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Self Love...♡

There is nowhere to hide Beautiful Divine Light Beings...
Everything starts from within.
Allow the Higher Expression of Thyself Your Godself to enter Consciously into Your Reality Now!
To me it's about bringing Heaven to Earth,and that is Possible right here and now...
(there is only here and now)
and every Moment when You Create Heaven inside Your Beautiful Heart.
Make Every Moment the Best Moment Ever.
Your Heart Connected to the let's say the New Mind is a Powerful tool to Manifest in a Constructive way.
From the Heart You Radiate it out into the World.
Everything is Created with the Mind and can and will be Transformed with the Mind.
Everything is Energy and Connected,We Transform and Transmute...
Feel Love,Feel Peace within so on and so forth.
You are The Ultimate Key to Unlock Your Inner Wisdom so do what it is You came here for and Be Yourself,Your Vibration,be Love,Rise and Shine Beautiful Souls,You are Powerful...You are Light,You are Love,You are so much more You are Enough.
You are the Ones You are Looking for it's all Within.
When You allow that Perfect Part of Self to come in Consciously ,You will Radiate that Part of You out and it will affect Everything and Everyone.
(Do what Resonates with You...Your Heart,Always;) )
Together and Individually We are and You are Creating and Manifesting a Beautiful Loving full New World full of Beautiful and Radiant Colors ...
Let's build more Bridges to Connect and Re-Connect with that part and make a Powerful and Colorful Rainbow; )
From my Heart to Yours,Infinite Divine Love and Light Vibrations and Infusions to You/Us all;
Have a Harmonious Journey!
I Love You,I Love You,I Love You...♡♡♡

By Magnolia EP LBP
@all Rights Reserved

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