Between 1920 and 1993, African-Americans suffered a 96% decline in land ownership. The African-American Land Loss Syndrome is a statistically confirmed reality. State Statutes have eroded Common Law Co-Tenancy laws (wife, children, -heirs to black farms). Uniformity in law is needed to quell the Land Loss from Black Farmers to their heirs. Comprehensive Property Law Reform is critically needed. This means it must not be so easy to split up heirs Black Farm Land. Sentimental and Historic Family Homesteads need to be kept together for the sake of the Family Farm. Black Farm Owners continue to experience economic inequality in employment, income and property ownership.
The Pigford II case has been settled, though it is not funded.
The Plaintiff Attorney, Pires, wrote that this case was about the Black Farmers receiving money. It was not about reform, it was about m-o-n-e-y. This, unfortunately, left tens of thousands of Plaintiffs in Track A and about 150 Plaintiffs in Track B. Track A gets $50,000 and their IRS bill wiped, and their USDA loans wiped. Track B gets no cap, meaning THEY SAVE THE LAND! Shirley Sherrod was Track B and received 13 million. She saved the Black Farm Land.
Before Emancipation, Black Farmers were not treated as persons, but as property. They had no legal right to own property and, accordingly, could seek no legal redress for the taking or confiscation of property in their possession. In 1920, about 50 years following Emancipation, 925,000 Black Farmers owned 15 million acres of land.
In 1982 the Civil Rights Commission stated USDA was a catalyst of the decline of the black farmer. After that, in 1982, President Reagan dismantelled Office of Civil Rights (OCR) at USDA, making it impossible to file a discrimination complaint. OCR at USDA was not brought back until 1996. In 1982, a new Constitution was invoked on us called the
District of Columbia.  This needed only two people in each state
to ratify it. To take effect, that was done by two congressmen
from each state.  It was really designed to be only for a 10 mile
square area for the seat of our government. This new constitution allowed the banks  and judicial system to have total control over us.
In 1984 and 1985, the USDA lent $1.3 billion to farmers nationwide to buy land. Of about 16,000 farmers who received these funds, 209 were African-American.
The 1990 Minority Farmers Act, authorized $10 million per year to minority farmers has been funded at a level of $2-$3 million per year. It has NEVER been fully funded in the last 20 years. Black Farmers are declining at three times the rate of White Farmers.
Pigford I was a class action lawsuit 22,000 Black Farmers signed on.
Pigford II is NOT CLASS ACTION. Pigford II is about giving Black Farmers another opportunity to file claims which will SAVE THE LAND. Not surprisingly, Pigford II was introduced to Congress by then Senator Obama. On December 8, 2010, President Obama signed the Claims Resolution Act of 2010. This combines Corbell and Pigford Settlements. Garcia v Vilsack was settled with the Claims Resolution Act of 2010.
We know that NESARA Law was written to make wrongs right, specifically of Congress and the Supreme Court Justices not following the United States Constitution. NESARA Law was specifically written to pay reparations for anyone who suffered from the the inequities in bank loans and foreclosures effecting Black Farmers. Let’s review history:
Just before the Civil War, 16 states ratified the original
13th Amendment prohibiting the granting of "Titles of Nobility"
as well as prohibiting anyone who accepted, from retaining their
citizenship or holding public office. The "Title of Nobility"
amendment was hidden from the public by the group that it
would have the greatest effect on, which is lawyers.
After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment was passed which was
referred to as the Slavery Amendment.  It said that "All" people
born or naturalized citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of
the United States.  The term subject means slave.  The term
subject inferred that there was an inequality among citizens.
When our forefathers created the Constitution they said "All men
were created equal with certain inalienable rights".  The 14th
Amendment took them all away in 1868.   In 1913, the Federal
Reserve Act was passed which was both unlawful and
unconstitutional. The Rothchilds came in and subverted our
economy. The deal was made that they would put a
bill dollars into our economy in exchange for the establishment of
the Federal Reserve which they would own. In 1933, Franklin D.
Roosevelt was forced to sign an executive order to allow the Federal
Reserve to take us off the gold standard.  This removed the basis
for our money.  We still had silver, but it was over inflated.
That worked until 1937. The act that FDR used to justify signing
the War Powers Act, ratified in 1916.  This is legislation that
that executive order was designed during the war to allow decisions
to be made rapidly by bypassing Congress, but was used as an
emergency act to allow the Federal Reserve to take over the
monetary system.
In 1916, the Federal Land Bank originally submitted its
charter.  These papers were returned to them 4 days later for
corrections.  They were never resubmitted.  For 6 years, there
were repeated demands to have the papers resubmitted by the
Bureau of Records.
In 1932, it was investigated as to whether
the Federal Land Bank was legal and had filed with the Bureau of
Records.  It was found that they were not.  They have since tried
to file, but have been denied because of the original foul-up.
They tried to change their name to Farm Credit Services and were
denied because their official name and charter was the Federal
Land Bank.  They then tried as simply Farm Credit.  The U.S.
Supreme Court ruled that Federal Land Bank is a misnomer because
it never existed legally.  The National Banking Act required them
to register with either the State or Federal Bureaus.  State
banks registered with the State and Federal Banks with the
Federal Reserve, neither one registered with both.  The Federal Re-
serve is not filed or registered with the Federal Bureau of
Registry or with any of the states.
All Federal instrumentalities are subject to
the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the District
of Columbia.  When the Federal Agencies and instrumentalities
moved against us in foreclosures and other actions, they took us
to state district courts which assumed jurisdiction which they
did not legally have.  They took people into a court that was
displaying a flag with a golden fringe on it.  The golden fringe
on the flag indicated this was a court under military maritime
law.  In a court displaying this type flag you have no Constitu-
tional rights and your civil rights are violated.  How can you
receive a fair trial when you are in a court where you have no
The following institutions and agencies are all fraudulent:
World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Federal Reserve Banks
There are two governments in the United States.  The Consti-
tutional government of the 50 republic states aligned under the
Constitution.  The other is the Legislative Democracy which is
the District of Columbia.  The federal states (Puerto Rico,
American Samoa, Guam, The Virgin Islands, and the Mariannas) and
territories. The 13th Amendment is to be implemented and enforced.
At that time, all elected and appointed officials who are lawyers
will be sent home, except those that will be tried for treason.
This will include Clinton and all past living presidents.
Delta Force, a special group of the military group that
banded together under Constitutional Law, confiscated the assets
of everyone who owned stock in the Federal Reserve, foreign
countries, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
This was done under a Supreme Court order.  They went into
foreign countries and brought it all back.  It was placed in a
special account that these claims will be paid out of. St Germain works
specifically with this project. Over 800 trillion dollars was collected,
enough to back every dollar in circulation and more.  It is deposited in
bank vaults all over the country. This started over 20 years ago, but             only in the last few years have these groups been reclaiming our assets.
Cosmos, a former CIA organization, broke banking codes and rerouted
transfers to bring the money into the continental United
States, with the help of St Germain.
The people who are not lawyers are the only legal Congress.
No judges are legal.  According to state law, judges must
file an oath of office every 6 years.  If they do not, they are
not legal.  Any oaths of office they administer are not legal
either. All the foreclosures happening now are illegal. NESARA Law               forgives all mortgages.
The New Bank of the United States of America, will not have
any stockholders because there won't be any stocks to own. They
will only own the actual physical structure (the building) the
bank is housed in.  There will be new arbitrage like loan agree-
ments that will be hard to arrange.  When you borrow an amount,
another amount is set aside to liquidate that loan over a period
of time.  This is done through buying stocks that will be managed
by that bank.  The borrower will never have to pay anything.
Loans at banks now are null and void because institutions were
not properly registered.  Any loans made from 1933 to present are void.     An announcement is to be
made soon that we won't have to pay back any loans.
There will also be an announcement about the IRS very soon.
The IRS is a privately owned corporation to collect taxes for the
government.  (All corporations are to be made null and void.)
Under Constitutional Law, only goods and services can be taxed,
not income.  It is illegal.  Tax forms are voluntary.  It is a
voluntary act.
There is no more International Debt in the U.S. and no debt
to the Federal Reserve.  In 1913, there was a contract made
between the Federal Government and the Trilateral Commission.  In
exchange for the Trilateral Commission putting one billion
dollars into our economy to give it a boost, we would pass the
legislation known as the Federal Reserve Act which would give
them control over our monetary system by printing money and
setting interest rates.  There was a buy-out clause in the
contract that allowed us to pay back the money and we
would own the Federal Reserve.  We recently bought it back with
assets that were confiscated.  St Germain made them an offer they
couldn't refuse and bought it back with their own money we confis-
cated.  Actually, it took 4 1/2 months of real legal pressure.
It almost came to a real war, a civil war, a blood war with guns.
There was a show of force and the White Knights under KOS won.
They gave up control of the Federal Reserve and the Trilateral
Commission backed off. There was an agreement made that we will               arrest all congressmen and senators who are not legally holding office
representing us.  We can then elect new people in their
places who will be legal.  Then they can vote out the name of the
Federal Reserve and replace it with the Bank of the United States
of America. When we go back to the Constitution and we are again               under the American Republic, then the Districts of Canada want to               become new states of the United States.
Only legal ownership of property is through land patents.
Some searching will have to be done to determine who really owns
parcels of land and land patents will be issued and recorded.
President Obama and Michelle Obama have given up their British Accredited Registration. They are no longer Attorneys. They have declared their Nationality as we become the American Republic. All of the Land Patents have been researched and submitted to the United Nations for review.
It has been documented in the Universal Charter of the Aboriginal Moabite Nation, the Treaties which were broken and the re-apportionment of Land as will be required when we return to the American Republic. The authorities have been put into place who have researched, written, and implemented the changes behind the scenes.
The arrest of War Criminals is necessary to enact this NESARA Law, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act.
We do this as we expose the War Crimes of 9/11. This includes the Pentagon and Department of Defense missing accountings of 2.3 Trillion dollars. This was Announced by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense on CBS News on Sept 10th, 2001. We expose the Invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 and the Invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003 as wars not declared by Congress.
We must arrest all those in government and banking who continue to refuse to follow the rule of law.
The Black Farmers Cases have to do with a racial cleansing off their land, after years of lawsuits, several of the Farmers Cases made it to the U.S. Supreme Court, including Baskerville and Foster v. Credit Bank of Wichita, Federal Land Bank, and First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins from the Denver Federal District Court. In early 1993, the nine U.S. Supreme Court judges ruled seven to two in favor of the farmers on all major issues including that the Federal Reserve Banking system was unconstitutional, that the U.S. has been operating outside the Constitution since March 1933, that major reformations of government and our banking system are required, and that financial redress and remedies must be provided for financial losses due to bank fraud suffered by generations of Americans.
The farmers involved certain very powerful U.S. military Generals and Admirals in their cases. These Generals and Admirals made it clear to the U.S. Supreme Court judges that they knew the farmers cases were righteous and watched in the courtroom as the U.S. Supreme Court Judges heard the cases. The presence of the Generals and Admirals is why the majority of the judges felt they had to rule properly and in favor of the farmers. Because of the extraordinary nature of the necessary reformations, the Court sealed all court records and put all people directly involved under Non Disclosure agreements (gag orders) until the reformations are publicly and officially announced.
The Court had a duty to design and implement reformations to correct the injustices; therefore, the Court recruited experts in Constitutional Law, banking, economics, and monetary systems to work in task force groups to develop the needed reformations. During the two years these expert groups developed the reformations, irrefutable proof was provided to the U.S. Supreme Court Judges that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, the income tax amendment, had not been properly ratified. The Judges had no choice but to include abolishing income taxes in the reformations development process. It was also found that there had been a definite pattern of federal administrations and Congress ignoring the Constitution in laws passed since 1933.
The National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) containing required reformations was submitted to Congress in 1999 where it sat with little action for almost a year. Late one evening in March 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by Delta Force and Navy SEALs to only members of the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. The members were immediately accompanied by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting chambers where they passed the National Economic Security And Reformation Act.
The National Economic Security And Reformation Act provides the following, some of which will take place immediately after the official announcement of NESARA which is to be televised live from Washington, DC:
1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.
2. Requires the current U.S. administration to resign their positions to allow a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable NESARA President (President Obama) and Vice President Designates until new elections can take place within six months. All Criminals in Government, the Cabinet and Appointees by the President, and all members of Congress must resign within 72 hours of NESARAs announcement.
3. NESARA US President Designate (President Obama) declares "peace" because NESARA abolishes unconstitutional states of emergency.
4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, credit card balances are zeroed out and bank debt relief is given to Americans for bank loans including mortgages, car loans, education loans, business loans, and other bank debt. Banks will be paid $9000 per each card account with a balance; these funds were raised in special revenue generating activities in Europe. NESARA requires other bank debts be made self-liquidating loans and U.S. banks are instructed to use new high revenue generating processes to pay off Americans bank loans.
5. Initiates the U.S. Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency backed by precious metals. The Federal Reserve is publicly abolished and Federal Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the Treasury Bank System. We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not backed by gold, for the U.S. Treasury currency which is backed by gold. Most bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is already in most banks vaults.
Abolishes Income Taxes, publicly, in U.S. and creates a national sales tax on new, non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food and medicine, and used items are exempt from the sales tax.
NESARA Law pays reparations of $10 million dollars for every non-criminal woman, child and man on Earth. These gold certificates with be hand delivered along with very explicit instructions which will be exquisitely individual. It will be in your best interest to follow the instructions, and each One has free will to do as they please. This will be a great Spiritual Test for which we have been preparing a very long time.
The NESARA law requires that a minimum of one time each year, there must be an effort made to announce NESARA. Three current U.S. Supreme Court judges control the committee in charge of NESARAs announcement. The Judges have used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARAs announcement; thus each year NESARA has been blocked from being announced. Due to the gag order on NESARA, it is difficult for true NESARA supporters to learn exactly what has happened to stop NESARA from being announced. In many ways, our country is facing the worst crisis of its history: More Americans are unemployed, drowning in debt, and living in poverty than anytime since World War II Our government irresponsibly races to assume more debt on top of highest historical debts. Our military lose their lives in battles for greedy corporations gains. Our elections revolve around lies, bribery, and betrayals. We do not hear "truth" in our media; the media is controlled by opponents of Americans and Americas Constitutional Law.
What more is needed to meet the requirements needed to Announce and Enact full NESARA Law?
The King of Swords (KOS) and his Twin Flame, Lady Master Nada, are very elevated souls with direct responsibility as the Hosts of Heaven and all Councils in charge of this World's Ascension, as well as other Planets in our Solar System. Lady Master Nada has several powerful hats she wears. First, She is the President of the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. Through her position as International Court of Justice and as International Special Prosecutor with extraordinary powers to dissolve courts, arrest judges including our Supreme Court Justices or anyone else. She is our NESARA 'Postal Lady' in charge of the Announcement and Deliveries. She is also Twin Flame of Admiral Sananda (known here as KOS). She was originally from Lebanon and is quite familiar with all the mid- Eastern/Asian cultures. She traveled extensively with the Dalai Lama. She is an Ascended Master. She foreclosed on our Corporate Government on 30 September 2008 when Bush defaulted on his payments. The King of Swords then put us inside NESARA Law and saved the world banks and stockmarkets from crashing. She and St Germain are the architects of a whole new planetary economic and legal revitalization to prepare us for Ascension's reunification with Source.
KOS is head of the Secret Service and works closely with President Obama and the First Family.
Between 1947 and 1952 the United States Government obtained at least 16 crashed or downed UFO crafts and 65 extraterrestrial bodies. One live extraterrestrial was recovered. A UFO was found on February 13, 1948 on a Mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1949 in White Sands, New Mexico. It was over 100 feet in diameter and a total of 17 extraterrestrial (ET) bodies were recovered from the two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles. This was coded as "Ultra Top Secret" because of the perceived panic that might occur if this information leaked out to the general public. The United States Air Force and the CIA controlled the Extraterrestrial Secret. The CIA was originally formed by Presidential Executive Order for the Singular Purpose of dealing with this ET situation. What they didn't say is, those running the CIA were indeed time travelers, ETs in human bodies, who came here from the 24th Century. These Intergalactic War Criminals have tried to secure Earth’s 50 or so StarGates. They would like to think they could use these StarGates to travel to other Planets and Star Systems. They have been waging illegal wars to remain in control of the lands around the StarGates.
Every year millionsof devout Muslims make the A Haj Pilgrimage to the StarGate at Mecca, Saudia Arabia. This is required by their religion once in their life. The reason they do this is Muslim pilgrims retrace the route taken by the Prophet Mohammad to the Holy City (where the StarGate is) to Mecca.
Guess Where the last step of Mohammads Path WAS? Muhammad was transported from the StarGate in Mecca to al-Aqsa StarGate in East Jerusalem during the Night Journey on a SpaceSHIP to al-Aqsa in East Jerusalem. He was transporting back and forth on his Starship. Our Galactic Heritage is well documented in the Bible.The Last Step of His Path was al-Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem. Since the 7 day War in 1967, the "boarder" changed from Palestine to Israel in East Jerusalem. The Israelis who were involved, a small segment, ignored international law and stole the StarGate from the Muslims. This StarGate belongs to the Islamic World!
The pilgrimage, the Haj, has everybody who studies Islamic Law, constitutes a system of duties that are incumbent upon a Muslim by virtue of his religious belief, and ONE OF THEM is to retrace the path leading to the watering place
The STARGATE IS MADE OF WATER, the place where the 'a vault between the waters to separate water from water' as they say in the Bible. I have NEWS for YOU! Noble Drew Ali was a GALACTIC and HE TRAVELED THE STARGATES and HE TOLD HIS FOLLOWERS ET was returning. It is in his KORAN, I can show you where. Noble Drew Ali KNEW he was an did Mohammad.
The Black Pope ordered 9/11 to be carried out. It will be necessary to Arrest the Pope for Mass War Crimes. The exposure of the Vatican Code and how it has ruled the law of the land, Universal Commercial Code, in Maritime Law, plays into our courts where we have no rights on land.
The Intergalactic War Criminals lead us to believe the on 9/11 we were “attacked” by Islamic extremists. Truly, we were attacked by Cheney, Bush et al. This launched two fake wars into the middle east where Muslims and Jews are still fighting over the StarGate. It is the Saudi Royalty who continue this game with the U.S./UK/ German/French/Spanish/Italian/Greek governments who lost their bid to dismantel the banks and administrations around the world in an attempt to continue war and control through nuclear weapons. The U.S. War Criminals now pit Iran/Israel/Burma/North Koreas/South Korea/China and Russia against each other with the threat of Nuclear War. Before we can receive full assistance from our Galactic team of Advisors, we must first make a World Wide Commitment to the complete disarmament of Nuclear Weapons. We see the Dahlia Lama, who works closely with Lady Master Nada and St Germain, very committed to getting the word out about NUKES.
As we insist our “elected” officials Ratify New START, it is what is needed to tip the scales of Justice and bring in the full Announcement of NESARA Law. This, along with a boost from the Astrological Alignment, close to Galactic Center, and Mother Sehkmet forging ahead on Niburu, puts us in good steed.
The Day of Emergence Comes when we all agree to take care of one another equally, under the rule of law. Our recognition and Acceptance of these TRUTHS is what is necessary to bring in the Full Enactment of NESARA Law.  As we require our elected officials to run the government For the People, By The People, and when they do not, they indict themselves by their refusal to follow the rule of law. We must now require them to be accountable for their actions, including acts of High Treason. The Attorney Congress is well aware of these requirements and daily try to block the TRUTH by refusing to do the work they have been elected to do. It is your responsibility as a sovereign Being to daily take the necessary steps to change the outer World to reflect these changes. It is important to share these TRUTHs with others and raise consciousness by doing so. When there is a great intensity of light shining from the heart flames of Earth Humanity loving these changes into place, understanding we are all Galactic Beings, we will have everything we need to enact NESARA Law.~by Beth Trutwin December 21, 2010,,,

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