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Should I come out of the Magical closet?

I'm an artist, but I'm not just an artist. For me it's part of the magical work that I do. I make magical items, but also the everyday things I make I fill with positive energy as I make them. But the question for me is, should I come out and let everyone on my shop know that my art is part of my spiritual path, or will that just scare people off?

I'm having trouble writing the bit in the shop where I have to say all about me and what the shops about. It's really hard and I'm getting stuck (not just because I'm not so good with words). I don't know how to let everyone know what I'm really about without that worry that I'mm be shunned.

It probally stems from being bullyed at school for being different and my family not accepting me because of the way I live my life. I think it's hard for a starseed to come out, not just to their friends (who mostly get it anyway) but to the whole world. To stand there and say "this is who I really am".

Here's a link to my shop

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Comment by Happy on July 26, 2013 at 9:25am

Thanks for your comments (I cant seem to find the reply button, sorry)

I always have trouble when having to deal with the "normal" world, I automatically want to hide and pretend to be normal as well. But I think I'll try to find a balance, not too weird to scare people off, but also honest about who I am.

I wonder if other starseed are comming out of the closet as well and this is my way of being set this challenge. Is it now the time to declare who we really are and then maybe everyone will see who they really are as well? Because maybe they're all just pretending to be normal too.

Comment by Si on July 25, 2013 at 8:21pm

My 2 cents, be brave, spill your Heart into it.  You may get some skeptics... so what.  They are everywhere.  But you'll probably find a lot more support than you may currently believe.  I wouldn't let fear guide you.  You may regret it down the road.  

Comment by einstein on July 25, 2013 at 1:49pm

This is NOT advice!! just an idea :)

Comment by einstein on July 25, 2013 at 1:49pm

express who you are in your creativity and if it helps with easing in "coming out" then make a wee note or do a short write up of maybe how/where/who/what inspired the creation of it or even how it's significant to your path....just an idea, who knows, your positive energy may just help someone who's currently stuck and looking for answers. People might find a deeper insight into you through your art & energy without you having to  outright tell them!

What I've noticed is a lot of people basically think along the same lines when it comes to "weird" things. It's not so stereotypical anymore, people are more open because they have these thoughts themselves and just don't admit it for fear of ridicule or being shunned. It's not as taboo as it once was...

So keep smiling, keep shining and keep creating, those who know who you are need no explanations! :)


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