Selamat balik (greetings in Sirian,)

The Sirians have been working on multiple planes, re-calibrating the Sun's corona, so as to lessen the very dangerous solar minimum plasma discharges, hitting Earth. These wonderful space brothers and sisters, have had to focus all attention on this important work, which started in 2020, when the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM process began. These cycles of solar phases, usually pulse every 200-years, approximately. The difference in these times, is that mankind has become dependent upon highly sensitive satellites, to enable global communications....
Solar flares can knock out satellite equipment, as well as terrestrial power stations..

The last Grand Solar Minimum was historically noted as the Dalton Minimum; between 1790 & 1820...It did effect crops and food production, then, so another factor to prepare for...

These cycles cause GLOBAL COOLING, rather than global warming, as the "man-made climate" hoax, is erroneously suggesting...
Also, due to the lessening of the Solaris magnetic field, more cosmic radiation passes through to reach the surface of the planets.....including this one.
The result is an increase in solar flares, hurricanes, volcanoes, storms, heavy rains, earthquakes and lightning strikes...

Note the volcanic eruptions that have struck the Canary Islands for a long period and are still active in La Palma, causing absolute mayhem there...
If the ETs had not made corrections to the effects of the solar magnetic field, enabling some strength to return to it, the whole of the chain of islands in that region would have been wiped off the map, by now.

This is just one example of worldwide chaos caused by this Grand Solar Minimum...The elites are pretending that every event can be blamed on man-made carbon dioxide, but they are absolute idiots, in truth...

So that people reading this know that these events are truly solar related, I shall place an item of news which relates to AURORA BOREALIS extending as far south as England.
The ITV interviewee, an "astronomer," mentions the standard 11-years sunspot activity, but does not mention the even greater cycle, which is having a far more powerful effect on weather, than she can imagine...

Also, a general observation has been made of recent Earth human attempts, at confident space travel I share these sentiments held by the Arcturian M'Zupa and the Sirian, Sandara:

Note that true space faring peoples view complete space, as inter-planar. An energetic medium to travel through, not just a black, foreboding vacuum..."Out there."
When Jeff Bezos and his "astronauts," (lol) described how they felt, they reminded me of swimmers preparing to dive into blue waters, from a cliff, before suffering vertigo, and stepping away from the dizzy heights and thinking; "phew, close shave..!!"

The true space farer looks upon space with different eyes. Actually, upon the physical plane, space is foreboding, being inky black in appearance. On the sub-planes above plasma, space takes on a dark purple hue and is rich and deep...It's actually very beautiful..Upon the official transit-plane, for true space faring, which is the buddhic plane, space has a golden aura of such splendor...And of course, the speed of light is multiple times greater...But certainly, a "gold-vault" of Heaven....Utterly blissful.

A ship's sailor, captain, mate, etc, on Earth, looks at the sea, with eyes of fondness, not of revulsion. The beauty of the oceans, with their deep blue colours, or aquamarines, is very attractive...Mariners know of the dangers, yet still love the seas and oceans...and willingly risk life and limb, to explore and work..

That bold, confident spirit, has not been captured yet, among earth's astronauts....It must start with a love of cosmos, not a fear of space.



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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 The link below takes you to the ITV broadcast. 


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  • No, Nibiru is not near Earth and it's orbit is a long way out...People should stop worrying about such legends and instead focus on real and current issues.....such as the Solar Minimum...
  • Could planet X ( red planet ) be responsible for much carnage happening on Earth? Nabiru has been in mentioned in prophecies for centuries and according to several who studied this ancient planet say it destroyed Atlantis.
  • Signs of the current effects of Grand Solar Minimum continue around the world....They are also effecting other planets, such as Mars...

    There have been numerous volcanic events recently, on Earth....From Hawaii to East Asia....All areas of the globe, too many to highlight...Inactive volcanoes becoming active...

    Record snowfall in central Europe, also.....See this video..(so much for global warming...)

  • More incredible footage of La Palma volcano, destroying more homes.....Not good, but it could be much worse...

  • Solar guardianship work is currently underway and I thought it relevant to post an extracted piece of my text, in response to a question from another member, about gravity...

    Yes, gravity is a powerful displacement vector, for propulsion systems...It can be independent of mass...These ships behave like mini-planets and stars...Electro-gravitic, one could suggest...
    Even close to a powerful gravitational field, such as the sun's, a ship can remain "afloat," rather than subject to overwhelming pull forces...causing disintegration...Moreover, massive heat and solar winds, irradiating ships, can be shielded from, within protective electro-gravitic envelopes...Along with other force fields generated...
    Another process which enables closer solar work, is vectoring inter-dimensionally...The higher the planes, (the faster LIGHT,) the easier to avoid space debris bumps, flare bursts, magnetic pulse, gravity distortions and hull scorching, from suns...The shields can almost be dropped completely, on the 4th aether....A far more gentle voyage in space, there.

    And now, in typical Sirian fashion I'll come off the hard science and get me some groovy vibes......😄

  • Snow storm blizzards in the UK. This is not normal for late November...Of course, we know why this is happening now...
    This storm barreled through Scotland, from the north, hit northern and central England, then struck Wales...
    East Anglia saw no snow, so we're sitting pretty, at present...lol

  • Here it rained a bit, with a breeze...The important thing is no roof tiles missing, etc...And fences still standing......No fallen trees....A bit of wind is no probs, dear...
  • Drekx Omega:
    "Storm Arwen hits United Kingdom! Snow storm and terrible winds hits the coast of UK! (Nov.26, 2021)"

    Of course my town is not effected at all, by the snow, nor hurricane force winds... 😎’

    It was a bit windy here today😢
  • Investigating the potential volcanism of islands within the Aleutian chain, Sirian Scout Ship and survey probe, caught on camera by a pilot travelling in the area.

    This was in October 2019, when Meratroseh's S&E survey team, including Mikala, were probing mountain potentialities for extreme volcanism, in readiness for the Grand Solar Minimum commencement....This survey was conducted between July 2019 and September 2020....
    While underway, the Earth human pilot noted the presence of these Sirian activities, on two occasions...Oct 2019 and April 2020...

    The "smoke ring" he witnessed, at high altitude, was actually a plasma ring, that surrounded the 9' probe, as it navigated towards the mountain, where the Scout Ship was hovering...Noting that Scout Ships are spherical, surrounded by white plasma fields, sometimes pale blueish, or pale greenish, too...

    It was not landed, but in stasis, against the cliff...What could be described as a "tractor beam," which tethered the craft, which was some 200' diameter, to the location....These ships can vary size. Usually 100', or 200' as standard...

    Deep ground penetration survey sweeps, determined a real possibility of volcanism in the Aleutian chain of islands....Uninhabited islands, albeit, an important assessment on Pacific tectonic plate stability, in view to mitigation, during the Solar Minimum....Which started in earnest in 2020...Alaska would be downwind of any massive event, in that region..
    These craft have the ability to project gravitic beams deep into the Earth, and conduct a form of "terran surgery," in which a volcanic "boil" can be "lanced," so as to ease the build up of even greater disaster pressures, with even greater risks, associated..

    Here is the incident, caught on camera...Note that the scout ship did indeed generate a massive electro-magnetic field, which disrupted the auto-pilot instruments on the Earth plane's flight controls. He was right to switch to manual control. If he had not, our team would have rescued him, by lowering the field....

  • "Storm Arwen hits United Kingdom! Snow storm and terrible winds hits the coast of UK! (Nov.26, 2021)"

    Of course my town is not effected at all, by the snow, nor hurricane force winds... 😎

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