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Read it and find out why we are confused in this consciousness time period of awareness

read it and find out why we are confused in this consciousness time period and awareness


I got this mail from a friend and want
to share it with you

its interesting , read it and you will understand why

we have been and still are manipulated,

by the catholic church and his despot


I am writing to you because I have the answer for the hard
times we arefacing now.We -as humankind- we need to join in
consciousness and we can achieve this by getting rid of the
Gregorian calender (first of all) and to change to Mayan calendar
(or synchronize). Let me explain, as I am using already this
magnificent calendar based on "13 moons". As far as we keep
on using the Gregorian calender our mind will be confused and
controlled by this Babylonia system (NWO) and our connection
as ONE SINGLE MIND (as mankind) will keep on believing that
we are split and that we have no power to do any change.
But this is not real!!.Before the time that Babylon established
and controlled us, we -all humanity-have been understanding
one to each other with TELEPATHY. So, we can recover our
connection as before we loose the track of evolution by using
again the calender of 13 moons. This is: to count days
(or kin as Mayan says) by "MOONS" (instead of months) of 28 days
(kin)each moon. The reason why the moons are 13, is because
the moon turns besides the earth 13 times in our lap around
the sun. The church actually says (and imposed) the belief
into people..s minds that the number 13 is
"BAD LUCK" because to remember this knowledge we have inside,
is their lost
of control over us.This evil system imposed to us all is just
because we let others to control
us giving up our own power. But we can have it back AS SOON AS
WE USE THIS MAYAN CALENDAR and start deleting the evil program
that tells us -on and on- that we can not control our own minds.
Have you ever wander why the Gregorian calendar has different
measures (28 days, 30 days, 31 days, etc)?. How can you have a
good idea of TIME with this silly system?
Imagine that you would have a RULER with this different measures..
.The houses constructed based on this sizes would be WEIRD and
USELESS. This system has no logic for a good measure of TIME,
it is on purpose that this is so.
if you watch the "logic" of this calendar you will notice that
the IDEA
to keep our minds CONFUSED (I.E.: what happens when you want
to know..."How many days has September?"... Your mind has a
short circuit and gets confused.
The church (and all this old and useless system coming from
ancient babylon)
through pope Gregorio the 13 rd (weird their using this number
if it..s an EVIL number, as they say!!!), change the 13 moons,
taking off 1 of them, and spliting it and putting some days in
each month.
What happens is all of us start getting the control of our own
minds, and
what will happen if we all start to remember that we are ONE,
that we can communicate through TELEPATHY?...
After we start using Mayan calendar (because it has some
knowledge we should
learn before),
we can start learning the Mayan idea (channeled through José
Argüelles all
of this knowledge, directly from PACAL VOTAN himself) to build
the Rainbow Bridge
throughout the Earth on 2012. You can find the whole project
described in : RINRI PROJECT. The main idea
of this project is: to build a circumpolar bridge
(based on the electricity of both poles) transforming into a
huge rainbow. That will act as a SHIELD. On the other hand,
it..s related to the center of Gaia (her iron crystal which
is her heart and inner sun). Please, Dear Friend. Read it!!.
Study this information I am giving to you now. Your heart will
tell you if what I am telling to you is true. But PLEASE, READ IT!!!!
Here you have links where you can download this info:
(available in 14
languages at
I have to add, that it..s recommended to learn also the "game" TELEKTONON
(the translating would be " Spirit of the earth talking through the tube" or "El tubo por el
que habla el espíritu de la Tierra "). Telketonon, the game of the prophecy. Through this "game"
you will be able to recover your telepathy.
I like your way to explain to people the hidden information. I know that you
can help spreading this great solution in english language. I am doing my job
spreading in spanish. Excuse my english, as I haven..t practiced lately. Sorry if any
mistake in my words. But I know you would understand me.
If any question, I will be glad and happy to help. If you need any
translation I can do it!, as all this material coming from José Argüelles is in spanish
(i don..t know why is not in english as well, while José speaks english and not so good spanish!!).
Please, keep me wired!!. I..ll be glad to know what you think of all of this.
I had to write to you. heard my heart. Now, I acomplished my part.
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this e-mail. My best regards,
and all the love of Creation is with you!!
Luna Cósmica Roja (Red Cosmic Moon)
PD: This is my galactic signature, but you can call me Andrea also :o)
Solar Moon Gamma 17,Kin 139, Blue Solar Storm.

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Comment by LovesEagles on March 26, 2009 at 10:36pm
Well you are right with the gregorisan calendar. As a child I already started wondering why months have different numbers of days. That didn´t make a sense to me.
Native americans still count by the 13 moons, but also the celts did.
I for myself also count on moons :-)
But as long as we are living our lives in the actual 3-D world.....with having jobs and dates and so on...
and the calendarsystem doesn´t change, we unfortunately have to deal with that stuff ;-)
Thank you very much for sharing :-)

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