Part 1. The Great in the small, the small in the great.

This material was translated from Russian language. 
Team of translators: lybovee, Richard, Veter 
It can be freely distributed under condition of preserving the text's integrity.

The time has come and we begin a new Series of messages: THE STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE. BIRTH OF THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS. ( in 5 parts) 

This is not a popular science film and that is why we will not provide any explanations for the mind, except for giving the Keys for deeper immersion before publishing the next part. The Truth is always inside your Hearts, it has many facets and dimensions. It does not fit any, even the most brilliant, earthly concepts. We unveil to you that what you know in your Heart and always knew! The Truth has always been and continues to be in your Heart, dear ones; it is secured and protected by the Divine Flame. 

The aim of these Series of messages is to arouse ancient memory of your souls; to open after all the veils that we had set ourselves during our descent, the astonishing shining bottomless depth of the Heart Consciousness filled with infinite Tenderness and Love in all including every form and every thought we have. We are returning into the Heart Consciousness through the Christ Consciousness, dear ones; the veils have fallen, as all the tasks have been fulfilled and we are at the final stage of realisation. 

To some extent, every human living now on Earth must enter this state of Consciousness, the Consciousness of Love and Oneness, and this will determine the further Path of his or her soul, for the Great Cycle is coming to its end. Our beautiful Earth with great and unconditional Love has already taken into herself all that is necessary to provide the breakaway from illusions of the mind and false concepts about life on Earth. The degree of entering into the Christ Consciousness is determined only by you alone, as you have been granted with the Freedom of Choice by the Father/Mother: with your candid Wish, purity of Intentions and Faith! 

Many of you were participants of most of the events, which we will be showing, and many of them will touch you very deeply, will awaken very old records in your cosmic DNA. Young souls who joined the unique experience in our galaxy and on Earth later also know the History, as before the descent they had gone through a very strict selection in the Schools of Spirit. They have studied all the History in details and were infinitely proud to be able to touch this astonishing (captivating) and special place in the Universe contributing in their unique way to the common purpose -- PERFECTION OF MANIFESTED LOVE. 

With Love and Greatest respect, Nika 

The video was co-created by Dima, Kseniya and Nika

Part 2. Milky Way Galaxy. Solar System and Earth.

The Energies of Love of the Origin are Sensible: iridescent Energies of Eternity create forms, white Energies of the Holy Spirit support these forms and their interaction, Gold Energies of the Living Consciousness of the Creator support Life and enable the Mind to gain experience and develop itself. When Space comes into being, time comes into being as well. Now we are being carried away into the ancient times -- hundreds of billions years ago. 

The Milky Way Galaxy was being created as a special entity in Space with connections of quantum passage-ways of the Father/Mother to it, in times when the experiment of the dual state of Consciousness had already started and was proceeding. The Duality of Matters (matter -- antimatter) was initial, but all entities in it, after separating from One, were perceiving themselves as ONE with Gods -- forefathers. The Duality of the state of Consciousness gave birth to the illusion of division, so the sufferings began. At the same time this experiment gave many interesting and important experience. 

Solar System was being created in a far and quiet corner of the Galaxy and remained open to the whole Space. Divine Child-Human, in whom the Divinity was anchored by special quantum attachments (the Divine Flame in the chest), had a very special and great Heart. 
The Human's Consciousness used to hold a powerful protection around the planet, and passions of dual civilizations (of Mars and Maldek in our system) raging around could not break through this defense. 

Though an improbable coincidence occurred when 2 grandiose catastrophes happened at the same time: an explosion of unbelievable power completely destroyed planet Maldek (now we have the main asteroid belt in that place) and the civilization of Mars completely obliterated itself in a nuclear war. The whole System began to collapse, the Earth lost its protective shells. At that time, souls perished on Mars and Maldek began to be numerously incarnate on Earth for they were not able to rise higher levels because of their state of Consciousness. 

Gods immediately arrived to save the Child, they reformated our system of 12 planets into the form that we know it now. The new history began and it was the time of the 2nd Human race (the Times of the 1st Atlantis). Innocent and trustful Child gradually handed over Its spiritual positions to cunning and insidious souls that passed through the dual experience and arrived on Earth. Thus the Humanity joined the experiment of dual Consciousness. Father was compelled to close the direct access to touch with Him and brought the veils forward. There were only several Priests-keepers who had that touch with Him. 

Sanat Kumara with a multitude of Great and Beautiful Souls arrived to save and support Divine Child, they settled with their light bodies on Venus and constantly started to incarnate on Earth as Avatars and Masters of Spirit. We entered the period when the forming of Spirit of the New Power of Love began, which, if we run ahead, lead us all to the birth of Flash and Ascension of the whole Creation. 

The History is squeezed into minutes and small lines, dear ones. It is also the illusion of our material world. This History lives in us, in our cosmic DNA, it is full of tragic events and sufferings but at the same time it has the invaluable experience of birth of an incredible Power of Spirit and new Qualities of Love! All of it rests in our Heart, it has always belonged and belongs to all of us as ONE! 

The time has come and now we, quite consciously, give our experience of Spirit to one another, we unite it with the best of qualities remembering the illusion of division. 


Part 3. Planet Earth. The unique laboratory of Spirit's Transformation.

All that mankind knows now about the planet is a very small part of the reality. It is natural, for full access to Knowledge lies only through the Heart that is infinitely expanding and has no limitations, being merged into ONE with the whole Creation .One can comprehend the surrounding world by the mind of the material body for a very long time and it will be important and interesting but the core always stays out of range for the consciousness. By opening the Hearts we are pouring ourselves into the infinitely diverse and divine world of the Creation, realizing our True Selves more and more! 

Freedom of Choice granted us the possibility to choose how to comprehend the world and where to look for true happiness. One of our aims has always been finding a stable way into the Heart and through it to the Truths, in the most difficult conditions of the dense world. For it is exactly in the dense worlds of the Creation where souls lost their primordial connection with the Origin, and this loss caused suffering to everyone. Perceiving ourselves as indivisible ONE, we all appeared from the ORIGIN OF ALL=LOVE, we can only sincerely and joyfully Love and Give, and this is exactly what returns us to the temporarily lost state of Great Happiness! 

Our planet is unique, it was specially prepared for giving birth to the New Consciousness as a Gift for the whole Creation. This planet has always been not only multidimensional, but it also had 6 levels of layers for Consciousness, now it has 13 which are open to the Origin of ALL! Foremost, Gaia is a Great Soul and Quantum Goddess, her body is divinely beautiful, multidimensional and complex, it is adapted for fulfillment of the Great Divine Plan. Earth is also a complex and multidimensional sacral crystal -- transformer having a great number of unique mechanisms of management, connections with the Worlds of Holy Spirit and with the whole space. 

A multitude of Masters of Spirit, Consciousness of Mother and Father, attachments of Consciousness of Archangels, extraterrestrial bases of high spiritual star curators have always stayed in higher planetary vibrations. All of them constantly made their projections themselves in the dense world, incarnating themselves in human bodies and affecting the common field of Mankind's Consciousness. They walked near and through us in Onenness all the ways of Spirit-- sufferings and joy, losses and achievements, gaining the Power of Spirit in Unity with all beings and grew the New Power of Love! 

A great number of cities and Temples of Internal Spiritual Earth have carefully kept every grain of our common experience, supporting the Divine Flames and strengthening them through the ages. Civilizations faded away in Precessions, but many who were strong in Spirit went to higher vibration levels of planet to Keep and Believe in the triumph of Human Heart -- of the Divine Child! Everyone who lost their bodies during the leveling of Common Consciousness of the Universe for new development (Precessions) returned here again and again to execute the Mission of Spirit as a Gift for ALL. Blessed are Our Way through the ages, all of the joys and difficulties of Life here! 

Every square centimeter of our planet is infinitely sacred and beautiful. We show you the most well-known places and what is tied to them from Heaven to support our Spirit. But there are incomparably many more of them, dear ones. Remember that all places where we live are no less meaningful and magnificent! Feel the infinite and unconditional Love of Gaia, her sacred and beautiful body, hear in your Heart her endless Song of Love to all of us! You will feel gratitude, tenderness and admiration and know - in that moment, as well as in any other She is hearing you and is no less delighted of the Human! We were born by Love and expand by Love forever! 

With Love and respect, Nika 

The video was co-created by Dima, Kseniya, Nika, Veter, Satori 

This material was translated from Russian language. 
Team of translators: lybovee, Richard, Denya, Veter 
It can be freely distributed under condition of preserving the text's integrity.

Part 4. Human and the Way of Spirit.

Series of Messages: Structure of the Universe. Birth of the new Consciousness. Part 4. Human and the Way of Spirit.

In this part of Series of Messages: *Structure of the Universe. Birth of the new Consciousness* we will tell you in more detail about another main participant of transfiguration events in Creation, about HUMAN! 

The Divine Child -- Human is Beautiful and Great in his Potential, but while he is completely immersed in the dense world experience, its potential remains hidden. In spiritual part, Human is a part of ONE, everything is inside him and he is in everything! The body created with Love in Father's/Mother's own image for the Soul residing in a dense reality, is no less wonderful. Everything is created according to the laws of sacred geometry -- the Human body and the body of the Planet with all the variety of Life manifestations on it and the whole Creation of Father/Mother.

Divinity created by sacred geometry is being sacredly kept in a unique place - Anachata system consisting of a central chakra in and two lateral small ones in the nearest non-material body. But ANACHATA also has a quantum channels as well which become open for the Consciousness only when the human-being passing hundreds of examinations, begins to realise His Self and then consciously choose the Way of Spirit, the way into the Heart Consciousness, the way of Giving and Unconditional Love -- the Way back Home. And this is the place where the Way back Home starts!

The Soul Channel (on the right) is a quantum channel where our divine Pure Light which separated itself from ONENESS through the Love of Father/Mother essence endlessly presents. Soul is attached to body which is necessary for experience in the dense matter. The whole uniqueness of our experience is gathered and registered here with energy crystals structures as Parts of the ONE. The Quantum Channel of the Heart, also called the Eye of God is situated on the left side with an entrance from the middle of physical heart. Here is the attachment of our closest cosmic and quantum Family, a small branch of our huge monadic Tree, and one of this 12-th leaves is our earthly display. The unique 3 petal Flame is located slightly above the ANACHATA, supported by special energies of Holy Spirit and Father/Mother ones. 

Having chosen once the Way back Home and sacredly following it, the human-being begins to show manifest his divine nature. At this time his connection with Earth becomes closer and more spiritual. After opening all the basic chakras in a dense body, Kundalini rising and merging with the 9-th planetary chakra his fields perceptibly broaden themselves and his deep spiritual uniting with Gaia starts.

Human and planetary Chakra systems begin to change swiftly (if the number of people who have entered the Heart Space is equal to or over 144000); fields expand displaying to the world the Power of Love of the Divine Child more and more. The access to the solar and galactic levels (10 and 11) connects the Human and Earth with the whole Milky Way Galaxy. At that time Human Consciousness becomes one with multitude other particles of Cosmic Soul incarnated in various bodies in other star systems.

The ONENESS is being found again, manifested through the intensification of Love by unification of Hearts and finding of Twin Flame Integrity. The realization of the ONENESS of all and everyone quickly transforms spiritual structures of the Human and he expands his Consciousness to the higher levels. Not only the Human, but also a planet and then the whole Creation, undergo transformation. This is how the Divine potential in Human increases its manifestation.

The Unique Galaxy, unique Solar system and Earth, the unique form of Consciousness and Body, the Divine Child, the Divine Spark for Transformations of Spirit as a Gift for ALL - it is all about us, dear ones!

The ORIGIN OF ALL is LOVE, the Creation lives and perfects itself only through Love; Love is expanding in eternal and beautiful dance only by Love. Beautiful Angels, we were incarnating here many times for the Light of Love to shine in new qualities of Perfection for ALL and it HAS SHINED!

Alleluia to Love!!! Alleluia to Love!!! Alleluia to Love!!!
With Love and Respect, Nika

The video was Сocreated by Dima, Kseniya, Nika, Veter

Team of translators: lybovee, Denya, Veter

Part 5. Birth of the Consciousness "God-Human-Angel" and transfiguration of the Creation.

Series of Messages: Structure of the Universe. Birth of the new Consciousness. Part 5. Birth of the Consciousness "God-Human-Angel" and transfiguration of the Creation.

By showing this part we finish the Series of Messages "Structure of the Universe. Birth of the new Consciousness". These series were created in the closest Co-creation of the Earth and Heaven, being at the same time the reflection of information that the Great Council of the Holy Spirit, and a bit later, the New Council of Trinity who started to function, wanted to remind all of us. Everything, what you have seen watching all parts of the Series, is our common Way in SACRED ONENESS. These are the realities of our History, dear ones!

All that is shown here by means and possibilities of our dense matter, partially and in schemes reflects real images of the sacred geometry of the Creation, existing Temples, unfolding events and their interactions. Everything what was impossible to represent in this reality using video and music, was put in the Series as the bottomless depth of energetic layers that can be perceived only by the Heart! Each of us has his/her own depth, but it is important that these layers were brought in the planetary spaces, and now they are available for all. These deep layers of information were made for the Heart of earthlings, and they were made by the Heavens, transferred from Heart to Heart, for there is no other widescale way, dear ones. Each of us has no limits in perceiving the full information with the Heart, except for our own limitations of mind.

We, the earthly part of the creative group, remain in the greatest respect and infinite gratitude to the Heavens: to the Councils of the Holy Spirit, to Gods, to our monadic Families, for the patience and infinite Love with which they have been showing us again and again, in understandable presentation, complicated sacred schemes and processes. The language of the Heart has no bounds, it's perfect, dear ones! We, ourselves, have understood and realized a lot during making videos and drawing pictures, for it would be impossible to bring this Gift of LOVE to you if we didn't understand it ourselves, if we were not filled with Love, if our own Hearts were not responding with great expansion in each moment! 

.... read more -

The video was co-created by Dima, Ksenia, Nika, Veter and Amur.

Team of translators: lybovee, Denya, Veter

Video Source:


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