Sirians: The Blue Star People - August 25, 2011


Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time...To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized







Those who have Sirius as their planetary origin are very focused, very determined and set on whatever path they are on at a given time. It is very difficult to change the mind of one from Sirius, but once they have become convinced that a new "path" is more appropriate, they become totally focused on the new, and release the old quickly. Sirians have strong beliefs, ideals and personal integrity.

Those from Sirius make loyal, trustworthy friends, but expect the same in return. They become hurt and disillusioned when these expectations are not met. Sirians do not share the inner personal self with others easily, and may have difficulty sharing emotions and expressing feelings and needs. To be fully accepted and trusted as a close personal friend of a Sirian means that you have been carefully scrutinized. Sirians may have difficulty in relationships and friendships when they expect to be treated in a certain way, but do not share their expectations with the others involved. It is important to work with sharing expectations, ideals, communicating needs and desires to avoid being hurt and disillusioned. This often occurs as a result of lack of communication or lack of mutual understanding and clarity in relationships.

Those from Sirius tend to be future oriented, and do not enjoy focusing on the past. They may become defensive if forced to focus on the past by others. This is due to the fact that past pain and emotion is held within, denied and repressed rather than being dealt with at the time of occurrence. Due to this there may be large amounts of old emotion in need of being dealt with and released. Sirians do not enjoy confrontations or open expressions of anger but if forced into an argument will defend themselves and their beliefs fiercely. This is particularly true if honor of themselves or loved ones is involved. One of the lessons many Sirians have chosen to work with in this lifetime is the importance of releasing old pain, forgiving self and others, and moving on.

Sirians have a very unique and strong sense of humor, which often is only seen when they are with those they trust and feel at ease with. Sirians may be considered dreamers by some. This is due to their active, vivid inner life. This can cause forgetfulness and a tendency to not notice trivial third dimensional things in the present. They may at times appear to be uninterested, or inattentive, but in actuality they are simply somewhere else. They may not realize that others are unaware of their inner activity. Although they appear very calm, quiet and reserved on the surface, there is much activity within. As children, Sirians may often be thought to have learning disorders or thought to have problems with their attention span.

This is due to the attraction of the inner world, which is often more interesting than that which is taught in Earth schools. They do best in learning when visual methods of teaching are used, and they are allowed hands on types of learning with freedom to move around and explore. These are children who benefit greatly from alternative schools, they are very intelligent but strong enough within to feel that if something does not interest them, they should not be required to learn about it.

Those from Sirius have a deep connection to the Earth and energies of nature. Many Sirians have had numerous lives as American Indians and maintain close ties and memories of these lives. They are very visual, both in their ability to see things which others do not, and in their manner of learning.


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  • I am so pleased that i looked up the website about the blue-star -people and everything about them its helped me so much to confirm why i am the way I am thankyou for shareing this information .Blessings


  • Now i am getting confused!

    I have been told on a different web site that my ancient family or (star family) are the Pleaidian but, reading the characteristics of the people from Sirius I recognized almost all the tracts to be ME. That is why I get a little confused now.....or maybe I have a little from both families.  I will never find the truth probably but i like to think to be part of all of them.

  • Dido, I relate and perhaps explains why I don't pay attention in 3D but off on another planet all the time as my wife keeps saying.
  • This sounds a lot like me, but I remember it being the last planet I was on, for some sort of training, before I came to earth again. Most of that fits pretty well, but I seem to have spent time on a few different worlds, so that could be why.
  • Do Sirians die? Are they unfallen, or a fallen world, like earth is? I know many planets have not fallen, and do not experience death. The keys of Enoch book by JJ Hurtak says one tjhird of the light streams have fallen, its where the fallen angels are at.

    This would include hundreds if not thousands of planets with life on them, being dual and contaminated, just like earth is. Does anyone know if Siraians have fallen also? How about the pleadians, Venus;and all the others we are suppossed to be in contact with????

    The reason for asking is because if they are not perfect and holy and clean, but fallen like us, then there will be lies, misdirection, ect. Just look at our own pentegon and govment, can we expect them to be truthful to any entities, they certianly lie to us all the time. Does anyone see what issues I am trying to bring up here??

  • Thanks. not everithing is described correctly though
  • The parts about inner interests going un-noticed by others and that lack of notice not being recognized by the Syrian seems especially true.  Thanks for the post!
  • 100% ME!!!
  • Ok then this describes me to a "T"!

    I really wasn't sure what Galactic family I was from, although Pleaidian sparks strong emotions from me as well?

    Does anyone else in here feel like they belong to more than one Galactic family?



  • That sound pretty much the way I am. Who knows.
This reply was deleted.

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