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  • Our 3D field of experiense,is the lowest level of the spectrum in whole  creation.This is determined in our non - reality,through  the energies,vibrations,tensity,and gravity f matter.In encient  wisdom,spirit is considered to be the higher form of matter,and matter is the  lower form of spirit.All in creation are manifestations of the Devine aspect of  spirit.Creations which are manifestations nearer to the higher forms of  spirit,are considered to be nearer to the Devine Reality,or the Reality of  Heavens.Creations which are at the bottom end of the spectrum,

    and far away from the higher form of spirit (Devine),are creating conditions  of separation from the Creator-God,

    loosing the connection with the Galactic family and Heaven.Because of the  separation,the lower tensity and

    vibrations and gravity of matter,there is a distortion of the objective  reality,which has-almost- nothing to do with

    Devine Reality,Universal Law,e.t.c.This false reality,- although in a way is  real -is considered to be an illusion,

    or non - real.Futher more, within our 3D mode,the phenomenon cosmos is  subjected to the so called Death

    phenomenon.Within the Reality of the Devine there is only the Eternal -  Now,Eternity and Infinite,without

    limitations in perceiving either microcosmos or macrocosmos.

      - Brahman is Sat, the Absolute Reality. That which exists in the past, present and future; which has no beginning, middle and end; which is unchanging and not conditioned by time, space and causation; which exists during the waking, dream and deep sleep states; which is of the nature of one homogeneous essence, is Sat. This is found in Brahman, the Absolute. The scriptures emphatically declare: "Only Sat was prior to the evolution of this universe."

    This phenomenal universe is unreal. Isvara created this universe out of His own
    body (Maya), just as a spider creates a web from its own saliva. It is merely an
    appearance, like a snake in a rope or like silver in mother-of-pearl. It has no
    independent existence.

    It is difficult to conceive how the Infinite
    comes out of itself and becomes the finite. The magician can bring forth a
    rabbit out of a hat. We see it happening but we cannot explain it; so we call it
    Maya or illusion.

    Maya is a strange phenomenon, which cannot be
    accounted for by any law of Nature. It is incapable of being described. Its
    relation to Brahman is like that of heat to fire. The heat of fire is neither
    one with it nor different from it.

    Does Maya really exist or not? The
    Advaita gives this reply: "This inscrutable Maya cannot be said either to exist or not to exist."

    we know the nature of Brahman, then all names, forms and limitations fall away.
    The world is Maya because it is not the essential truth of the infinite Reality
    - Brahman. Somehow the world exists and its relation to Brahman is
    indescribable. The illusion vanishes through the attainment of knowledge of
    Brahman. Sages, Rishis and scriptures declare that Maya vanishes entirely as
    soon as knowledge of the Supreme Self dawns.

    Brahman alone really
    exists. The Jiva, the world and this little "I" are false. Rise above names and
    forms and kill the false egoism. Go beyond Maya and annihilate ignorance.
    Constantly meditate on the Supreme Brahman, your divine nature.

    world is unreal when compared to Brahman.

  • <3 <3


    Jacob Boehme and his discourse with the devil about light and darkness


    Jacob describes matter as frozen particles of light traveling at speeds slower than the speed of light

    The Way from Darkness to True Illumination - a Dialogue:  Authentic Version.     Jacob Boehme - 1622
    Jacob Boehme's The Way from Darkness to True Illumination - a Dialogue; Authentic Version; Read and print for yourself this spiritually valuable, lo…
  • Its not that the world is unreal--- It does exist......

    but its existence is of a temporary nature and is constantly changing.

    the temporary has no meaning except against the background of eternity.

    Both must be there simultaneously and so is born achintya bheda bhedah tatwa

    simultaneousness--- Oneness and difference

  • There is a subtle spiritual difference the further one recognizes illusion...

    that the perception of illusion is itself an illusion

    thus there is a paradox

    the paradox is reconciled in the sixth chakra at the sixth initiation before one can pass to the seventh...

    and is represented by the third knot of the kundalini the granthi

    and is symbolized by a lingam in which ardhnarishwara resides

    how can male and female energy become one?

    By the supremely strong desire NOT to have any desire.

  • "The Vedic universe is described as a product of maya, or illusion, and it can be thought of as a universal virtual reality system.....The role of the computer is played by a fundamental energy called pradhana. This energy is activated by an expansion of the Supreme known as Maha-Visnu, who acts as the universal programmer. Thus activated pradhana produces subtle forms of energy, and these in turn produce gross matter."

    "Uma, the wife of Lord Siva, is also known as Maya Devi, or the goddess in charge of the illusory energy. She is also the Mother Goddess who has been worshipped all over the world by many different names. Since Siva is Uma's husband, he is the master of illusion and technology. Thus there is a natural connection between Lord Siva, who Salva approached to obtain his Vimana, and Maya Danava, the master of illusion who manufactured it."
  • I think you posted this twice.. Scientist say this Universe is 3d hologram but I thought only this Planet was 3d hologram..reality is an illusion means nothing really exists is quiet confusing
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