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We all have our own path, my path may or may not be your path, just as anyone elses. When you want to "reinvent" yourself, change careers, change your wardrobe, or change your path, You look around, see something you like or that "resonates" with you and try it out. Sometimes, that career really doesn't match your talents, frustration can set in. The clothes that were just so chic or sexy or really "spoke" to you...aren't a good fit. It's the same with our paths. Someone elses path may or may not be a "good fit". Some people seem to have an "easy" path, while ours is more difficult. Each of us have our lessons to learn.  You find your path in yourself, not outside of yourself.

 I have heard so many times over the years, it's just "not fair". So and so has it so easy. First of all, nobody knows, other than that person, how easy or difficult their path is. A lesson that was easy for you to learn may be terribly difficult for someone else. As for "fairness" , nature, the universe, isn't concerned with "fairness", only balance. I'm not speaking of balance between light/dark, good/evil, these are human concepts based on a moral code influenced by whatever culture is being presented. I'm speaking of the balance of life. Nature, the universe, will maintain a balance without regard of our concept of "fairness".

~ Pandora

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