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1. My Name is Melissa which is Greek for Honey Bee.

2. I am Married To My Soulmate, Danny.

3. My Mom is One Of My Best Friends.

4. I went To The Art Institute of New York City to Study Culinary Arts, but Dropped out From Stress. I Got a 3.3 Average, and Cried because I loved The Experience and Knew I couldn't continue.

5. I am Bisexual.

6. I have 6 Nieces and Nephews.

7. I Love Homemade Macaroni and Cheese.

8. Crab Legs And Melted Butter is Amazing.

9. I Love Dancing In The Puddles During Thunderstorms.

10. Spring is My Favorite Season Because of The Thunderstorms and Tornado Warnings.

11. I Hate Drama With a Passion.

12. I Burn Incense On A Daily Basis, to Rid My Apartment as well as My Aura of any Negative Energy.

13. I Love To Write and I've been told I'm a Talented Writer.

14. My Favorite Sport is Hockey-My Team is The New York Rangers. I Do Love The Winter Olympics, The Winter X-Games, and Gymnastics.

15. My Favorite TV Show is Paranormal State. I also Love Psychic Kids-Children of The Paranormal.

16. I Love To Cook and Bake.

17. I Collect Fairies, and Dolphins.

18. My Favorite Movies are Pirates of The Carribean Trilogy, Stardust, Big Fish, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Bridge To Terabithia, and Anything Fantasy, Sci-Fi, or Made By Disney.

19. Manhattan is My Mistress.

20. Pajamas or Jammers, are my Favorite Article of Clothing.

21. My Heroes are My Husband, My Mom, My Brother, My Neices and Nephews, My Family, and My Best Friends.

22. My Husband Almost Died and Those were The worst 2 weeks of My Life To Date.

23. My Parents Signed their Divorce Papers on Their 20th wedding anniversary-Talk about Irony.

24. I believe In Karma and I'm No Fool to Mess with it.

25. I Like to Believe that no Matter how "Evil" a Person can Be, They still have a Glimmer of Good in them.

26. I Hate it when People Think They Know everything about everything, when They really Don't know Jack.

27. I Can Make Lemonade From Lemons.

28. My Greatest Passion in The 3D is Photography.

29. I March To The Beat of My Own Drum.

30. I Don't Care What People Think About Me.

31. I am a Very Positive and Optimistic Person, I'm Not Saying I Fart Rainbows and Sunshine, But I don't spend my Time worrying about things I can't control, or Negative Things and People.

32. I wear My Heart on My Sleeve.

33. I am Very Cranky when I'm woken up out of a Sound Sleep.

34. Hershey's Chocolate is The Best Chocolate.

35. I don't even Sing in The Shower for Fear that even the Plumbing will Go On Strike.

36. I Don't Have a Rhythmic Bone in My Body and when I dance, I look like a Fish being Electrocuted.

37. I Am a Member of Facebook, Myspace, and

38. I Don't Sit around and Take Crap from anyone, and I don't let myself get pushed around.

39. I have Never Gotten into a Physical Fight in My Life.

40. I Believe that Physical Violence is a waste of Time and Completely Pointless.

41. Alcoholics and Drug Addicts are Selfish @$$holes.

42. I am Morbidly Terrified of Spiders and Pitch Dark. Mirrors, also Freak Me Out.

43. Horror Movies are Not Scary.

44. Claire Danes, Zooey Deschanel, Angelina Jolie, Merryl Streep, and Diane Keaton are my Favorite Actresses.

45.Johnny Depp, Ewan McGregor, Robin Williams, Jared Leto, Tom Hanks, And Denzel Washington are my Favorite Actors.

46. My Favorite Music is New Age Music. Enya, Enigma, Sarah Brightman, Delerium, Sissel, Massive Attack, Yanni, Sarah McLachlan, Mono, Dream Academy, Loreena McKennit.

47. My Favorite Authors are Anne Rice and Sylvia Browne. My Favorite Books are To Kill A Mockingbird-Harper Lee, and Farhenheit 451-Ray Bradbury.

48. If I could Go Back In Time, I would want to see The Signing of The Declaration of Independence.

49. If I could Go Forward in Time, I would want to see My Future Self.

50. Serendipity~ The One word I would use to Describe Myself. I am Backwards and Unexpected. I am The Type of Person you Never expect to Meet, But are Glad You did. I am The Type of Person you will never meet again, and I am so Unique and Original, there is No One else like me.

51. Everywhere I go, I am Constantly Mistaken for someone else.

52. I am One of The Truest Genuine People You will Ever Meet.

53. I Have a Lilac Siamese Cat Named Lucky, and His Eyes are My Favorite Color, Periwinkle.

54. I Can admit it when I'm Wrong, and I don't always have to Be Right.

55. I Know who I am, and I've Accepted That, I Love who I am, and I am Comfortable in My own Skin. I don't seek for or care for anyone else's Approval. When I Look In The Mirror, I am Happy with and Proud of The Person Looking Back at Me.

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