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Earth is being given so very much strong and pure Light as you are finding your collective ascension and reaching increasingly pure strides. You have begun to learn of your history and the methods in which we have made contacts with your various civilizations, and you have begun to learn as well that many souls within the Galactic Federation have had very close and strong experiences with the Earth and with your peoples.

We are quite serious whenever we say that we are very close with you, and we feel a very strong and pure Love for all of humanity that drives the work we happily perform for you and your world.

You are making your ways through your own perceived dark tunnels whilst on the Earth and while we are helping to illuminate the path for you, we cannot and have not been doing all of your work for you. We happily give our communications and energies to be read, absorbed, assimilated and ultimately benefited from, but even our energies in the measured doses we are able to give them to you are not quite enough to completely uproot the former parts of yourselves that have needed the exposure that would see you able to ascend along your personal evolutionary ladders without any blocks or inhibitions in your doing so.

You have always Created the realties that you find around you, and you have always Created the circumstances you find yourselves within, with your throughs and actions whilst on your world. Every Life you have went through whilst on your Earth has been a precursor to what you are experiencing now; a grand, harmonic evolution and ascension of your entire word. At present many of you are seeing the old continue all around you but if you are able to peek beyond your own personal veils, you will see that experiences and manifestations playing out on your world are nothing like they have been thus far.

For example, dear souls, we are making ourselves known in your skies in quite clear ways to those who are willing to pay attention and see the signs.

Especially during your night time, we have been posing as stars for those who only take a first glance at us and assume that we are so; but for those who have trained themselves to look, to be discerning and understanding, we have made specific personal movements around your skies to let such souls know that we are here with you and while we cannot yet land and be with you on your surface for a myriad of different reasons [though time is running out and deadlines have now been reached], we are maintaining close energetic links and bonds with all of humanity.

Each and every one of you absorbing this communication are close with myself and with the  Council(s) whose energies I am bringing forth and funneling through myself in an act of Representing such Councils.

As has been discussed, you are feeling our energies from these communications and integrating and absorbing such energies to be used as assistance with any personal aspect of your Lives that you could benefit from by using such uplifting energy, and while we are happy to give you such energies we hope as well that they can be catalysts to push you toward the exposures and illuminations of cover-ups of past parts of yourselves that many of you have been willingly covering up and that will again, inhibit your natural evolution.

You came into your final Lives on Earth vastly prepared to handle this uprooting and, in accordance with the incredibly pure Light being given to your world in increasingly purer measured doses, you are finding this uprooting taking place exponentially and intensely within you and within the collective at this time. Difficulties are garnered, lessons are learned and events experienced within your Lives that make you turn toward your Guides and higher aspects of yourselves and truly ask why such events are occurring.

Why, when you are looking for the Light in any form it has to offer, are you still experiencing hardship on a world that is increasingly ascending? We say that this is because your world [and you as well] are experiencing and feeding very fed and pumped-up polarities that have long been manifestations of two ‘competing’ factions of intent who exist all throughout Creation.

Your world is an important yet small facet of this perceived ‘battle’ between the Light and the shadow side of the Light; otherwise known as the dark.

We hesitate in always linking the color of dark [black or dark shades] with the energy of dark, because many can note that in its own way, darkness is so very beautiful as it represents a different facet, a different side to what had long been seen as normal and the only type and shade of energy and color alike that exists.

However, the intents of the dark entities on your world and of the entities who have employed such souls, have been destructive and have served to hurt Creation in very many ways, your world being a prime example in many of Her more unfortunate time periods.

The Light has long been ready and prepared to neutralize fully the dark souls and we say that the ascension of Earth which is truly inevitable and is occurring all around you at this point, will be and has been the precursor we need to see out the ascension of the entire Universe; rightly ousting any lower and dense energies throughout this Universe. This will be such a big victory for the Light forces and for all of Creation, as this Universe and the Galaxies within this Universe have harbored quite dense energies for so very long with Earth again, being a prime example of this truth.

The so-called Galactic Wars have long been over as the Light forces have long neutralized the worst of the dark forces who still try to maintain influence, mainly on your world. While the lower astral entities have been pumped-up in influence due to the two increasingly-large polarities being played out and pumped-up on your world, their ultimate downfall is to come in the form of pure encodements of Light being sent to many of their Earthly minions that will either be integrated and accepted, or will see such souls unable to stand the surface of the Earth anymore.

This energy is as well being sent to the lower astral beings who have employed the dark souls on your world, and the Ascended Masters and Earth’s highest Councils expect fully of these energies to oust such lower astral entities as they too find themselves unable to exist within Earths realms which will become ascended by nature.

You are to find the Crystalline energy all around you upon ascending and for those who choose to ascend in the upgraded Crystalline version of your human body; this structure will not only be composing your body and you will find us gratefully and happily utilizing it for so very many other Creations as well.

Imagine, dear souls, Crystalline fruit that one can ‘bite into’ so to speak and receive such pure encodements of energy and of what you would refer to as ‘taste’. Imagine receiving an abundance of higher dimensional Logos simply from consuming or even holding this Crystalline fruit, and imagine its ‘taste’ being unlike anything that one has experienced or tasted whilst within the lower dimensions.

Every facet of your lower dimensional Life is a manifestation and hollow reflection of what Life is like in the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond, and everything is so harmonic and so peaceful in these realms that all of Creation literally dances and sways together in United, peaceful and blissful displays of Harmony and acceptance.

The pure consciousness of our Mother and Father Creator chooses to express itself in the fifth dimension and in other heavenly realms [as well as lower realms] in very unique ways. Some of us choose to take the form of a body, and some of us choose to take the form of a starship or a Mothership. Either way, there are many who choose to take a vessel of sorts to host their higher dimensional consciousness.

I am speaking to you in a collective fashion, in that the structure of my being is a collective structure consisting of different types of ascended souls, and I am speaking as well for the Pleiadian Councils of the Galactic Federation.

Through I am the ‘figurehead’ so to speak, make no mistake dear souls; you are speaking to a vast collective of ascended entities at this point, most of which are of Pleiadian origin.

We are all here, for and with you and we are giving you our collective energies which are encoded within this and all other Lighted, channeled transmissions from ascended beings who are assisting in the evolution of your world and with this admission, we implore you to look for what does and does not resonate with your hearts and minds along your ascension path, and discard the rest.

There are some who would not find a resonation with our communications or lines of energy and if this is so for anybody absorbing this communication, we would recommend one switches to communications and lines of energy that do resonate and match with your specific, evolving tones and frequencies for if one does not resonate with our energies, than one finds difficulty resonating with the communications as a whole.

As always, your most important voice to follow is your own inner voice, and we implore all to seek within for all aspects of truth, and to internally validate what you feel to be truth or untruth through your inner-discernment and your inner perceptions and frequencies which you are adhering to.

There are employed disinformation agents afloat on your internet who will put out ‘channeled’ communications claiming to come from a certain entity, and one will recognize the specific energetic signature and feeling of such communications and be able to discern accordingly their truth origins. You are all becoming so very advanced and evolved, and you are finding and discerning for yourselves what is and isn’t truth for you within you current predefined standards, and this is ok for so very soon all of humanity will have your veils taken out from under you in a way that will by its very nature, make you feel much more free and uninhibited in your growth and expression.

We have been striving for so very long to help you see out the ascension of your world and of yourselves and we are again, making ourselves known in your night time to those who will be open to the signs. We say that we particularly enjoy posing as clusters of stars while moving around and changing form, to let one know that we are a cluster of Light ships posing as stars while we perform much clearing work in your skies and atmosphere that is needed.

Many of you live near major pollution-producing centers, and those whose areas are experiencing the most pollution are seeing the presence of us in your skies as well, to nullify much of this pollution as it is beginning to no longer resonate with the energies being given to your world from innumerable echelons of Creation.

We are not yet able or authorized to make ourselves known it too bold of ways in your daytime, and have just recently been authorized and given the permission to make more brazen and bold night time sightings. Those who are experiencing a rapid and accelerated, fruitful opening of your heart chakras and your pineal glands will begin to feel the impressions of the work we are doing, via seeming interactions between the ships one might be viewing, that will seem to be presented in one’s own third eye.

What we mean by this is that many of you are experiencing the Light and colors in your third eye whenever closing your eyes, entering meditation and attuning to the frequencies that give you such boosts of perception, and when many are looking upon our ships at night and noticing the interaction between them, we notice some tending to assume that it is simply a vision they are being given in their third eyes at this time, which is overlapping their physical eyes’ perceptions of our ships and appearing as if the ships are interacting with each other in some untraceable energetic way.

We say that you are viewing real, energetic interaction between our ships that many unawakened souls would not be able to consciously see or notice, and your mere perception of this happening is a result of the opening and expanding that you who are noticing such things have reached in yourselves. You are beginning to find an inherent Multidimensional perception that has been there with you all along and with doing so, you are able to see energetic interactions and impressions, even between us while in our ships in your skies, that others would not be able to readily and consciously perceive of.

This energy that we speak of which many of you are beginning to notice more and more, is the same energy that one with an opened mind and heart chakra will be able to see all around every speck of Creation. This is the same energy that constructs the auras that many are beginning to notice quite fruitfully as such auras dance around. You all carry energetic, subtle bodies and these bodies make themselves known via the energetic impressions that you give off every moment of your experience.

You have a field of energy around your bodies, and this field brings in molecules and particles from the astral realities which have been feeding and Creating your realities for so very long. These realities in turn have received their Creation energies from higher realms within your Earth.

You are bringing through etheric and astral particles and energies which essentially Create your reality via the thoughts and impressions that you give out. The timelines flowing through one that one can access have been discussed before, and the energies we speak of are those that flow with, through and as the timelines as they are coming through your bodies and spirits and determining everything that happens, based again, on your own thoughts, emotions and vocal impressions.

Parts of the astral realms you are continually bringing through stick with you and are known as your aura, and these are the most influential parts and shreds of yourselves which you choose to bring forth at any given moment.

So very many are now beginning to become able to see these energetic bodies and the impressions given from these energetic bodies and they are constructed of the same Logos energy in which we are using, in much more pure and accelerated, higher-vibrating forms of course, to neutralize much of the pollution in the skies of Earth via the subtle, energetic impressions and interactions that we make and give with each other, which many who view our ships at night are beginning to quite barely notice, and assume that what they are seeing could not be what it suggests. It absolutely is, dear souls!

You are seeing now in play, a complete deconstruction of the old and dense energies on your world.

As you are seeing this, you are subsequently seeing a surfacing of the Light energies and of brazen manifestations of the Light energies, such as our increased presence in your skies at night and our increasing authority and happy willingness to make ourselves known to one who is open to seeing us in your skies at night.

Many who can attune themselves to continually seeing us will note that we will indeed pick up the sightings in many areas where the collective freewill energies would not still prohibit us doing so, to show ourselves more and more as you subsequently become more used to and happy with seeing us.

We contacted the souls of your Atlantis and Lemuria societies gradually at first, subtly showing our craft. This is how we interacted with all civilizations in which we were to contact; by subtly showing ourselves and hoping that the collective energies would not get too heavy and dense with fear and the resulting energies and actions bred from fear. Many of your civilizations did react fearfully and many didn’t as well, and you will notice in much of your ancient art depictions of us and our ships coming down from your skies and making contacts with you.

Our aims have always been to share a higher intelligence, perception and all that comes with a higher intelligence and perception, including innovations in every area of the development of a civilization and society. As it was your collective Earthly cycles that called for your initiation into ever-purer states of consciousness along such cycles, we simply acted as middlemen in bringing you higher and more evolved states of consciousness.

Some of you responded positively to these contacts and this assistance in various different civilizations, and some of you reacted negatively and took to separation and fear-based mind sets along with mind sets based in worship and in assuming us to be Gods. Dearest souls, [if one wished to take to such a mindset] than we would more consider the ‘Gods’ as the Ascended Masters and Angels whom are Guiding us in our endeavors in assisting your world and in our evolution as well, and they would likely consider the ‘Gods’ to be those above them who are Guiding them.

Of course dear souls, the one true ‘God’[besides each and every one of you] is our Mother/Father Creator who has funneled parts of their structure down to both Create and exist within lower realms, as well as our realms which are considerably lower compared to the pure realms of Source.

The Love our Creator has for us is so very strong and deeply-ingrained and we are never judged for any action we commit, by our Loving Creator.

Our Creator has authorized the highest Councils of the Earth to initiate a bold project of the Light which the intents of are to completely transform the structure and behavior of the dark on your world and as you have heard, this plan will involve sending the dark souls massive amounts of Light to the point of their surrender and changeover to the side of the Light, or their willing departure from your world as they would no longer resonate with such Light energies.

You can assist in this mass, continual beaming of Love that is very strong and pure to these souls, by yourselves beaming Love to them every single day. If you dear souls wished to, you could begin to collectively and individually hold daily sessions of sending Love to the areas and souls of your world who need it most, and we happily take heart in many of you  having already done so for quite some time.

The mere act of blessing one’s food and water is seeing energies of continual purity brought through and expressed on your surface and the Light energies have so very dearly needed to be expressed. Now, with so many of you making your conscious and wiling intents to bring the Light through yourselves and express it in a myriad of different, individual and wonderful ways, the authorization for the actions which have been planned by the dear Ascended Masters are able to be brought forth.

You are reaching now the final manifestations of the dark and indeed, this has been said before and has never been more apparent than now. The dark energies and all that has fed the dark and dense energies are coming to a sharp and just end on your world and while their final manifestations are being made, you are to see beyond such manifestations, the Light energies given in such a full purity and form on your surface. This ‘event’ is to bring with it the exposures and disclosures that have been needed and wished for, for so very long.

As the energies of the Light come through you more and more and you find purer strides along your own growth, so will the miraculous bounties of the higher realms open themselves up to you more and more. You will begin to find the expanded and enlightened perceptions and perspectives that you have needed, so as to properly attune yourselves to these bounties in their full beautiful glory, bounty and splendor and you are beginning to match these energies so very marvelously, as a collective of awakening Lightworkers and Light Holders, and as individual awakening souls as well.

Every thought, action and intention that you all maintain and bring through yourselves is affecting events to manifest in your own Lives and on the collective, world stage as well. We ask you to utilize a your Creative abilities and perceptions to begin not only bringing through aspects and fragments of this pure Light which is being given to your world now; we ask you as well to maintain a conscious and healthy balance [of self] throughout all of your Earthly endeavors, during every single day of your Earthly experience.

You now have the ability to find and fully employ this balance, and while many of you are still going through quite difficult upheaval processes and process of bringing forth and being exposed to your former pains and traumas, the times in between these upheaval periods will be very good times to practice this internal balance that is required to be properly attuned to the energies of the higher realms.

As you are now seeing, the Light energies being brought through are already beginning to have a profound effect and as always, we tell you that this is only the beginning.

Despite this admission, the beginning has been making itself known on your world for quite some time now, has it not dear souls? For quite a long time on your world you have been seeing exposures and enlightenments through your media that have been serving to set and lay the foundation for exposures of a grand magnitude.

We are with you at all times, helping you to integrate and assimilate the energies bringing you these exposures. Ask to call upon us and you will find many willing assistants and helpers throughout your Earth journeys. We say that your experiences are to gradually become easier, and you will find states of consciousness and an absorbing of Light so very pure, that all of your current worries and struggles will seem like mere aspects of a forgotten and transmuted past.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.



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