Greetings Brother and thank you for your call this day.

First let me say that the Collective Consciousness of Humanity is waking up in leaps and bounds. So many are beginning to question our origins and purpose for the Human experience and the reasons behind it. As each Soul begins to question greater and greater is the awakening and the awareness. So not all is as it seems and greater are the possibilities of enlightenment and expansion. This is in no small part due to work and efforts of so many past and present Lightworkers who have laid it all on the line at times to help Humanity wake up to this illusion that is playing out on your world with all its caveats and scenarios. There is nothing but ONENESS for all is from Source – All is Source and Divine is thy name. So many have moved off that peg of belief and into the soup of Truth were all that is there is revealed for the asking. The shift is in full swing and the tables are turning, so as we begin to pick up the pieces it is so important to look for the Truth and reject the lies that abound.

Humanity is and Humanity does and right now Humanity is waking up to the realization that not all is what it seems and Creation is the main driver of the Earthly experience at every level.

So I say this to you and all my dear friends that much is to be turned upside down and on its head and that is where you may find the Truth and see what lies just beneath the cover. It is a reality that has been veiled away from you with only a few who have chosen to peek through and explore the greater Truths and unlimited potential of the mind/body/Spirit that when used with intent can Create almost anything.

So my words to you one and all are this. Be excited, be in Love and be prepared to be amazed at the unveiling of the Truth and the reason for your being. You have made it through the Shift of Consciousness and are now free to rediscover all that has been lost/hidden from you in plain sight. This is not your first time having this type of experience but it is and has been the greatest feeling of separation ever experienced within the mind and facilitated by the matrix of unlimited potential’s with each Earthly experience leading you back to your history and origins as a civilization and now it is time to drop the wars and end the fighting as we all reunite in the ONENESS of Source and Celebration of the Victory of Light once more over the darkness.

It has been my deep honor and privilege to have been the one selected to represent the Aquarian age and usher in the latest paradigm of experience now unfolding at this time. The balance of Light has tilted into the abundance of Light and the reduction of dark needed to provide the Harmony and Understanding thus needed to propel Humanity into a sense of True Peace and Love for all. This has been a hard fought battle with many a twist and turn but always based in Love. So now that the time has come to unveil the Truth of this entire Earthly experience and celebrate the reuniting of the parts of the ONE and the return to the Unity Consciousness that is our True nature. So be amazed at what you see and know that it is true and as your eyes look to the skies know that we your family are coming home to get you and celebrate what has been the toughest challenge yet for any civilization/experience and as we delight in your success, please know that our Love for you has brought us to this point once more and expanded our desire to continue on Creating experiences and scenarios.

I leave you now with the Love and Blessings of Spirit

and thank you for your time this day

St Germaine

**Channel: Robert J Scarpa


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