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To report about all of us:  I find we are wanting to what?  Same scenario:  rich/magic, funds alternative sites, news or otherwise, telling people hate is way, ...  poor go die, but we are relig.?   Our public office people will go away?  Why are they willfully trying to crash the economy?  How are they going away?  .....  site like this remains: but to create a site that will progress the world, free paper for the people, run by not one superior, will need support.  But won't, without some rich guys.    ..  No one tries to get us on the same effective page.  And I am to hear that love grows is indifferent.  .  ...urantia foundation is very sad.  No different then baptists.-- Satanists took over, aka need money.  No, they didn't need to sell the book for buildings.  Meanwhile if only this oprah or that, gets to relay facts, we might as well get oprah.  Altho, her truth may not actually be fact.   Me:  any education I have to offer is narrow, on point, and that is that.  I only want the info out there.  Cartoon card.  One, explains how econ. Works, and in fact it is an ancient game.  So say nothing while they raise interest rates.  To break econ on purpose..  go to my twitter to read. Right?.   in short:  no site cares but for their own self is all I see.  More than one site, will actually spite you!. And I believe true communication, is charitable concerning others views or teachings, acknowleged, moves reality forward.  In one sentence:  defend the poors right not to be, and we would already been better off.  The poor can be is mercenary even.     I have intuitive feel if all will be right or not. No true leaders to verify:  lucky for only me, I have positive take regarding, will we free ourselves from these dictatorships.   Negative gets in only tho.  Yes it does Crystal people got them some money or what!  I bet u want me to note I am jealous I can't afford crystals.  Some poor are jealous because u can get into the doctor.  

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