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What can we say reality really is?
First and foremost, your reality is proof that you exist. The fact that you can conceive of ideas, feel emotion and interact with an environment, whether internally or externally, is your evidence.
But what if I said that you are responsible for the things you experience in your reality? Would you believe it? Or would you believe that you are a victim? Either way, reality is there. We always play an active role in forming our experiences. You can choose to go one way, or the other. It doesn't matter, just a mere thought or idea  is all that counts. No one reality can be compared to another.  There is no normal, in terms of ones own reality.

If I  am in control of my reality, then why do I feel out of control?
That's where a lot of people fall into the victim category. And who can blame them when that's all they have known?
Have you ever noticed, when you're angry, nothing seems to go your way? Everything around you seems to fall apart and send you further into negativity? It's literally a magnet. That magnet comes from your thoughts. And then the moment you change your attitude or idea, your reality changes. It really is a wise saying, "Don't make an ass of you and me". When you assume, you've already set the framework in your mind for a desired (or undesired) outcome. And, unfortunately, we usually only assume when it comes to things of a negative nature.
The solution to this mess is to change the way you think. If you change the way you think, you change the way you react. Thus changing your behavior and potentially changing the external environment!

How can I change the way I think?
The human mind is a very intriguing thing. It's so intriguing that we forget how intricate it really is.
Do you remember the movie, "Click", with Adam Sandler? In that movie, he pressed the fast forward button so many times, that the remote put him in auto-pilot.
Think of that remote as your subconscious mind. You have conditioned it, without any conscious effort, to perform in a particular way that you are comfortable with. You have conditioned it so well, that you react to the same stimuli the same way, every time! You don't even care to think before you react, because your subconscious mind stores it all and brings it forth the moment the external stimuli has been made present.  We know that this is not the best way to handle things. We know that after we have cooled down that we may have overreacted and behaved in a manner that is displeasing. But why does this continue?
It doesn't have to. The subconscious mind is literally a computer hard drive with an unlimited storage capacity of everything we have ever thought, felt or experienced. If we were to be consciously aware of all of that, all the time, there is no way we could ever function. It would be utter insanity. Just like a computer has "shortcuts", so too, does our subconscious mind.
Changing the way you think is really not hard, in fact, you don't even have to believe what you're thinking at first. The more you repeat something in your head, the more believable it becomes. The next time you are faced with one of those "auto pilot" scenarios, catch yourself. Think something completely different. Challenge yourself with this all the time. You will see results.

How can I benefit from changing my current way of thinking?

I mentioned earlier that when you start to change the way you think, you end up changing the way you react. The saying is true, that you cannot change another person or thing, you can only change yourself. Have you ever read between the lines and understood that what it really meant was, "If I change the way I think, I end up changing my reality altogether, thereby changing the person or thing?". Try it, I dare you. What have you to lose besides negativity?
Changing your thought has many health benefits. I won't even bother mentioning how, that pretty much speaks for itself. We all know the detrimental effects stress can cause the physical body, not to mention the conditioning of the subconscious mind!

Hypnotherapy as an aid for better understanding
Using hypnotherapy is a great tool to gain instant access to your subconscious mind. In this way, there is less effort upon your conscious mind to break the habits stored within the subconscious. When in hypnosis, the individual is in a deeply relaxed state. This can be likened to the hypnagogic state. It is the state we are in just before we fall asleep and just after we wake up. This is 100% natural. During this state, we are more intuitive because our conscious minds have not woken up yet. Think of the conscious mind as a filter for the subconscious. When that filter isn't there, we can talk directly to the subconscious. Nothing is ever against your will, and you are always in control. Having the help of a Hypnotherapist is training your mind to work with you, instead of against you.
You can use Hypnotherapy to help you in many ways. One being the topic of this blog, to take responsibility of your reality and change it in the way you desire. We were never meant to suffer. We are given that which we ask for (and unfortunately some of us think we deserve little if nothing). We just need to remember this. Nothing comes in the blink of an eye, but when changes take place it almost seems like it does. And then you look back in retrospect and wonder how you ever let yourself think in that way. But in all fairness, you will be so happy you won't even bother to analyze it.

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