It’s difficult to decompress enough to sleep a few hours because we never know what we will encounter on the World Wide Web on rising. I hope you are in-joying the show.

As you no doubt heard, the circus act around the arrest of President Donald Trump fizzled out and became another nothing burger. As predicted. The left will say anything but never have facts or proof to back it up so they wind up looking like fools. Their day is coming—next weekend, in fact, which is apropos for the fumbling fops and idjits that they are.


SG Anon’s File 46 is a comprehensive geopolitical analysis discussing the potentialities within the ongoing military operations and Earth Alliance missions. There are so many balls in the air currently, and SG also gets into the clock scenario currently registering 4 days in the countdown and the timing of what is coming. Of course it’s always possible the time is meant to manipulate the cabal into moves they wouldn’t otherwise make. It wouldn’t be the first time the Alliance has deked them out. 53 min.

Radioactive Event Coming | Trump Comms>April MOAB | Deutsche Bank Collapse | Mil_Ops Ongoing

This passionate diatribe from journalist Lara Logan shows us we have been deceived and manipulated on every level for a long time. Political events, social events, military events, religious events, geological events… all engineered for the desired outcome; the New World Order Agenda.


The following warrants a lot more ranting.

Michael Jaco and Lewis Herms discussed the current Arizona election situation in light of Lewis’ new initiative to inform the public about what really happened with the 2020 election in Arizona specifically. Micro ==>Macro. Makes perfect sense. Pedophilia makes the world go ’round. 41 min.

Arizona stolen election by Katie Hobbs was funded with child trafficking money.

The good news…

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