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Had a awakening after a very sad childhood, both parents alcoholic I would often witness my dad beat my mum to within an inch of her life. Alcohol made my mum go mad. She tried to chop down my bedroom door with an axe. She was eventually put in a special hospital after I was discovered sleeping outside the house by police. I was very quite and almost withdrawn at school. I became a target of the school bullies. Left high school at 15 after receiving recognition for general science. Became alcoholic, Lived on the street, went through rehab. Joined 12 steps group of AA. Attended "A course in miracles" every week for four years wile care-taking the hosts property. spiritual awareness comes from within. when the student is ready the teacher will appear. made a connection to my heart which left me enlightened to the truth that most valuable Enjoy playing blues on guitar and singing a few old folk/pop songs like Imagine if you were here. Hotel California Take it to the limit, Take it easy Lying eyes, Wild world, ain't no sunshine when she's gone Light my fire Killing me softly. California dreamin - The mamas and the papas Fire and rain. The Moody Blues - Nights in White satin´67Take it easy Into the mystic, Moondance, My Sweet Lord - Jose Feliciano without those horrid dark sunglass's Love on the rocks. Where do you go to my lovely. Father and son, On the road to find out, ---------------------------------------------- Started SaveNaturefree as a gift to the world. Why, Oh Why, don't you join us??? ---------------------------------------------------- The Animal Rescue SiteI Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

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Gandhi, Budda, Jesus, Homer,

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  • hello :)
  • hello there I love the songs you have listed above..How old are you?
    Do you know its a miracle that you are still alive..You have become the wounded healer..they are the best you know..You could also be a shaman..your training is so rough..blessings my dear friend! Oh, where in Australia do you live? I lived in Sydney for three years from 10 to 13 years old and I still love Australia.I just saw the movie Australia and it was great!
  • Alexander..come and join me at
    ~i Gaia~
    Temple for the Soul

  • welcome!
  • ..this is my prayer..

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Alexander commented on RainbowStar's blog post Your Higher Self Is Your Master Key
"Be the witness and the compassionate forgiver. Your name is not derived with numerology, because the language is derived from a mixture of accidental changing through time. It's not what your name is that matters, it's what you do with it.  "
Mar 23, 2016
Alexander posted a blog post
Link at end... We had enough to last more than one lifetimeand live a for-filling happy life. We decided to share the restwith friends willing to plant 10 trees a year. we will give these friends $400 each year they plant ten trees. you can plant…
Apr 30, 2015
Alexander commented on RainbowStar's blog post How Long Does a Spiritual Awakening Take?
" Love this post from RainbowStar

Dec 11, 2013
Alexander posted a blog post
In 54 years I never saw any proof about UFOsEvidence from eye witnesses is just evidence, not proof. Pictures (many faked) are evidence not proof.Favorite QuoteWEALTH SHARING is the wave of the future.and environment protection, see below.About MeI…
Nov 8, 2009

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