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Note: SanJAsKa is a Representative of the Pleiadian High Council & the Pleiadian Council of Nine.


The truth concerning our existence and the assistance we have been giving on your world can no longer be hidden, and revelations concerning that very assistance will begin to surface in your mainstream media as the collective vibrations continue along their lightening process, which is seeing your collective able to open up to ideas previously outside of the sphere of your conscious perception.


We have long told your cabal heads and the leaders of various developed countries who know of our presence and what we have been doing, that we would begin to step up personal sightings and landings and begin to make ourselves known if they continue to refuse or push back the disclosure of our existence. We have been very serious about this, and we plan to continue to take increasingly bold measures to make ourselves known in the face of a still-rebellious yet increasingly-weakening force of individuals.


These individuals wish to threaten the livelihood of every person, though they will not be allowed to do so. The help that has been given to various societies in your Earthly history is ready to be known for what and who we are – benevolent Galactic visitors who wish to help you see your ascension out and help mitigate any potential negative happening that would impact Life on a widespread level.


This has been our creed for so very long, and we have looked toward the Earth with the pure Love that is garnering the wish and drive to assist you all and see to it that you are able to find the vibrations we delightfully exist in.


We have, of course, stopped things from entering the atmosphere of the Earth before, and we have prohibited the exploding of any weapons in space as well; which the cabal heads and the souls who used to employ them have attempted to use in a warlike manner.


While the collective’s general complacency to underground nuclear testing has temporarily rendered us unable to completely stop such things from happening, we can still mitigate the scope of what has been manifested as a result and we are working actively from the positions we are in to help your planet find healthy and vibrant states of being, while the dear unaware humans upon Her surface continue to hurt Her.


Collective awareness will be garnered in the time ahead, and we ask you all to continue pushing forward to bring forth the future and the Light you are beginning to find, which will be anchored and radiated by a plethora of fellow awakening souls. You will do well at this time to find the lightening vibrations that will permeate your minds and hearts if you allow them to, and those of you who are beginning to grow more fully into your roles are advised to embrace such roles and see what such an embrace will garner for you in the avenue of assisting the Earth.


You will find yourselves able to do so very much from the positions you are in to anchor and spread truth and Light, and many of you will be able to understand yourselves as natural conduits for the energies and concepts expressed routinely from higher dimensional sources as you grow into the understanding that you are and have always been a being of naturally higher dimensional consciousness.


You have forgotten your multidimensional nature and the fact that you are indeed able to traverse various realms, dimensions and planes of existence upon garnering a true higher dimensional perspective, and while the evolution of each of us is “fixed” in a sense according to the specific dimensional growth path we have all laid out for ourselves to undergo, we (and you) are able to take new paths and directions if we wish and upon reaching certain strides in our higher dimensional growth, we will unlock and be able to traverse various realms and planes of existence that we had previously not realized existed or were lurking below our perception and understanding.


It can be akin to the video games that are played on your dear Earth. Upon reaching the end of the game, you are able to unlock new things and interact with the game and its characters in different ways. For some, this makes the end of the game more fun and worth exploring and playing far after the game has been completed. In a similar vein, your dimensional growth and understanding never stops and you are increasingly introduced to new things; new elements; new ways of Living and being and new landscapes that you find yourselves increasingly resonating with.


For example; you dear souls who have resonated specifically with the realms and limitations of the third dimension for so long are now finding an awakening and unlocking new realities that are attainable within yourselves, and as you increasingly adjust yourselves to purer states of consciousness and the resulting awareness and understanding garnered from them, you are introduced to new higher dimensional concepts and ideas that many of you integrate happily and begin to fashion aspects of your Lives around.


Certainly, a soul who is caught up in the unawareness of third density will not know fully of the concepts of a merkaba or a portal (among other things). The concepts of the third eye or the heart chakra do not yet seem within the grasp of some souls who are still existing within the veils and barriers of the lower dimensions, but every soul will find their personal awareness growing in ways that act in accordance with their Life paths and the methods of growth they have set out for themselves to experience Life based upon.


Each of you are discovering your natural ability to be and express the beautiful Creator Light that we all truly are and can feel within, and the increase in our ship sightings and the phenomena we are able to perform before you, such as mitigating the potential devastating effects of a meteor, will lead your collective increasingly to question the very idea of our existence and if it is not something to be laughed about after all.


So many souls who have seen the very subject of our existence as silly or laughable will begin to understand that there is a very real benevolent Galactic force on humanity’s side, and we are openly interested in connecting with you and helping you along a planned evolution that we will tell you every bit about.


We are here with you all and this will become apparent as the ongoing collective drive for truth and answers leads to a full breakthrough of disclosures and revelations concerning our existence, the personal contacts we have made and the miracles we (and you) are able to perform on your world which will be inpouring.


There is so much evidence that has been hidden, which will be fully disclosed and as we have spoken of before, the Akashic Records will be utilized and relied upon in part for the delivering of disclosure; because in the Akashic Records all is known and recorded unto an energetic template of Universal memory and knowledge.


Nothing done in your reality can be hidden away, and this will be proven when we utilize the Akashic Records to show you much of what the very small nano-like technology we’ve also employed to keep an eye on your cabals during their most secretive of meetings and get-togethers have shown us. You will see that the actions of tyranny and control have always been known and recorded and will certainly not go unanswered to.


Everything will come to light, and the actions of the cabals will be displayed to you dear souls in a manner that will makes allowance for your hopeful forgiveness of these souls and their actions. The forgiveness of the cabal heads on the part of humanity has been discussed before, and we like many others encourage you dear souls to find the higher dimensional forgiveness in yourselves that will see you excelling along your growth and ability to find unity with your common man.


The cabal heads have perceived themselves as better and more intelligent than you dear souls, and they will find in time that those beliefs have been hollow and based purely in an egotistical and service-to-self based mindset that will only stall them in their growth and keep them in a place of misery and contempt for the flourishing Life around them.


While they and the lower astral beings who have employed them have fought quite hard to maintain the lower energies and the negativity they themselves experience in every moment, the lightening vibrations and the many, many efforts of channeling these vibrations through to the surface and unto the core of your dear Earth, are seeing that the timeline wherein all of humanity move into the Light and find a collective ascension is adhered to.


The cabal heads know deep within that they are on their last legs, and many of their perspectives are being worked on continually so that the darkness and negativity driving their misaligned ambitions is turned into a neutrality, which we hope to lead to an understanding of the need to transform themselves and their perspectives over to the side of the Light fully so that their families can find a great ease in expressing their own Creator Light, rather than remaining slaves to a system many of them find themselves decreasingly agreeing with.


Indeed, the lightening vibrations are and will be affecting the vibrations of the Illuminati families, and what they have previously been able to get away with will not only be exposed but will never be allowed to happen again. Chemtrails will no longer pollute the skies of too many areas of your world where the collective density and complacency to understanding or taking an interest in what is being sprayed in your skies is still allowing their spraying.


Awareness is meant to be raised in the areas experiencing the worst of chemtrail-related pollution, and as well in every area experiencing pollution as a result of the cabal’s actions in the various different forms they have taken to contain citizens who are awakening and beginning to expose what they have been doing.


While you and your planet are indeed moving into the new paradigm, some of the actions of the cabals that have been mitigated or neutralized altogether by we Galactic souls or another facet of the Light Forces simply need to be exposed, and we are relying on your dear souls in the areas you are still experiencing chemtrails and other forms of cabal-instated pollution, to actively expose what is going on and attempt to gear the collective interest toward these subjects as much as possible.


This will not be for the purposes of instilling fear into the minds or hearts of any soul but will rather, be about raising awareness and facilitating an understanding that you the sovereign humanity must be aware of what your governing bodies and the people claiming to be acting in your interests are doing in every single moment. It is important for you to know exactly what is going on, and the transparency in government that is essential to be shown will be established as the old ways of doing business and governing and running your world make way for the implementation of (temporary) governments, who will truly work in the best interests of humanity.


Souls from all different backgrounds will step up in the time ahead and offer themselves to the ascension and just governing of the Earth, and these souls will show the complete transparency that will help you dear souls to know they are genuinely working for you and not in the interests of any private or corporate entity.


Corporations as you know them now will not run in the manner that they have, and a needed abundance and higher standard of Living for every soul upon your world will be established. Well after the disclosure of our existence and the many disclosures that will follow, we will be able to be with you dear souls and bask in the joyful and blissful vibrations you will have collectively Created by that point; as you will have even further geared yourselves toward the rebuilding of your world in every facet you will find is necessary for you to do so.


Curmudgeon souls who will initially rebel against the establishing of a new paradigm and a new way of Living for every soul on your world to enjoy and benefit from will find themselves and their perspectives accepted and Loved in the time ahead, as the entire collective learns to accept each other despite the difference in beliefs or ideologies.


Religion has been on one of the largest points of collective misunderstanding and instated division, separation and resulting warfare which in many cases, is started over a simple difference in interpretation from one culture to another.


You dear souls have so very much to unite over and yet, you have been taught to rebel and fight against each other for Living in different places, being of different races or simply possessing differences in beliefs or opinion. Your potential to grow into a wonderful and harmonious future is so great, which is why we are here to offer each of you the individual assistance you feel you may require to undergo the individual awakenings that will see you able to assist the collective in finding the perspectives needed for you all to move fully into the Light.


We have so very much to tell you indeed about the unfolding ascension of your Earth and about the increasingly-active role we are taking in making ourselves known and helping you along your Life paths.


We do not ask for you to gear-up your expectations in a manner that could garner disappointment if such expectations are not Lived up to, but with your continual realizing of positivity and your continual commitment to the work so many of you find yourselves performing at this time, you the Lightworker and human collective are making it much easier for us to find an entrance into the collective vibrations and we hope for this to very shortly be reflected in your mainstream media.


While so many within the media are still resistant to the idea of discussing our presence and are claiming to their colleagues that the collective of humanity “just won’t be prepared to hear it”, we are becoming increasingly convinced with the welcomes we’re already receiving that we will be able to go ahead with the disclosures and revelations if they are given in a gentle enough manner, yet in a manner that takes the timeframe you are (adhering to) into account.


There is so very much that needs to be said and done alike, and your momentum has taken you so very far as you continue to far surpass the boundaries and limitations that former aspects of yourselves had set for you before you found the awakenings facilitating the work you are now doing, and we do indeed plan to step up to the plate in response to the continual and driven actions of each one of you to get together and work from your respective positions.


The new paradigm will brim with unity and understanding between each of you, and the fifth dimensional surface of your Earth is continuing its descent unto your third and fourth dimensional realities. As the energies bordering this reality continue to reach you, the dense energies that have driven and enforced the lower dimensional experience and the veils and barriers of humanity are finding themselves transmuted and as a result, everything is being shaken up or, as you may term it, “flipped upside down” as these transmutations begin seeping into and affecting the Lives of each one of you.


What this means for many of you personally is that the old paradigm you have kept established and fed in yourselves is no longer in resonation with the reality descending down upon you now.


You are integrating massive and purely-awesome amounts of your higher selves unto your bodies and spirits at this time and truly, your ascended selves are preparing to exist on this Earth again with the full consciousness that you have always possessed and that you will be able to access and feel as it continues making itself known within you.


Indeed, ascended perspectives are already being garnered in a plethora of Earth souls who have found the natural understanding of their multidimensional abilities, and the telepathic abilities and heart-access so many of you find growing within yourselves will burst into a full-on experience and Creation of higher and purer planes of reality.


The resulting perspective you will find in yourselves will be unparalleled, and an aspect of your infinite abilities we expect many of you will enjoy will be your ability to traverse any time period in your Earthly history and study and explore such a time.


We feel the eagerness in many of you to see and feel what certain areas of your Earth were like in certain time periods, and we have noted as well the interest in many of you who would like to get back to certain ancient civilizations and witness the contacts we made and attempted to make. You will be able to do all of this and so very much more, and you will find yourselves able to travel to distant and far away Galaxies using advanced, conscious craft that will respond to every thought and impression you give out.


Our craft are indeed conscious facets of our collective, and this is so for every other race of our Federation as well. Specific Sirian souls inhabit (incarnate unto) specific scout ships or Motherships, for example, and we work with the consciousness aboard our ships to fly around or float and specifically, to mitigate pollution manifested and fed on your Earth.


Of course, as has been said we can only do so much to mitigate pollution, which is why we will again encourage you dear souls to get active in exposing everything that continues to be done.


So very much is happening that you will begin to find out about and we are indeed excited about the ongoing developments on Earth at present, which is why we are offering our communications and energies in hopes that the latent excitement we have imparted unto them will be felt and expressed within you, in manner that makes allowance for the understanding that even when we are on your Earth, we will be there to assist and not to lead.


Trust us, dear souls; you will have no problems taking the lead and receiving assistance while working yourselves on every facet of rebuilding your world. Yes, rebuilding your world has been spoken of so very much and will continue to be, and the importance of doing so will be stressed in your mainstream media as abundance is given to all and higher dimensional technology that has been previously shelved is released; some of which will see you able to completely cleanse aspects of your societies that have hurt the Earth and you for far too long.


For example; you will utilize technology from us that funnels your collective cleansing vibrations through to a polluting area, and these vibrations will themselves begin much of the cleansing of such area. You will add to these vibrations continually with your collective energies, and you will meditate and funnel the specific healing and cleansing energies through yourselves that will mitigate much of the pollution that will have stopped being fed by this time.


We know that this explanation does not cover every facet of the cleansing of every area being polluted on the Earth and there will indeed be much work to do, but you will find with you technology that you could have received and benefited from long ago, that this work will be much easier because of and will not require the physical labor that would perhaps be expected of a job as monumental as the complete restoration of every facet of Gaia.


There are so many unspoiled areas of dearest Gaia’s surface, and we ask for you all to learn from these places and see and feel the beauty prevalent within them, and recognize that all of Earth can and will reflect the harmonious vibrations of Source. You too will reflect and feed these vibrations in a continual manner, and you will possess the truly uninhibited and free perspectives that the higher realms will have to offer you.


You will access and feel this and at the same time, everybody around you will have tapped into it.


We ask you dear souls to imagine the harmony of Living on a world where all enjoy each other’s presence; each other’s company. We ask you to visualize a world where every man has put in their own time and effort to establish society in accordance with their and the collective’s views. Imagine and feel a world where the ideals and influence the few behind the curtain do not decide the doctrines established for all to Live by.


You are moving into this future gracefully at this time, and the more that you can know and feel this in yourselves the closer you will draw yourselves toward this very future. It is waiting to be felt and accessed again by you all; hence the call for you to visualize and radiate the vibrations driving this future so that you can bring it forth via your natural Creation abilities.


Pay attention to the encoded impressions so many of you have long begun to receive upon laying your beautiful heads down for sleep at night, and as well upon waking up in the morning and finding your dreams and the metaphysical realities and impressions you can receive quite strengthened.


You are making quite a’ many astral and Galactic travels as pure spirit energy whilst your bodies lay sleeping, and you maintain an active link and connection to your bodies when performing these travels.


Upon readying yourselves to enter your bodies to awake for the next day of Earthly responsibilities and experiences, you allow yourselves to dip down into your personal astral realms, wherein you and the aspects of your higher selves assisting in your ascension Create specific dreamtime scenarios for you to experience, which contain encrypted lessons meant to assist you along your physical (and spiritual) growth from one frame of consciousness to another.


You are given specific lessons in your dreamtime that are related to ongoing happenings in your third dimensional Lives, and you will find as you evolve to a state of merged experience of your outer and inner realms, that this assistance continues to be given.


Even we at times look to the Ascended Master collective and a few other collectives and individuals who have traversed similar lesson as us when they experienced our dimensional growth, for assistance related to the ongoing ascension of the Earth and of other planets and these souls, who are also bent on serving others, have delightfully given such help and have also given much of themselves to assisting Earth and helping you all personally.


We are all here for you and as so many souls will begin to report experiencing our sips and in the future, having the personal contacts that will become both prevalent and understood; the future humanity is to move into is indeed much different than what could be expected or even predicted at this point. Even we, while possessing a perspective of knowing some of the key and crucial things that are set to manifest which will set the chain of dominos toppling, cannot give concrete predictions as to exactly what is about to happen; as we are looking upon potentials that are being decided by the collective and individual humanity.


You are looking upon potentials within subconscious echelons of your existence, and either with your heart or your mind, deciding which potential you are going to enter. We ask you to realize and openly interact with this connection, and we request as well for you to get together as a collective and request an access to these very potentials we speak of.


If you find yourselves opened up to the point of being able to feel, assimilate and interact with higher dimensional energy, we will come to you and help you to discern the potential futures you could collectively help the Earth move into and we will help you choose what you feel is best for your collective.


We speak to you in such a manner of giving you the full responsibility to Create and manifest, because your freewill has allotted it to be so and the collective society you are to establish will know the few yet collectively-understood laws and ways to Live by, which are largely based in the Golden Rule.


As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express gratitude to our scribe and to each one of you who “hang in there” and absorb communications from us that tend to be long-winded. We have noted this in the minds and hearts of many of you dear souls who absorb our communications, and we give you as much as we can in any given moment so that we can help further accelerate the already-flourishing collective awakening taking place.


As your collective comes to find that unity, Love and positivity are building blocks for a Galactic society, you will develop rapidly and find your future with grace and ease.


Thank you to SanJAsKa.




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