" means it will never end.


You have created this culture on one of control and violence, and what one builds on will eventually overcome it if it is not stable. Temples built on the desert sands will ultimately be covered by them - cultures built through lies and violence and hate will only eventually be destroyed by them.

You know what you have to do, but you are afraid to. You know that violence is in the beliefs fueling these people, yet you are afraid to step up for fear of taking away peoples rights. If a parents child acts out of violence or hate - the parent works to correct the child, but also does not allow the belief to persist, or the violent actions to be tolerated.

The violence done in your world is being justified under a religious pretext - stating that I, the creator, justify these actions. I do no such thing. As all of you are branches of that of which I AM, in order for me to grant such a request, I would want to willingly and knowingly damage MYSELF. This makes as little sense to ME as it does to YOU.


Somehow, in your history, you have been made to believe that if teachings were written long enough ago, that they are sacred, but that laws created in your lifetime can be freely questioned. A book is a book - it is not written by me, it is written by the branches of me - many who either have forgotten they are me, or who have changed the words of those who remember they are me, who originally wrote the books.

Either way, the words as they stand now do not reflect me or my intents. They as a result are not a valid "law" of civilization, or of divinity, and as such, need to be undone. A religion that is faulty is not a religion that should be allowed to endure. You can rewrite a religion - and it HAS been rewritten already, just not in a positive way.

Any belief that promotes hate as a justification for actions is not a belief from anyone connected knowingly to god. You threaten actions that end in violence and death with punishment, so shut down the practices of such beliefs and threaten those actions with the same. You did so with paganism and do not seem to have any regrets - do so with the extremist beliefs your religions have become. Religious views at odds with civil law are still punishable by civil law. Religion does not supersede your civil laws.


This does not mean you cannot have any religious beliefs left to believe. Create a new religion - one where god is within you and loves you and simply wants you to experience. Create a religion of love, and replace the others, as Christianity did to paganism so long ago. When a law is obsolete, you change it - if a religion is obsolete, you can also change it. Take away the fuel of hate, and give the world the fuel of love to feed off of instead.

Put down fanatical Muslim beliefs - fanatical christian beliefs, and any other fundamental wrong teachings. You do not have to believe I do not exist in order for you to be happy. The solution is spiritual. Take care of the problems within yourself first - the ones that have isolated you from each other as a caring interconnected species, and build new foundations from there.

Do not allow the world to take away your love, or take your focus away from the fact that all are branches of that of which I AM, and thus just as deserving of mercy, and second , third, fourth, etc chances. Do not be eager to hate, be eager to love, and fix your culture.

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