The war may have been won, but we are still dealing with the dregs of Humanity; the bought-and-paid-for minions who can’t stand the thought of losing their obscenely opulent lifestyle and status. Their drugs of choice. Their protection and insulation from the laws that govern the rest of Humanity.

It’s all about the comms now. Daily comms. Multiple times a day. Wording. Time stamps. Numerology. Gematria. Missing letters. Misspellings. Clothing. Any which way a comm can be issued. At times they may seem subtle… yet be very direct.

On Sunday evening an Apache flew over our house at 5:55 pm. I see signs everywhere and that was good enough for me because I gave them 5 by 5 hand signals a few weeks ago when they did a fly-over. They were very low.

Q drops help to decode the messages. These are our trusted backchannels and how we know what’s going on despite the drivel and theatrics all over the world.


Sometimes we know generally what’s coming and are just waiting… for confirmation… because there are many different kinds of “storms” and many different ways the comms could manifest.

Solar storm alert: NASA predicts radio and GPS blackout on November 30. Know why

The “Pizzagate conspiracy” is rapidly being  legitimized and will soon be a household word. The freaks are being outed and justice served—even in the Great White Cesspool known as Canada—and I can say that because I’m Canadian., folks. The biggest monsters you never heard of have been dragged out of the swamp to be named and shamed. Video at the link below.

The members of the Khazarian mafia at the top may be gone, but the rat-level members are still able to cause minimal disruption. For example, my Brave browser would not let me access Kevin’s website, Murder By In addition, an email via Proton mail to a family member in Canada about fenbendazole and Joe Rogan seems to have been intercepted and never made it to the recipient. No problem. It’s not the first time my cross-border communications have been interfered with. There’s still snail mail.

SG Anon has File 66 uploaded and said it would be a really good one. 50 min.

USMC EOD in Iceland: Underground War | Netanyahu in Submission | Sky Event: Supernova | WWG1WGA

Here’s a good laugh.BP

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"Good speech by Nigel. He knows what's going on just like the rest of us and I think he might know what is coming soon to."
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"From what has been said a lot of these so called elites are gonna try and take the easy way out once their corruption is fully exposed."
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"And here is another fine speech at CPAC, recently, by the indefatigable Nigel Farage, who has been going to that conservative conference for the past 10 years and makes pertainent comments, about how it's international appeal is growing...

And a…"
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"Yes and regarding the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild, a gentle reminder that on the 7th Feb, upon this very thread I did state the following:-

Some people are of the opinion, that the so-called "elites" have special access to exotic healing…"
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"Woah I see one of the Rothschild's died. Welp cant say he will be missed lol."
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"yes AE, even he can't cheat death LOL"
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"Hooray-Rothchild is dead! I saw a pic of him recently poking King Charles in the chest in a public forum"
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