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Fall 2016 will bring the moment of our New Version of Reality. There will be a division between those who can perceive the New Reality and those who continue to see the Reality that was imposed upon us through the cultural beliefs, the realities created by the holograms of others in our THINKING BRAINS.
We have been given the tools to connect into the Frequency Specific Mid Brain and into the Mind of God to Attune in to the Frequencies of Souce. We can turn on or tune in to a New Version of Reality by tuning out of the Thinking Brain Frequencies and tuning in to the Mind of God Frequencies.
This is what will determine who shifts into a new reality and who stays in the old reality. Those who shift into the New Version will no longer see those who did not shift. Those who do not shift will no longer see those who do shift. There will be two versions of reality.
Actually there will be Multiple Versions of Reality. Each Individual will shift into the version of reality that is the attunement of their frequency accretion at that moment of time. The Shift will be in to the Frequency of Harmonic relationship with that Individual's Accretion Level of Light and Sound Frequencies.
We have been given the history of how our Normal Reality was removed from us. We have been given the technology of who turn on our Normal Reality.
We have had the help of many Racelines bringing our Dimensional Frequencies of Consciousness back into the Earth's Consciousness Fields and into the Earth's Grids. We have had the D5 Frequencies of  D5 Pleiadian Alcyone Spiral, D-6 Sirian Spiral, D-7 Arcturian Spiral, D-8 Orion Spiral, D-9 Andromeda Spiral, D-10 Lyra -Vega, D-11 Lyra-Aveyon D12- Lyra-Aramatena . The Frequencies of these Stellar Wave Activations were recorded and may be heard by going to ULTIMATE DNA ARCHETYPE
Those Stellar Waves were completed by 2012 to prepare our Consciousness for this next activation that the Essessanes and Yayels are Infusing into the Earth Vortex at Sedona between now and August 2015 in order to to harmonize the Earth Quake that would traspire in August. The Infusion of these Waves of Consciousness in August will bring in the D5-D9 Frequencies that will activate those Dimensional Fields of Consciousenss in the Earth's Grids and the beginning of the DNA5 in those who began these Stellar Wave Activations prior to 2012.
Dr. Barnett channels Crystalai from the Crystalai Cosmic Councils to be guided in her articles. She has been personally trained by a group of Elohim Angels, the Sirian Council, Sun Alcyone, the Cosmic Councils and her original Aquafarian Family. She was trained how to bring the highest frequencies into the music that Activates the DNA. She was personally guided by Zaurak, from the Sirian Council to be in Monterey for the moment of the D5 and D6 Activation and Infusion to provide the Ultimate Foundation for 5DNA activation on Earth.

We now understand the historical truth and can begin to correct it. The entire reality created by Jehovah ended in 2012. A god is an entity who creates our own reality, and our reality is ours. We now know who we really are and how to remove the cloaks, seals, veils that block us from the Source Field of continuous instantaneous creation. We learnt all the things that have been made invisible to us by the invisibility cloak placed over our consciousness. We know that the Normal Body is born with a Silver Seed Atom that will blossom into a fully grown Christ Body by age 33.

Our true Divine Template is the image and likeness of God, and our Soul within who carries the original imprints all the way back to the Breath of Source. Our perfect self contains our Divine Mind, Divine intelligence, Infinite Supply, Instant Manifestation, Divine Substance, and Eternal Life of the One Source. With a true Divine Template, a Normal Body is born with a Silver Seed Atom that will blossom into a fully grown Christ Body by age 33.

Our body stopped being normal after the Invader Races placed metatronic flows in our bodies and in our planet to block the flow of Source Consciousness and the Music of the Spheres breathing process. The purpose is to control the Human Angelic Race.

Jehovah created the man-made template resulted in an inorganic elemental body form so that man could not connect his consciousness with the Mind of God and instantly manifest his reality. The Soul of man was hidden from us in an invisibility cloak resulting in this Carbon based Body.

The Normal Body has a crystallized standing wave radiation field of pure Source Consciousness placed around the Silver Seed Crystal at the time of conception. But there was a finite, anti Krystic 666 creation code placed in our Tailbone that would place an invisibility cloak around our true Divine Template. This caused the development of the baby to be distorted by day 6 of conception, interrupting the natural organic process of the Spark of Source being released into the Baby's Body. The outcome of the negative technology placed in the sperm results in the Spirit Body and the Light Body never appear correctly in the baby.

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