SaLuSa 20-August-2010

Bearing in mind what you are learning about your future, we might comment on the need to keep focused on it, and do not allow earthly matters todistract you.

As is often emphasized, the end times are simply the end of duality, and life goes onto to the next stage.

You may wonder at times what we do to fill in our time. Most of our duties are involved in studyingdata that is collected by our computers. For example we constantly monitorsites where weaponry is ready to be used. Our brief is to ensure that those ofmass destruction are not used, to the point where if they are launched we willdestroy them. We are also intent on preventing false wars, and any attempt toraise the tension between rival countries. We are holding back progress towardsany further attempts to repeat a 9/11 scenario, because as you will know thedark Ones create chaos and fear whenever they can. It is not just the GalacticFederation that are involved, but also our allies who are often placed at theheart of things. In general terms we monitor Mother Earth, so that we able topredict where and when changes will occur. That gives us time to take action tolimit the dangers, as we cannot interfere beyond the margins we are given.Mother Earth must be allowed to proceed with her Ascension, and that is coursevital if you are to go forward with her.

As we sometimes mention to you, our plans arecontinually being updated according to the feedback we get from our computersand earthly sources. We know where events are likely to proceed to but notnecessarily in detail, as a number of options usually exist. The main point isthat the outcome of this cycle is assured, and in no circumstances will that bealtered. In due course you will all learn of what is planned, and it will giveyou back your freedom and prepare you for Ascension. There are times when youfeel that there is no defense against the dark Ones, but since we know whatthey plan their threat is limited by us. Remember that we must respect the lawsof freewill, and the karmic situations that you have been responsible for.These may go back eons of time, and can be played out at any time when it isappropriate. Your reason for going through duality is to learn lessons, and itwould not help you if we shortened them.

If necessary we are on call throughout the wholeUniverse, and have millions of ships in our fleet at our disposal. There arealso millions of personnel from the different civilizations that work with us,so in fact we can spread them far and wide. They are all like us inasmuch thatthey have achieved high levels of spirituality, and live in the higherdimensions that have moved well beyond duality as you know it. So why are wehere you may ask, and the answer is that all ascended Beings act in service toother souls that are moving into the Light. Also, your whole Universe isinvolved in Ascension and that is quite an important event. Because you needhelp to ascend, what is being given to you may be looked upon asdisproportionate assistance according to your size. By other standards even inyour own solar system, you are in fact quite a small planet. However, your placein Ascension is so vital to a successful completion, that a strong focus isplaced upon the Earth and its inhabitants. This will ensure that regardless ofwhat happens in the meantime, you will succeed in reaching your goals.

Our work is not organized in the same way that youare used to experiencing. We have no need to confine ourselves to strict timesof working, although we take our responsibilities very seriously. It is ourlife, and a pleasure to serve others, and not in the least boring. We are happyat our work, and since we do not use money we have no competition for jobsbased on remuneration. All skills are employed where they can be used to ourbest advantage, and there are no square pegs in round holes. Work is not tiringas we do not experience fatigue because our bodies are more refined than yours,and we continually re-energies them from the energies around us. We can enjoysome small refreshments or light food, but that is more for pure enjoyment. Intime you will also reach such levels. Your needs are different as you have aheavy physical body to support, and eating is both essential and a pleasure foryou. However, you will find that as your new body develops, and becomes morerefined you will eat less.

As you are beginning to understand, the changes youare to experience will be far reaching and a new Human will emerge. You will gofrom the illusory lower dimensions, to the levels of spirituality that respondonly to the Light. All is in harmony and balance, unlike the imbalances youexperience upon Earth. The contrast is so great that it is hard for you toimagine moving from hell to heaven, but that is how it will strike you. Perhapsthe most impressive experience, will be feeling the love energy that pervadesthe higher dimensions, where only the truth can exist.

Bearing in mind what you are learning about yourfuture, we might comment on the need to keep focused on it, and do not allowearthly matters to distract you. What is of the old has served its purpose, andthe new is waiting to be introduced. First must come the cleansing, and therestoration of your rightful entitlement to all that is given to you for youruse by the Creator. By the time you reach the end of the cycle, you willalready well along the path to Ascension and ready to go even further. As isoften emphasized, the end times are simply the end of duality, and life goesonto to the next stage. At present you are a poor reflection of what you are destinedto be.

When you suffer your aches and pains yourdisappointments and fears, can you imagine being free from them, because thatis your promise. Duality has been a hard lesson to go through at the levels youare in, but your progress up the spiritual ladder has been phenomenal. Nowhereelse could you have achieved such results. Perhaps fortunately in some ways,you cannot remember your past lives and know how hard it has been to makeprogress. That is not important however, as it is what you take from them thatdetermines how far and how quickly you evolve. Those of you who have awakenedare able to attract the Light to you, and unless you have an exceptional lapseyou are assured of ascending.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like to give you acclaimwhere it is warranted. You are wonderful souls, that stand at the door ofrelease from all of the attachments to the lower dimension. They cannot in anyevent exist in the higher ones, and everything is being done to help you do so.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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