Earth humanity is destined to ascend and nothing will stop until this happens completely.

The forces that move towards everyone on the surface have ensured that each of you has more autonomy to choose the next steps, without so much interference from those who live in darkness.

This is the moment awaited by so many throughout the ages and the time has come for them to be face to face with their real history and importance in creation.

Gone too far have been the demands placed upon you by those who wished to imprison you in a continual siege of chaos and guilt.

You will begin to see the crumbling of narratives built and distributed over the millennia in order to keep you trapped in an ongoing cycle that, for them, was a formidable idea.

But they did not count and underestimated the power of your I AM and the ability to light up the darkness with such force that nothing would remain after being exposed to the Light.

The I AM and your CONSCIOUSNESS are loaded with power and wisdom, with sacred codes that, over time, many Ascended Masters merged with your I AM tried to reveal to you, when the mystery schools were established.

There were many sacred teachings given by many of these Masters and they, little by little, were building their Divine Temples around the planet.

Many of these temples were once physical, but with the increased activities of the dark forces on the surface, they were moved to the astral part of the planet.

They continue in full activity to help surface human beings to overcome the influences of the lower bodies and to reconnect with the power of the I AM again.

Many of these Masters, today, act divinely with their ascended bodies and you know them well, because in their astral journeys they are usually present in the Spiritual Kingdom of Shamballa, located in the etheric plane of the Gobi desert.

There you usually have many teachings about life and how to overcome the influences of the lower bodies, such as overcoming the influence of those who work in darkness.

In recent decades, a campaign has been created against some sacred topics of the Mystical and Divine Teachings of the Ascended Masters.

The intention was to create confusion and misinformation in the minds of students seeking these sacred mysteries, especially with regard to the Karmic Council, which acts by helping your planet in the process of releasing old traumas.

A group of Divine Masters, freed from the patterns of influence of inferior bodies, made themselves available to assist in this great liberation.

There is disinformation that circulates on your internet saying that the Karmic Council are not positive beings, as they would be keeping the humanity of the Earth imprisoned.

This is INCORRECT information and has a magnetism with the intention of confusing people’s heads, keeping them increasingly away from the White Fraternity and the Sacred Teachings of the Mystery Schools.

It is not up to the Karmic Council to judge or condemn anything or anyone.

That was never the intention.

Karma is not a debt that a God, authoritative and with a staff in his hand, externally imposes on the beings of creation, but is the result of the creations of thought, feeling, speech and action in the world of form and experience.

Karma is the result of using the creative power given to all beings by the Primordial Source, in the exercise of free will.

As the saying goes: “sowing is optional, but harvesting is mandatory”.

Therefore, the Masters of the Council come into action in an attempt to better assist the resolutions of bad creations, and, as many have heavy Karma, it would be impossible to transmute all these vibrations at once. Thus, “part” goes in mercy.

Not by chance, one of the Masters of the Council is the Divine Kuan Yin, Lady of Mercy.

Therefore, the Karmic Council uses the merit of each current of life and the Law of Grace and Forgiveness, so that situations occur according to yuor capacities to support them.

So, consider the Council to be a group of extreme compassion and love, and nothing else.

Can you have an idea of the grandeur of these Masters who accompany and help humanity since time immemorial?

1st Ray – Great Divine Director;
2nd Ray – Vairochana,
3rd Ray – The Goddess of Liberty;
4th Ray – Elohim Astrea;
5th Ray – Elohim Cyclopea and Pallas Athena;
6th Ray – Nothing;
7th Ray – Kuan Yin, Lord Saithru and Lady Portia.

These are the ones who make up the Key of Grace and act as Counselors of the Karmic Council, in addition to thousands of other Masters who are in their Sacred Temples, helping in human development as wise men who have already had their moment of life on Earth and have learned.

Today, they return to help those who have not yet managed to leave the incarnatory wheel: Saint Germain, El Morya, Confucius, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Rowena, Paulo Veneziano, Master Mirian, Master Vitória and so many other Masters of the Great White Fraternity who continue to radiate from their Sacred Temples in the astral part of the planet.

These beautiful beings have been in direct contact with us aboard our ships and are very active in helping Earth in transition.

You have seen a lot of seismic activity in some areas and we are working to mitigate the effects within what we are allowed to act.

Some sensitive areas of the Earth are already being monitored by our ships more than before and we have been preparing for some rescues, if this is the case.

We remind you that we do not act on our own and we respect a law that is still beyond the understanding of all of you.

As you move forward in fusion with your I AM, you will be able to understand the Macro more expanded and will not give more space to judgments or misunderstandings, since you will become ONE with THE WHOLE and will understand with the Universal Wisdom about some movements.

It was never the Creator’s will to have sufference on Earth or anywhere in this Universe and beyond.

However, He/She gave all beings the freedom to choose which experiences they wanted to have.

Little by little, you will regain awareness and responsibility for each action.

In this, you are even more prepared to assume your chairs in the not too distant future, when you will be able to ascend and transcend all the limitations of the lower dimensions.

Keep calm and have faith.

Keep working on your interior so that you are not influenced by negative energies that will try to keep your vibrations low.

You, as those who come from the highest spheres, are Key Holders and Sacred Codes who, when aware of this, disintegrate negative energies with your simple presence in tune with your I AM.

In the meantime, we will continue working with our ships and ready for any call from the Supreme Creator.

We reinforce the need to stay in tune with good and love, as Gaia continues to release her energies and tensions.

Many souls on Earth are still in a sensitive zone and they will need your loving support more than ever.

We can calculate with a great deal of accuracy when and where some earthquakes and tidal waves will occur, but we respect Gaia and do not intervene until she calls us into action.

When it happens, we will be present, always helping in whatever way we can.

So, respect and cherish the well-being of your planet, taking care of it with love and remembering that it is your home at this moment.

Gaia needs now, more than ever, her best loving energies so that she too can free herself from everything that has been imposed on her in the last 25 thousand years, at least.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, speaking of the details, you must not fear the turmoils of the Earth, but rather remain calm and confident, as this is what you came for.

It is normal that there are still people in the midst of Lightworker groups who fear Gaia’s movements, but remember that serenity and security is what will be asked the most in this end times.

Before you understand “End Times” as something negative, Armageddon or something like that, such a thing will not happen.

We mean the change of era and the new phase you are entering.

A great cycle is closing and Gaia will remodel its surface for this new moment.

Atlantis and Lemuria will emerge from the depths and the New Golden Age will begin, as your scriptures say: “Old things have passed away; behold, everything is done again”.

We of the Galactic Federation – who comprise a myriad of souls from across the Universe and beyond – find ourselves now in positive vibrations for Earth and send our love and blessings to all.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All ONE!)

Be at Peace,

Be in the Light!

**Received By Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL)


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