Link at end... We had enough to last more than one lifetime

and live a for-filling happy life. We decided to share the rest

with friends willing to plant 10 trees a year. we will give
these friends $400 each year they plant ten trees. you can
plant more if you wish but not less than 10 and you should

ask 2 friends to join in at the local kiosk project. The profits

are all distrubited to foundation members who join in free.8109260667?profile=original

The sign in link is>>>


People who are plugged into and can

post a photo of the trees they have planted get a free kiosk share

worth over $400 a year (EVERY YEAR) if they add 2 friends to a 8109260856?profile=original

local kiosk group.

The offer is very limited only 22 at each group but take up is slow so
the chance is still good. The cash comes from excess revenue.





Running on overtime can become stressful if not
managed to suit your character and energy. If however, your
loving your work, enjoying the hell out of life without using
_ `(fill in the blank) _ Then there's a high chance you have
discovered the source.

The source is, depending on your cultural situation the God of
all things, the Higher Power, the yin/yang Zen Tao or just the
simple soul of your heart. Most of us are capable of, and happy
to entertain loving thoughts.

My purpose on this earth is clear and unmistakeable, to enlighten
a few special friends of the family to what lies within, if you go
deep enough.

The deepest truth one can fathom lies at your very core. Ego thinking blinds us to real heart truth, (showing only a complexity and shallowness) to the simple ultimate truth. found at the end of our inner search.

When I found the source of all intelligence during this inner
search I was staggered by a profound awakening.
I sometimes call it an Occums Razor moment, as the realization
that for most of my life I've been looking through a lens slightly
out of focus and blurry.

The new lens is not only high quality optics glass professionally
ground and polished to enhance the sharpness, but it's at optimum
focus. Read more at "The New Secret" (not asschocheated with the book)
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