Solar Flares & Awakening


I see 2012 is an incredible opportunity for all willing to embrace the essence within and to awake to full consciousness. I can’t wait to experience what it feels like to be truly one with the universal FORCE of love and light.


In our outer world, life might appear upside down, especially when we giving attention to conventional media propaganda, or allow the comments and judgments of other to cloud our vision.


Whenever I do that I notice I am getting sad and judge my every step and decision. The good new is, when I am in such a funk, the FORCE always creates something which gently, but firmly pushes me  back on track.


Here is an example. One morning I awoke feeling completely dizzy and nauseated out of the blue. (– No, I didn’t party and I wasn’t pregnant either.) While my logical mind was on full panic alert, my inner voice only whispered I was to pay attention and listen within.


I ended up in hospital to be checked out, yet while all of this was happening on the outside, my inner voice kept telling me, this is all about the DNA awaking within. I was to stop paying so much attention to the outside and instead I was to get still and listen to what's coming from within.

As I did, I learned about the solar flares, which are coming off the sun. Increased solar flare activity is bringing increased photons onto planet Earth impacting us all on a very deep subatomic level.


Physics experts know the tiniest parts of a cell are photons and photons hold information. What came to me during my time resting because my outer world was spinning and there was nothing the medical profession could do for me to make it stop,  is was taught about how my cells work. I became aware of and experienced in my body, through my incredible dizziness, how the protons and photon's spin around the nucleus of the cell. Information is exchanged. Photons are bits of light and light is information.


Through the increased photon activity, communication happens between the cosmic forces our physicality. Light ultimately information. Darkness is lack there off. The physical sensations in my body were amazing and yet hard to describe. It felt like tiny drawers flung open all through my body, almost like popcorn kernels popping. 


The more I surrendered, embraced and allowed whatever was happening, without resistance and fear, the more at peaceful I became. I decided to embrace this dizziness, the nausea and, if I had to live with it forever, I was going to be good with it. I stopped fighting it.


I am physically better now then ever before, be believe because I mentally and emotionally I have learned a massive lesson.


The dizziness almost went away entirely. The lesson I learned is to surrender and have faith in the process of awakening. Something magical is happening within us all, and I believe this ride can be pleasant if, I just get out of judgment about self and others and surrender to my inner power, through which I am one with the FORCE of the universe.


All is well in my world now. I have faith in the path my soul has chosen and I can choose to be peaceful, no matter what's going on outside of me.


Being a walk-in, I suppose I have been an expert in resisting.


I look forward to your comments and shares. What are you experiencing?

With Love & Light,


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