Reptilians and Self-Denial

So we are always hearing about reptilians and how evil they are. Here are a few things I have discovered:

  • Some people (like power hungry royal family lines) purposely indulge dark, lower vibrational lifestyles and play out sick fantasies, carry out dark rituals and murder people in the name of reptilian gods, phallic worship, etc. Creepy stuff.
  • Rainbow chameleons are cute.
  • Boa constrictors are cool.
  • Snake mouths remind me of kitten mouths.
  • Some reptilian hybrids are mean.
  • Some rhesus monkeys are mean.
  • Some reptilians and dracos have a life and live on their own planets far away and don't think about us.
  • Some of them chose to stay here and torment/feed off of humans.
  • Some of them are guides to humans and starseeds.

I mean, really. I, even now feel so not good about talking about this because you know deep down in everybody there is this voice saying "reptilians are evil". I do agree it does tend to be the case here on earth but also think that mammals are equally so. They will gang up on reptile creatures and hybrids and torment them. I think this is just a breeding ground for this type of thing and it's easy for the two to fight because they have been doing it for so long.

It's good not to tell anybody (and I am just now "coming out") because they will treat you differently. Even if you never tell them they still know and will either worship you or oppose you violently. It's their natural instinct as slaves. And there is reptile-hate everywhere you look. All over youtube these videos about celebrities and how they have given in to the phallic worship Illuminati reptile agenda and now it's showing in their face and stuff. You know there are "evil" pleiadians, too. Some of them lie a lot. I notice some of them don't mind being unethical if it means they can get what they want. I think since service to self reptiles ruled this planet (and still kind of do in many ways but it will end, soon) for so long people have this built-in distrust of them because they are royalty. If you are reptilian you are royalty on this planet and you should be proud of who you are. Trust yourself to do the right thing and believe in yourself because you ARE good no matter what they say. I am proud.

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  • Malcolm, thank you for your eloquent post. So true. The element of choice is always there. 

  • Also a lust for power can open one up to this negative energy/possession/feeding experience. If someone is very controlling, insular and domineering it can happen. However not everyone with reptile traits is being possessed. I have never been possessed, before and have had special protection over me since birth. Many pastors, evangelists and other spiritual leaders have told me this even though I already knew. If a person has these reptile behaviors or physical looks it does not make them negative or possessed. I have reptile characteristics and am most certainly not in contact with negative reptile energies and neither have they fed on me.You have to understand the situation. Like I said in the above post, the energy itself isn't evil, it's just that some of them decided to stay here and enslaves humans. Humans interbred with reptiles and some of them are more reptile than the rest of humanity which is prevalent in royal bloodlines and RH negative blood type which is technically a mutancy as a result of the hybridization. I've known many RH negs and reptilian hybrids and they aren't possessed- they are just people and usually very natural scientists and philanthropists. 

  • Yes there are all different manifestations of reptile energies, some positive and some negative.

    What you are describing is kin to possession and it most certainly not a positive thing for someone as the reptilian entities are not so nice. The humans usually open themselves up to this through drugs, drinking, pain or grief. 

  • My thoughts: It is possible that reptilians can go slowly in human energies if there are holes in the aura..

    and this humans will create reptilians behaviors and/or physical looks...

  • It's all about choice. For instance, it's highly probable that John F. Kennedy had reptilian DNA, and while he really enjoyed the sex in the oval office (along with the marijuana joints masquerading as cigars in his cigar box on his desk), he established his concern for the world and world peace, and he stood behind his belief that "everyone breathed the same air" (and yes, he was born with Uranus in Aquarius).  He would then be murdered as a "traitor" (as many U.S. servicemen claimed to be called to muster at attention minutes right before his assassination in 1963).  

    JFK was probably a reptilian per DNA inheritance, but to quote Richard Nixon (who lost to him in the U.S. presidential race of 1960), "he did have balls." And this may have been what got him killed: a reptilian with a choice that favored the many instead of a select few.  He was a true Aquarian. 

  • Why don't you create something more beautiful inside your creational space? Really, it's Infinity.

    Your frequency of thought is actually creating a negative mind-frame, which you subjetivice and label as a "Reptilian-Pleiadian" The rational mind trick for mind frames radiating into Earth's consciousness.

    Everything is possible here. I'm not good, nor evil. I'm whatever it feels the best.

    I'll be there where is the highest bliss. Inside my Heart, nothing negative truly exists. Not a single evil-looking reptile there, I promise! Just intense feelings instead, dripping all around. Orchids are so sweet to me...

    I apologize, but you sound so cute.

  • I am not angry in the least. Everything you said I am aware of and think is pretty obvious...Of course there are good human beings. There is "good" in every species. 

  • are you talking about Reptilian Race or reptiles ... cause it's too different things: one belong to Beings and other to animal kingdom. One have conscious, making choices, another not so much.

    but if you're talking about 'good' and 'bad' "humanoids - meaning those who walks straight on two feet"- then welcome to the planet Earth ... ;)) - we do that to ourselves as well ... so don't take it personal, however to your post - most are aware that 'we should not judge the book by the cover' - actions speaks louder then words. That there is always two opposite forces. Unfortunately bad experiences tend to 'cloud people minds and perception' - which become easily for people to blame somebody off this planet for our misery (fear is powerful emotion) - but  then look what 'people do to people'.  Anyway just don't be angry, if you're saying that there are some good Reptilian Beings you should also consider that there are some good Human Beings as well ... may the force be with them ALL ... ;))

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