There are many different aspects that represent and define who you are. And each face that is you has to come into balance before you can find total peace and harmony...Within each of you are both good and dark sides. Both sides are to be recognized and accepted...Dear ones know and understand the root of all your actions is in your thoughts; therefore it is most important to learn and develop absolute control of your mind



Message from Shiva, the Hindu God


Channeled by: Julie Miller


May 03, 2012


I have been working through this lovely woman for several weeks. She has been feeling my presence and I am grateful to her for allowing this opportunity to speak to you. In Sanskrit my name is defined as “highest good”. I am the third element in the Hindu Trinity. Let us begin.

There are many different aspects that represent and define who you are. And each face that is you has to come into balance before you can find total peace and harmony. This path that many of you are on, the coming home to your God’s heart; the deliverer of your own truth and much more is what I see many are seeking. Understand dear ones, you are already home in your God’s heart and He is alive in yours. Yet many do not see this still. Many wish to continue to clutter themselves with unnecessary complications when simplicity is the way to live life and reach the reward of peace and harmony.

Within each of you are both good and dark sides. Both sides are to be recognized and accepted. You cannot only take the amiable characteristics and bury the darker and harsher side of yourself under the carpet. You cannot deny your whole self without accepting every detail of who you are. You are not living with balance and you are not living in truth of yourself. I know you are filled constantly with choices, and some choices have proven to cause so much grief and disharmony within your mind, body and spirit. I ask you, I encourage you to speak to me, or to the deity who you commonly work with and ask for guidance. Deliver your query not with vehemence but with deep sincerity, asking which way will bring you to the “highest of good”. You will find yourself faced with the best possible choice at the time it is being offered. Then it is up to you accept this with rejoice and verve. It does not matter what the choice is, what matters is the right attitude you possess when you start moving through the various stages of what the choice entails.  

It is utmost important to understand the path of your soul, to learn to control your mind and adopt purification techniques that will cleanse your mind, body and soul of toxic negativity. The best way to purify the mind and the intellect is to absorb the knowledge that your deity has directed you to and to instill the virtues of the Divine by you being the example. You cannot teach what you yourself do not fully practice with complete understanding.  Meditation is a necessary means of purifying all levels of Self and brings calm overall. You will always purify your soul if you continuously demonstrate purity in your thoughts, words, actions, in all of your relationships, and within your connections. Dear ones know and understand the root of all your actions is in your thoughts; therefore it is most important to learn and develop absolute control of your mind. You must practice purity so that you automatically illustrate purity in your body, mind and prosperity. Yes, dear ones there is even purity in how you move, how you sit, talk and how you eat. In every action of every day purity must be a part. I am here dear ones as your Father, teacher and Satguru. Sadguru means simply Supreme Preacher of Truth. My knowledge shared with you will be unlimited as my love is never-ending.

I see many souls always praying, worshiping and delivering kind words to the various deities they look up to. It looks beautiful, yet what I really see is little is learned from the teachings and the ways of the deity or master that is receiving the prayers and kind words. What is the purpose of spending this energy if you do not follow the wisdom behind the directions given to you through your Master or God? Your devotion is only real dear ones if you adopt their philosophy and teaching in every aspect of life at all times. It is time you realize worshipping and praying only with your outer vehicles in any unrefined form is comparable to doing nothing dear ones. Flowers, ritual or any other offering of worship I do not require. What I appreciate is your truth, your devotion to improving your life through spiritual practice that will shine onto your personal life.

Many who have looked upon who I am often see me pictured with an Ox. Its name is Nandi. In the tradition of India, the Ox symbolizes strength, hard work, courage, the ability to face adversity and more. I introduce the Ox to our discussion today to suggest trying some of the characteristics of the Ox into your life. Even under the study of your deity, it is you that must open your own doors by your courage, your strength and hard work. Your deity can only direct you dear ones, YOU alone must move forward and start your climb and ascent in the direction you desire. Love these Oxen qualities that each of you embody dear ones and love your complete self.

Our discussion has many turns today and each part of this transmission has need for many dear souls. Today’s life could be death tomorrow. Yes a morbid thought but reality. Remember death dear ones. It is easy to become absorbed in worldly issues and forget that death could come at any time and you are removed from the world you were so absorbed in instantly. All is remembered, discovered, learned on your walk of life but this part of your reality. The absolute fact dear ones is someday you will have to die, and your spirit will leave your physical body. Your attitude towards life, the purity which you live makes much of a difference to your next life. All you do now affects the eventual tomorrow and your next life. The only time death is thought of is when a loved one passes or soon to leave their shell of a body. I do not come to tell you must think of death always, but to remind you it is there and possible. None of you are out of reach and no one knows when death will occur until it does. What matters dear ones and the point of this entry in our transmission is a reminder to live purely; you are the creator of your future and by your actions now you determine the quality of your next life. Now is the time to be more aware of the duties you have to yourself, to your loved ones and to the God or Master to whom you are devoted to.  

Harmony and peace will come to you after you have learned to manoeuvre through conflicting hardships and difficult surroundings which cause you root and dig into your reserves for the Oxen characteristics. Without the hardships, peace and harmony is not understood. No matter how difficult the situation presents itself, you are never alone and with sheer determination you will find your way by the light and love that fills your pure heart. While moving through this journey that is delivering you to great spiritual growth it is important to be mindful to all people of all faith, and class. Be selfless and show your kind and pure heart towards the members of society that are often scorned, mistreated and often forgotten. Every single person on this lovely Earth deserves your respect and compassionate consideration. Many of the highest spiritual leaders have walked a down trodden life, it is through such a life that spiritual inspiration and expansion of heart and mind takes place. Being able to show the sick, the handicapped, the poor, the hungry, the beggars and other people that are often ignored or quickly pushed away your pure compassion and kindness you will be shedding hatred, fear and prejudice. You cannot save everyone dear one, but by being kind towards one person, changing one person’s day is a start to creating change for all. One at a time dear ones.

I am a merciful kind God; I will give you protection during times of great darkness when you invoke my presence by using Mantras and expressing purely through your heart. I bless each of you with much grace, peace and knowledge that you will be compelled to share your expanded wisdom and spread your pure love to all that you pass and meet.




Shiva, the Hindu God through Julie Miller

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  • Thanks once again julie for bringing through to us once more a beautiful message to sooth the mind and soul.Adonai

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