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Should we who give you all the messages, channellings, guides, all that are known as "Spirit", "God", give you who are Humans, the FULL TRUTH, we ask you this, some of you perhaps have ideas, and are correct, but the remainder are still seeking the knowledge, wisdom, light, education, and are being given the energies, vibrations,harmonics..and so forth..

Are you fully aware of the consequences, of knowing this truth, i am not saying that you will bloody well drop dead, or that you will run out the door screaming, but yes, do you all ever consider, that there is more, than you truly realize..

More, than any can perceive, we have guides fully working with you all, some of you have been given connections, to the Ascended Masters, some of you have tapped into the other Diamensions, Realms, and levels..

You as humans, are not looking enough into your "Higher Selves", being all that is within yourself...your answer does partly lie there...for tonight, this will be enough for all to think about.  But as some have remarked, do u want to trust those of us Who, Channel through, or do u want to walk around with buckets over your damn heads...and be totally ignorant, is Humanity truly ready, are u all who know of LOVE and LIGHT, truly prepared to accept, what might be told to you all....but you have Free will to accept. it is not for us to earbash you all, regardless, of what you say, all will happen.

WEll this looks like a very interesting time with this message given to me..WOW!, dont ask me I just give them out, but I do know what it is about, and some of you may also know...good reading to you all

LOVE/LIGHT ..ARUBIA   Wednesday 7.46pm, Australian Time.

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