Consciously Guiding Individual Consciousness through the Music of the Spheres
Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene
Crystal Magic Orchestra.com

We are now living in the greatest time that our Mother Earth has ever known. We are living in the time of Ascension. Those who choose to be on this path of Ascension that will allow them to Turn into Light in the 18 month window of 2039-2040 must work daily to guide their thoughts and feelings to be continuously and fully aligned into the Highest Consciousness.
This Consciousness of I Am That I Am can most easily be tuned in to through the Music of the Spheres, the Sound of the Universe, the Light and Sound of all Creation. This Light and Sound that was originally created into forms, vibrations, rhythms and colors that were manifest into Stars, Suns, Galaxies and Super Novas were first formulated by the Cosmic Creators in the Creation Realm.
Our Father, God, I Am That I Am, contained within Himself all of this Creation Energy of pure Silence. However, He decided that He wanted to experience this Infinite Pure Silence and Joy, so He created a team of three million Cosmic Creator Beings to take His Light and Sound from the pure state of Silent White Light into an Infinite Spectrum of Colors, Realities, Rhythms, and Sounds.
This magnificent Consciousness that was first manifest as White Light was brought down one step into Energetic Fields that bounced off of the Crystal Pillars that the Creators built in their Cosmic Heaven. I was one of these Cosmic Creator Beings, and now is the time that many on Earth are ready to hear this story of reality because they need this understanding to help them Ascend back into this Light and Sound that they were originally made from.
Since I was a part of the team who brought my Father's glorious Pure White Light film of Creation Energy down into more tangible forms that expressed themselves into Stars and Suns and Galaxies and all of the manifestations in this Universe and all other Universes within all of my Father's Cosmic Structures, I would like to explain how we use this same pattern that was used to allow this highest, purest state of light and sound, which we call God's Music that vibrates at 400 billion nano seconds per light second down into a form a little lower than the original white light.
The first step down from the white light was our Creation Light and Sound. This essence was formed into the Rainbows created from the White Light in Infinite Forms. These Rainbows danced with the Crystal Pillars and we created this wonderful music from this dance we watched in our Creation Realm. Each of us who were on the team who wanted to focus on this wonderful phenomena of Cosmic Music Creation worked together and separately with our Creation Tools of Infinite Freedom to use Source Energy to allow I AM THAT I AM to Experience Himself in Infinite Wonder.
We could take one speck of this Cosmic Dust Powder and stream it through the Crystals to create a Liquid State of the same Music that would Sing itself into a Cosmic Stream of Liquid Light Energy. We would created Stars so that we could watch them dance within the Cosmic Streams. All of these things were created in this Creation Realm. The Cosmic Creation Orchestrators were give the duty of taking this pure, invisible God Energy and making sure that it was manufactured into a Cosmic Movie that would later be allowed to be experienced in lower realms of manifest creation.
When the Cosmic Creator Beings began working with God's Angels, we began to think about Creation a little differently. The Angels were in charge of creating Children for God to experience, while the Creator Beings were to create the homes for these children. The Creators created the perfect homes in the Creation Realm itself and then these Exact Forms of Creation where manifest into layers and layers of identical maps of the same perfect design. This was done through the technology we called the Music of the Spheres.
We created everything originally as music that included textures, rhythms, forms, colors. And these various forms of our Consciousness were glorious and perfect in design.
This original pattern was almost as etheric as the White Light of our Father. However, it was the White Light Spectrum of Reality formed down into the light and sound of golden stardust, violet pastel silver textures, glistening sparkly silver and gold woven into rainbows of infinite spectrums of light glowing within and from our Crystal Pillars. And there was a feeling of Cosmic Wind blowing through our Creations that allowed them to dance in various rhythmic designs.
Now, we are living in a time that requires those who want to ascend to design their own consciousness. The individual's consciousness must be designed to become as pure as the air of creation, as light as the Cosmic Wind blowing through their ears, and their thoughts must become as dazzling as the diamonds who became the stars that dance and dazzle in the skies.
Individual Consciousness must be re-designed to see what is here within these Spheres of Music that reflect the light from places that contain all forms of this same Cosmic Creation. Thought must be expanded to the place where it can believe that God's Angels have created children for God that live within race lines that do not look like the humanoids on this Earth.
The mind must expand to accept the forms of Reptillians, Dolphonoids, Snail People, Gazelle Flying Horses and infinite designs of entities that exist and are now living on this Earth as the Original Ones. The mind who wants to ascend must realize that there really are infinite children on every star, planet, galaxy and universe in every Cosmic Structure of this Infinite Reality of Music.
In the simple words from Inner Earth, the thoughts of those who will ascend
should be pure as the air, light as the wind, and dazzling as diamonds.
These forms of light and sound were densified a little more when the Music of the Spheres spun them down into layers that became realms of reality. There were millions and millions of these realms of reality within the Cosmic design and then in the Universal design of x-ray light and gamma energy that was originally the Cosmic Plasma Energy we used like an etheric clay to mold our designs.
These realms of the Music of the Spheres were sung into design by the Angels weaving their Consciousness into the Creator Consciousness of Manifest Creation. We densified the gamma light energy into a more tangible form of light and sound when we began creating in the Ultra Violet realm where all of the glorious creativity from the Cosmic Realm could begin to take tangible form within a Child of the Angels. This Ultra Violet Light Energy was later manifest into ideas such as the Violet Flame, the Psychic, the Light Woker who engaged in this Third Eye understanding of this Ultra Violet Blue creation in the Music of the Spheres spectrum of creation.
This Ultra Violet form of reality was then lowered into more gamma light realties of Suns within Suns and the children of the Central Sun being formed to create their own Galaxies and then form Invisible light into visible light.
This visible light became a product of the Music of the Spheres within the Galactic Realms that was then densified into the Infra Red Music that allowed Creation to be seen from both sides.
These forms of music needed to be lowered one more step in the Music of the Spheres Spectrum. This music was lowered into the Hertzian Light Energy that took on the Density of the Third Dimension that was needed for the evolution of a humanoid form to be born within this very density that was to be allowed to contain everything that was originally in our Cosmic Realm of Creation in whatever form the beings would desire. Our Father wanted these homes in the densities of tangible form to be the Garden of Eden where all of the glorious light and sound could be formed into individual creations of reality for each child to live within in perfect harmony with all of the other children on the playground.
The plan of this perfect manifestation of the Light of the Cosmos forming into the infinite densities of light through out the Universe included the Promise of Freedom for every child of God's Angels.
The one thing that our Heavenly Father will never do is to change the Promise of Freedom to do whatever we want down here.
This story of creation can be read in great detail in the book that was channeled from my Father, I Am That I Am. This book was the final mission that I was given by my Father, God. I was told that my reward for writing this book is in heaven and my ascension is this promise that my Father plans to keep. This same promise of ascension is made to all of the Creators who complete their mission, and fully understand and engage in the rising into this full Light Spectrum that allows the Veil to transpose the body into light.
For more training email cmagicorch@gmail.com

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