Radical Compassion


For the Week of October 9, 2014

The Aquarium Age is a report on the general astrological patterns of the coming week for all signs, not just Aquariums.

A volatile lunar eclipse yesterday set the tone for this week—and many weeks to come—so don’t be surprised if even more startling plot twists upend previously stable situations. Conversations, formal or casual, are likely to be a main source of disturbance, as pragmatic aims override emotional bonds. Hardly anyone is apt to feel the need to filter ambitions through a polite or politically correct screen, and as revelations of every type disrupt assumptions, good manners go out the window. Relationships are rearranging, and given that just about every facet of daily life here on Planet Earth is relational, this week and the coming weeks challenge the ability to stay calm and centered.
Normally, during a lunar eclipse, practical, conscious concerns overshadow emotional ones. But during yesterday’s lunar eclipse, the Moon conjuncted Uranus as it opposed the Sun, and Uranus cannot be kept in the dark. A Moon/Uranusconjunction sets nervous systems twitching in an effort to dispel excess energy, and because Uranus refuses to settle down, emotions ride the pulse of this eclipse. Sleep patterns suffer from these tremors, so don’t be surprised if you’re caught between two sleep extremes: insomnia and comatose. The Sun/Uranus opposition gives birth to the radical revolutionary, and given the presence of the Moon, it would be wise to expect that some of this week’s rebellion is more emotional than political. And that could give rise to meltdowns, yours or others’.
But these are not the only intense interactions that occur during this lunar eclipse. Mars trines the Moon and Uranus as itsextiles the Sun, adding a decidedly militant touch. Mars motivates strident action, and while its contact with the Moon, Uranus, and the Sun is seemingly positive—trines and sextiles—Mars could just as easily stir the impulse to fight, just for the thrill of it. When possible, postpone major confrontations. And if you must do battle, before you take on an opponent, own your intentions.  
And be wary of exaggeration, particularly overly zealous ambitions that might not be based on the solid ground of possibility. I’m not suggesting dreaming small; I’m simply advising conscious concern about the consequences of conflict—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This lunar eclipse happens quite close to the final Uranus/Pluto square on March 17, 2015, and some of which got put in motion under yesterday’s eclipse is likely to present itself as part of that final contact.
Mercury began its last retrograde phase of 2014 on October 4, and for the next 17 days it will continue to review its recent history. Many of us know the Mercury Retrograde drill, but for those who don’t, here’s the skinny: Three times a year and relative to Earth’s orbital perspective, Mercury appears to be moving backwards. And when that happens, all things related and included in Mercury’s vast domain also appear to be moving backwards. That domain includes all varieties of communication, language, and travel. Expect getting there—by land, sea, air, or even the elevator—to take longer than usual. Also anticipate system crashes, yours or others, as well as mail problems. (I just received an email dated four years ago—go figure.) Plans initiated during a retrograde phase often encounter obstacles. The best use of Mercury Retrograde is to review and reflect on projects already in motion.
As the week unfolds, do your best to be kind to your fellow travelers. As the Dalai Lama puts it: “Compassion is the radicalism of our time.” And even if it seems impossible at times to hold the notion of kindness, it is always a worthwhile endeavor to remember we are all in this together.

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  • What is your source of such information? Can you "talk" with the planets?

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