Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Nine-Part 3

                                                                          Reportes of M. Gargha Kuichines


  1. Distributed the 2000 copies of the "Perfect Matrimony" among the different schools

and spiritual centers of Colombia, South and Central America, the Master was already transcribing

from the internal worlds his second work, "The Revolution of Beel". ( Revolution of Beelzebub ) 

I was an eyewitness to many events narrated there, above all the "Millennium", which

recounts the events of this time and about other many trascendental happenings . This work came out in

month of October 1950, that is, four months after the "Perfect Matrimony" or "Door of

entrance to the Initiation".

In June 1951 "The Zodiacal Course" was released, which came out in mimeograph; and in the year 1952,

while the master was in jail, he wrote "Secret Notes of a Guru", which was published that

same year. Worked very hard, since it was the order of the Venerable White Lodge.

  1. One time in 1953 the Master told me:

-Take a pencil and paper and draw: They took me to a mountain, a blue deep sky was shown to me, without any stars; next to that deep sky a new sky was seen

Studded with stars, it's a clear sky. An angel directs that new heaven. At the bottom

Shine four Angels, representing the angels who directed four past epochs ( races ) and in the

center the Fifth Angel of the Apocalypse, the Warrior of Mars; and in the middle of the deep sky

The Lion of the Law comes in an attitude of attack.

At the end he asked me:

-Show me what you drew!, and I said:

- Master, I barely have the notes.

"Well," he said, "now it's your turn to convert the annotations into a graph." I immediately went into action, the days and weeks went by and nothing came of it. I asked for enlightenment to

my Beloved Father , to the Masters who directed me and immediately it occurred to me to speak with

a fellow Rotarian, specializing in Heraldry. That fellow told me to do it

consist of four equal parts. I searched for the agreed form of shield.

In the first painting, the upper part, I drew the new sky studded with stars and in the center a

star , and in the four corners four five-pointed stars.

The other three I dedicated to the deep sky and in the center of that sky to the Lion of the Law in

attack attitude .

I drew it in colors, presented it to the Master, and he said: "That's right."

This is how the emblem of the Gnostic Movement remained, the Gnostic shield. Later we were given the red and white

flag .

  1. In Ciénaga, the Master changed his house many times, as he was persecuted by the

minions of hygiene, since he lived on the medicine of plants and ointments.

Living in the southern beaches, on the outskirts of the city, where he had to live to avoid the

persecution against him unleashed for being an untitled doctor, his disciples visited him there,

which aroused a lot of curiosity among the neighbors and soon they were denouncing it.

One of those days I visited him at lunchtime. When I entered the patio door,

It caught my attention to see a sleeping dog between the stove, made with three simple stones between the

that the firewood was placed for cooking; my friend Arnolda his wife washing clothes and her little children

playing on the ground.

I entered the living room of the house and found the Master sleeping on some boards supported by two

small wooden benches The picture was bleak, I turned to him and asked him:

- What are you doing, Master, there on that table? - And he answered me:

-A forced fast. To which I replied: - and how is a forced fast? -and he told me:

-A forced fast is when there is not with what. I immediately remembered the puppy sleeping in

the stove and I said:

-Master, but I have with what -and I took out what I had in my pocket: $3 ,oo , and I handed it over to him.

He called his priestess wife and she responded and came to where we were; he gave her

that money saying to her: "Negra already there is so". She left for the market, which was not very

away from that place and after a while he returned with raw food to cook.

then the Master invited me to

participate in that banquet, which was very tasty and pleasing to the palate.

Many conjectures like this one fluttered in my earthly mind: Why does this Man who knows a lot

Does he have to live so poorly? If I don't arrive today, there will be no lunch for him neither his

family , and I asked him the question:

- Master, and you don't worry about tomorrow? -and he answered me:

-And what do you want me to worry about? -and I told him:

-To know how you will do tomorrow to be able to eat -and he answered me:

-Why do you want to damage this banquet with such pessimistic ideas? The truth is that we are

enjoying this succulent broth, why bring ideas that are not relevant? -and I told him:

-Master, it is that you must think about how you will do tomorrow to eat again. -And he fearlessly

Told me :

-Tell me one thing, how many children do you have? - and I replied:

-Four children -and he told me:

-Well, are your children worried about what they are going to eat tomorrow?



-Because they have me, that I am their father, and they trust their father. -And he told me:

-It happens to me exactly, I have my Father and I trust him, he will know what he feeds me

And of it my wife and children eat it.

  1. On many occasions I was put to prudence tests in the internal worlds and I came out on top

all of them.

On any given day, walking down a street I told the Master, who accompanied me:

-Master, internally they put many prudence tests on me and I have come out well in all of them,

which answered me:

-I congratulate you, because generally we grow old by committing imprudence.

When the Master told me this, on the  busy street with a lot of shops then appeared, a

passenger bus that almost covered the narrow alley, I moved to one side of the sidewalk or  and the

car passed skimming me. I tried to see the Master and he got lost, I looked up from the

sidewalk , about two meters high or more and there he was. Asked:

- Master, were you afraid? -and he answered me:

-I was prudent, and since I trust my prudence more than that of that driver I know,

i used mine.

Here is a great lesson.

  1. When I was barely four years old on the path, I had to see internally the

vestals of the Temple who danced happily; I was very surprised to see that being

naked they had a vaporous fabric, a kind of tulle that covered their breasts, sex and buttocks, those

fabrics in soft colors always covered them from my sight.

I asked the Master about the vestals: - Master, do the vestals of the Temples dance closed? -and he answered me:

"  The vestals dance naked," and I replied:

-Why do I see them dancing closed? -and looking me in the eyes he answered me:

-Because you are pig internally. Despite that strong saber blow I asked him:

-And when will I be able to see them as you see them? -he answered me:

-When you shall be  chaste, pure and holy, in thought, word and deed.

Then it took about fourteen years to see them dance without any dress and it seemed to me something

nature . The Mater was very severe with me in the instruction

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