For a minute—step outside of the confines of our value-laden cognition patterns—what is positivity?  What is negativity?  What makes these concepts in opposition?


Positivity and negativity are concepts—they are not real.  You cannot touch them, you cannot inform them of anything, they are not even constant or universal.  I wish not to dip my toe in the pool of nihilism here and say that there is nothing—that there IS no  right/wrong, good/bad—but that the way in which we choose to conceptualize and operationalize these constructs is sometimes “willy-nilly” and is closer to what I would say is a “wanting v. not wanting” or failing to fully articulate what it is that is negative or positive in a given situation.  Realize that these terms are largely social constructs.


As You know, everything needs to be brought into balance and is in balance.  What we see is a whole—but upon further inspection we see “good” and “bad”…things that make the world go round.  “Oh look a bunny! [good]  Oh no, a fox is about to eat it!” [bad].  But it’s good if you’re the fox right?


The labeling/categorization of positive and negative is highly influence by what “team” you are playing for if you will.  Until you realize that we are on the same team—that positivity and negativity is a byproduct of the ideology that there are “teams”—we will be stuck in an endless debate about who is good/bad, positive/negative—who can and cannot be trusted and who can and cannot share their opinions.  We may have suspicion that those using “good/bad” terminology are playing for another team—but perhaps this is so because they are not awake to the fact that we are in great need to rise above our dualistic tendencies.


Perhaps it is not in our place to wake them from this black and white novella and introduce them to the kaleidoscope of cosmic life which embraces and includes light and dark—everything in between—into a beautiful tapestry of life.


How many times is humanity going to let its wants—what we want to hear, see, do and feel—instruct what it is that we deem worthy?  How long will it take for us to realize that condemning those with “negative” emotions, words and actions when all they need is love and understanding.  (They may be at a different level of awakening than you, all you need to do is help by providing love and understanding and a gentle prodding ) 


Not the smothering and selfish kind of love where you ultimately want them TO BE LIKE YOU—the way you deem is correct, worldly, right—but to accept them for who they are and to help each other out of bleakness of duality (because although there is “light” and “dark” in this perspective, I assure you that it is not at all illuminating).  The prison of dark and light where the bars are clearly dark and the light is everywhere in between. 


Unconditional love my friends feels like you are the friend, the lover, the mother, the father, the brother and the sister all rolled into one—you cannot decipher your relationship with them in this terminology and you needn’t do so because you are recognizing that you are staring your CREATOR in the face---you are all THE CREATORS. 


 Love freely, and you will always be free,





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