Recent Point of Peace Messages

Here are several new Point of Peace Messages from The Ascended Realms for your meditation, as channeled by Dawn Katar.

"There have been times for most humans that you are looking for something over and over with frustration claiming "I know it is here. I just can't see it". When you relax and stop looking so hard it seems to suddenly appear, or you remember where you last saw the thing. Finding your Peace can be a similar experience. Stop looking too hard and relax. Just sit and breathe. It will suddenly appear."

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian

" Think of the most Peaceful place you can remember or imagine. Be in that place and slowly bring into your vision and experience some new person walking toward you. Continue to feel Peace while also feeling curious. Now bring into your experience an animal or two. Continue to feel Peace while also feeling curious. Let yourself experiment with bringing more and more people and animals into your Peaceful place. See how full your place can become while you continue to feel Peace. Now, go into your day-to-day world and continue this experiment."

Ascended Lady Master Nada

"The Love of your Divine Source does not hold onto a plan of duality. The creation of heaven and hell, joy and suffering is the illusion you have made. Letting go of fear, of blame and of the belief that you must prove your worth brings in all Peace. Imagine Peace."

Ascended Master Kuthumi

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