As the ages slip on by we are evolving ever so much more into a deeper sense of who and what we are. Humanity,in a sense, is coming of age,and will soon grow out of it`s childhood ways and will learn to expand their minds,and to explore the many dimensions of the higher planes.There is coming an age where man will rise above the limitations of the body,and will learn of the secrets of heaven that before were deemed unlawful unto mortals to know. A s a human being I have come to realize the fact of my own inner divine spirituality,and as a soul I know that we all will continue to evolve and develop our potential likened to an ever opening flower under the soft sunlight of our own divine selves.Reach,my dear friends for the stars ,for the secret of your divine origin lies deep into the unlimited regions of space and time alike.

Each and everyone of us are so unique ,and have grown and evolved into our own individuality's .Man is becoming aware now of very powerful forces that lie at the centre of his being.We all have a very long history of thousands of incarnations stretching back through the ages past millions of years ,and have had lives through so many races ,cultures,and civilizations now long forgotten and which now lie deep within our soul memory.Through the art of meditation we can establish a contact with this aspect of ourselves that through the eternal past ,has stood as a divine witness to all that we have gained ,and the wisdom we have developed by many incarnations..With the coming of Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom we are now felling the impact of some very powerful energies that are cosmic in their origin,and which are being step ed down by the advanced members of the human family as they come into incarnation time after time.We are moving through such a time where a new civilization is about to be born on earth, and of such a magnitude as never been seen before in the whole of human history.

The Masters Have known that sooner or later they would be required to return to the everyday world of man,and walk amongst us once more as they did during the Atlantean root race which had lasted for 12 million years with its many sub-races and various cultures.This was the fourth root race where the development of the astral -emotional body was the prime goal to be achieved during that time.The last remnant of the Atlantean continent sank below the waters about 95 thousand years ago which was the beginning of the fifth root race ,and the beginning of mental development which is ,even in our modern times ,in its infancy and will not bloom forth its full potential until the fifth round many millions of years from now. Those who are students of Theosophy and the ``Secret Doctrine``will know of the information I am trying to make known to the general public,who in their advanced groups, are becoming ready for this revelation of occult wisdom that will some day be known to all of the ``Sons of Men``in the distant future..We are all living in a time of great spiritual crisis in that we have no idea of why we are here,or what is the meaning of our life here on earth,or what happens when you die ,the meaning of our existence and so on.ow if that is not a crisis then I do not know what is.

This is the main reason why the Great Ones are now returning once again that we all may find our way through this rather dark and dingy world.As each man wrestles his way out into a greater measure of light he then becomes like a lighthouse showing the way for his fellow man ,and as well becomes a saviour for his race,and to one day become a Lord of Compassion and an ocean of Wisdom for his fellow man.One day all men will achieve at becoming full blown Buddha``s ,and our world will be full of glorious Adepts as we climb the ladder of our own spiritual evolution.It is up to everyone to achieve in his own time and season the full measure of Christ hood.. For some individuals this task will come to pass sooner than expected, and will evolve at a tremendous speed and will achieve the higher initiations long before the greater bulk of humanity will long after they move on to the path of the higher evolution, which are seven paths that will lead the enlightened Buddha far beyond the confines of our solar system,and to engage in specialized forms of service that are not in anyway comprehensible to any man below the 8Th initiation.,,which includes the Buddha,Maitreya,The Lord of Civilization ,and a few others who can not be named, due to the classified work they are now involved in at this time.

The highest initiation that can be taken within this solar system is the 9Th initiation,and only 111 humans from our own earth evolution have reached these cosmic stages of exalted awareness.There is at this time a great being known as the Avatar of Synthesis who is overshadowing our planetary Logos ,and is sending into our world the energies of peace and synthesis.To even try to understand the high level of awareness would just boggle the minds of those who may speculate his level of achievement ,;for example,Maitreya has developed 2 levels of cosmic awareness ,while the Avatar of Synthesis has evolved 14 levels of cosmic awareness,and was invoked by the Lord of the World Sanat Kumara who en souls this man-bearing planet in much the same way as we human beings en souls this physical body as our body of manifestation .We and all of the lifeforms on this planet live,move,and have their being just as the tiny cells within our own bodies.Spiritual growth is something that goes on for all of eternity,initiation after initiation through out galactic space,with no beginning, and with no ending,just the eternal now ,in the moment .

One of my colleagues , a painter ,artist ,and esoteric researcher has been in contact with a Master of Wisdom by means of a telepathic rapport that has been established decades ago when Mr Creme was given an offer to have a helping hand in the reappearance of the Great Lord Maitreya. Here there was absolutely no pressure or infringement of freewill on Ben`s part,as human freewill is sacrosanct ,and those who work with the good law would never force one into something they do not want to do ,or who do not feel ready for the exotic work with the spiritual Hierarchy .Beginning in the 70s ,and up till now there is a specialized form of meditation known as Transmission meditation ,that is done by those who desire to serve in some way ,and to work with the Masters in the most practical way we can. The Masters of Wisdom are the custodians of cosmic energies streaming forth into our system from various ,and all be it very powerful constellations ,and if these energies are not stepped down to a lower voltage ,so to say,then they would simply bounce off the greater bulk of generic humanity and would be quite useless to the race of men in their present stage of evolution.

When we have groups coming together to do transmission meditation,then their is a wonderful opportunity where these cosmic energies can then be stepped down to a lower ``voltage`,`thus rendering these energies into a more practical use in our world.The Masters of Wisdom then stream forth these very powerful energies into the world which will eventually release us from glamour and illusion, which have for so long governed our lives ,and which has been the cause of much suffering and a profound agony of mind down through the ages .Transmission meditation is a group activity for those who have the need and desire to serve their fellow man. It is as well the most practical way to work with the Masters who send the energies through the group ,thus acting as a sort of adapter which brings the ``voltage``down to a level where it can then be used in a very versatile way in connection with improving better human relationships through out the world.

Those involved with transmission meditation can not do this form of service without being effected in a positive way,such as speeding up ones spiritual evolution,such as giving one more control over ones astral-emotional nature ,and enhancing ones development towards mental polarization in a way that is faster than the normal slow evolution which the greater bulk of humanity are engaged in at this time.Most people who do transmission meditation,and who are dedicated have taken the first initiation which can be seen by their honest and selfless desire to serve their fellow man ,coupled with a serious devotion to the study of esoteric and spiritual matters.Over the last few decades hundreds of transmission groups have popped up all over the world attracting advanced members of the human kingdom and providing many a way of working with the Masters in a way that is making a positive , and powerful impact in the world..

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