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Many of you have had the question about loved ones disappearing when the shift happens. And many of you have had the question of how to remove those from your life who are making your life unhappy. If you do make the shift into the Golden Light and completely out of the Metallic Emotions, you will need to shift into your Frequency Mid Brain and out of the Neo Cortex thinking brain.

This means you will need to move out of the mortal mind of man and into the immortal mind of God. When a person moves their consciousness into this space of no time and no space and completely paralyzes the neo cortex, so that it no longer sends old messages of judgment into the mind of Patience and Purity, the person transposes all of the cellular memory in their DNA into a completely new reality.

This transposition takes place by saturating the body through consciousness with the Light that creates photons and when they hit the phonons in the DNA, a transfiguration occurs. This creates a new reality through out the body. This reality cannot take place as long as the neo cortex, thinking brain is involved in the process. So, the first thing that always must be done is to put the neo cortex to sleep. It must be paralyzed, placed in a trance, turned off, and hypnotized to begin to belief the Mind of God instead of the old Beliefs that are in its Loop of man made reality. Learning to do this is a difficult process.

The music helps a great deal because it is doing the part of turning on the harmonization of the phonons and photons that allow the DNA to transpose. However, only the individual can make the choice to stop listening to their thinking brain. The Re-Birth Album was the beginning of the new neuronet alignment in chakra 4-7. Even more important is the step of placing the Thinking Brain into a TRANCE.

The next album that we will be releasing on Tuesday or Wednesday will be the TRANCE ALBUM. This album is created to hold the neo cortex in a hypnotic trance state to help you begin to create your desired reality in the Mid Brain.


The answer is in DOING the Course in Manifestation. By training your mind to move out of the Thinking Brain and into the Frequency Brain- of no time and no space and pure frequencies of light and sound, you move to the place in consciousness where you live in pure light without any judgement. Brain- of no time and no space and pure frequencies of light and sound, you move to the place in consciousness where you live in pure light without any judgement. When you move into that place in consciousness continuously, the old VERSIONS of reality- including your loved ones will Shift into a New Version. Your old spouse will actually no longer be present in your life because your reality will be created from your newly created DNA.

Your reality will reflect outward from your movie screen in your Mid Brain. It only happens with a lot of practice. The Course in Manifestation guides you in the Exact process of how this manifestation of the new reality can take place. I've been listening to people claim how powerful this hertzian frequency phenomena is for the past thirty years of my life. I am grateful that this point pushed me into finding an answer that I have been craving for years. My question has been why is it that these Channelers receive information that is not complete.

For instance, it is not that the hertzian information is incorrect, but it is incomplete. The herzian frequencies can't even activate until the Cosmic Gama is activated by the Heliosphere of the Cosmaya which is what is actually activating all multi dimensional levels of frequencies at this time. So, at the lowest frequency of understanding this reality would project as hertzian. However, we are now in the Cosmic Spectrum of Light allowing a much broader perspective of this reality.

So, I keep wondering, as many others have, if Lee Carrol's Consciousness blocks out a part of Kryon's Consciousness. I'm not asking this question specifically about Lee Carrol, but about all channelers, including the AA Michael channel.

Last night the answer came to me. I opened an interview with Bashar that I had never seen before. The interviewer asked Bashar if when he sends information through Daryl Anka how much of his consciousness does he send. His answer was about 5%. Bashar said if he sent any more than that at this time it would kill the channel.

So, there is the answer. We are not getting the complete answers from these channelers because the entire consciousness coming through would kill the channeler. My higher self directed me to Ashayana Deane and Keylontic Science in 1999.

I had never had any interest whatsoever in anything New Age or anything that resembled those teachings before. Ashayana announced the fact that she never Channels. Instead, she walks through the Veil into the Cosmic Soup and completely into the Consciousness of her Parallel Spiritual Self who then communicates through Frequencies and Codes to the Cosmic Councils. From that place in Consciousness she can bring to Earth the COMPLETE Descriptions of how the Frequencies have been coming to Earth and Realigning Consciousness. This is the method of collecting communication from the Crystalai Council that I use.

I always communicate through frequencies and codes and the Cosmic Councils communicate to me through frequencies of music. This is why the information that I am sent is much higher, much more encompassing than the information that most channelers have shared through their sites. Most of their information sounds ten or twenty years old to me because that same information was already sent by the entities that I channel several years ago. However, the consciousness of the masses does not contain enough frequencies to be able to understand what I'm talking about or even to hear my frequencies. The message becomes un audible to the consciousness that does not contain enough frequencies to comprehend it. So, most of the work that I have done will be waiting another ten years before enough consciousness is present on Earth to become inspired by it.

Those of you who are able to tune in to most of what I say and to hear most of my music are already plugged into the Light in the Grids and tuned out of the Emotion in the Grids. There is enough Light turning on the Phonons in your DNA to allow you be on this new channel of frequencies. After studying Keylontic Science for fifteen years, the other channelers all sound like phonies because their messages only hold a small part of the entire picture of reality. Bashar compared this phenomena to the level of consciousness of the masses and what amount of consciousness can be brought to Earth at this time. He said that the complete consciousness of his Triangle will begin to interface with Earth in Fall of 2016.

This will create a huge change in consciousness, because as Bashar explained, when that many frequencies are brought into the Earth's grids, many people will just not be able to withstand them. It is similar to when I stand in the Sun and soak up the frequencies of the Gamma and then move through into the pre light and pre sound of Creation. When the Neo Cortex is filled with so much light that it goes into a Paralyzed Trance state which stops thinking, this is when the Complete Mind of God can turn on through the Mid Brain.

When this happens the old realities from the thinking brain disappear. They are forgotten. There is a freedom. There is a complete new reality revealed. However, as is overly obvious to me, from the responses that I receive from those people who have no plans of ever turning off their thinking brain, those people who do not have a high enough consciousness to withstand the amount of frequencies coming in will vanish from the consciousness of those who are ready to switch channels from the emotional brain into the mind of light. It will be at that time when more and more people are ready for the Larger Consciousness that has been shared through Keylontic Science.

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