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(Will Justice) Yesterday, Sidney Powell filed two lawsuits with several damning allegations.

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by Will Justice, November 26th, 2020

Mary Grace posted page 9 Georgia lawsuit filed by Powell yesterday, which shows the allegation.


This is a damning indictment on the part of Powell, who is representing We The People in these lawsuits.

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 * * *

We know there was a lot of confusion by several big names earlier this week when the Trump campaign issued a clarification that Powell doesn’t work directly for the Trump team.

We posted an explanation in this week’s Where’s The Hope Newsletter that should put any worry in your mind at ease.

The point is that Powell not working for the Trump legal team is actually a good thing. 

As someone who’s been studying the law for over 8 years, I can tell you that massive gaping holes of comprehension and understanding are at work at almost all levels of our society—the media is no exception. More to the point, the media is capitalizing on the fact most people don’t understand the legal process or how a strategy is needed to deal with lawfare tactics on the part of a corrupt system.

Without going into a detailed analysis, the key points are summarized quite well by a user of Voat in this post. I bolded the points that are the ones we should focus on.

For all you nancy boys getting your panties in a twist over the tweet about Sidney, I wrote this in a shill’s thread so it probably won’t get read. I’ll make a new thread for anyone who wants to discuss it in one spot.

This is my summary:

TLDR: This is not a big deal.

(1) In any civil lawsuit, there must be parties to the lawsuit, and they are called “parties in interest.” This means they have to have an interest in the lawsuit. The Plaintiff(s) must allege that a duty was breached by the Defendant(s). The Defendant(s) have to be served legal notice. This is what constitutes a “case” in court.

(2) The Plaintiff(s) must have “standing” (legal right) to sue. Since I do not live in Georgia, I could not file a case in Georgia regarding voter fraud or election fraud because I would not have standing. But someone in Georgia could. That is what Lin Wood did. He lives in Georgia. He is in the process of appealing the lower court’s ruling against him.

(3) Trump has legal standing because, even though he does not live in Georgia, he was a candidate on the ballot there, and if there was election fraud that cost him votes, he has standing to sue.

(4) Trump’s legal team represents HIM in court, regarding any case having to do with the election for which he was on the ballot.

(5) There are also OTHER parties who might bring lawsuits (in Georgia and elsewhere) that were NOT candidates on the ballot, but they DO live in Georgia and have been wronged in some way.

(6) These other people are likely who Powell will be representing. She can still coordinate with Trump’s legal team, even if she is not officially part of that team.

(7) It would be a good idea, given the circumstances, for Trump’s legal team to make a public statement that Powell is not officially part of their team, and any statements she makes are not part of their cases on behalf of Trump. That way, the opposition (or corrupt judges) can’t bring Powell’s statements into their cases. Powell is likely to be attacking from a different direction than Trump’s team.

In summary, Powell, as she stated yesterday, is representing We The People—a defender of the Republic, the rule of law, and the people of the US‚ and the world, by extension of her actions to protect the rule of law. Since everyone who voted has had their legal right to do so threatened, she is acting on behalf of the American people who voted.

Powell is likely going to represent voters in the jurisdictions where the fraud took place—which is the entire US—hence her suits are going to be federally filed, as she stated last week.

Just because she doesn’t work directly for the Trump campaign doesn’t mean her lawsuits and any evidence gathered by her has no validity. Quite the contrary. As an attorney with a license to litigate cases federally, the lawsuits she files are just as powerful as one filed by Rudy Guiliani, who is working for the Trump campaign.

Most importantly, as the Voat poster suggests, the corrupt judges might try to strike evidence from the record in a suit on some technicality, but the fact that Powell not working for them has been given on the public record (via the Guiliani and the Trump team) means that a clear distinction has been made.

All and all, the hope here is several-fold.

    1. Trump is fighting the election fraud directly through his legal team, Guiliani et al.
    2. The electoral process itself, the rule of law, and We The People (the electorate) are being represented by Sidney Powell.
    3. The fraud that Powell and others are exposing has global ramifications because the same tactics are used in elections all over the world.
    4. The media’s failure to report on the evidence that already exists, while misrepresenting the Guiliani statement about Powell not working for the Trump team is costing them even more credibility than they’ve already lost. Anytime a liar is exposed, this is a good thing. Arguably the biggest lairs in the game right now are the mainstream media.

In short, don’t believe the armchair skeptics and commenters who don’t know how to navigate the complexities of a legal process or give the efforts of Trump and the team around him credit where credit is due.

 – Will Justice

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