Slaves of the 2012 religion

Many say that religions are either false or all point to the same thing (god).

At the same many of these people sit around waiting for "something to happen" that will somehow free them from their tortured existance. Many believe that at the year 2012 some cosmic event will take place that will set everything right.

The Christians are waiting for Jesus to return. Some New Agers (religion in desguise) are waiting for aliens to land and fix all the problems. Some believe that everyone will be "enlightened" by some shift in the earth's magnetic field etc.


So they sit around waiting for that to happen. All these 2012 people, New Age people, Religious people etc etc.

They see everything that happens as a sign that their beleifs are correct. They waste many years of their lives in this inactivity. Even Ateism is an "-ism". A beleif that "there is no god".

Somehow many think that they will find god, in the future, somehow, not knowing that there is no one there in the first place to find anything. The seeking itself is the torture. Ever wondered why many truly "awakened" people say that there is nothing you can do? Because there is no You AND God. There is just God, or awareness in which everything takes place and in which everything is seen. There is always awareness of things happening. Things will always happen.

The "I" is an illusion. In the sleep state, when there is no memory, the body is still breathing by its own. Somehow "you" exist without the "I"-identification. You are awareness.

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  • a news post by bw on the G. R. T. questions this


  • :-) well, there is no one to ascend.
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